Wednesday, December 8, 2010

End of Whines-worth?

Redskins about to finally put the misery out of overpaid loser Albert Haynesworth by suspending him the final four games of the season without pay. The guy been nothing but waste $100 million piece of turd who got lazy, flopped around, and half assed his way on the field whining about playing certain positions and defensive format. He should have gutted it out and learn 3-4 defense but chose to complain and whine. To show his disgust he skipped workouts and got out of shape in quick fashion. When given a chance to be cut or to remain on the team he remained after deciding to pocket $21 million in bonus. Instead following orders and working his way back up he continued to whine about everything from playing with backups to being a non-starter. Mike Shanahan. the coaching staff, and the team tried to whip him into a team player. Instead he continued to become himself alienating his teammates. Very quickly he exposed from "Best defensive tackle in the game" to the most overpaid lazy selfish greedy sack of shit to play on the field. Albert Whines-worth enjoy your four weekend vacation. Once you are cut in the offseason and finally be free teams will think twice before offering up a large contract which you never deserved in the first place you whiny loser.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

That's cold and deplorable!

Few days ago after late Pat Burns funeral scumbags broke in his widow's car stealing possessions such as autograph jerseys for all 30 NHL team, sheets, family photos, and a watch. It's heartbreaking cold and deplorable a scumbag would do such thing while the family continues to grieve. Today police found Burns two stolen suitcases but the jerseys and possessions such as a watch still remain missing. Hope they find the bastards, tie them up to the goals, and gets peppered with flying pucks unprotected because they deserve it!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why do I have to view too many commercials on before getting a clip

What's the difference between viewing the clip of Derek Anderson rant on and On you go through 5-20 commercials and they are mostly 20-30 second long to get the clip. has one commercial which is around 6-10 seconds before showing the clip. Is ESPN that monster desperate for commercial money that they stacked on multiple commercials to get to that clip? ESPN have gone downhill for years and this takes the cake.

Media Hacks - Part 1

I swear there are bunch of media "journalists" that should have their media credentials card revoked. This is one of them.

A player had a bad game along with the team. A "journalist" finds an odd 3-10 second "Ooh this is news!" clip of and make a big deal out of it. As you can see he's not going to discuss it. Instead moron hack "journalist" keeps on pressing the issue resulting in a now-infamous blow up. When a player said no and not going to discuss it he is not going to discuss it. End of discussion. These days the word "NO" doesn't mean anything and that goes to the "journalist" hacks.

I applaud Derek Anderson for walking out on the press conference. The douche "journalist" should have his media pass stripped for rest of the season.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wrigley Field football configuration - SERIOUSLY?

Welcome to configuration gone wrong. When I first saw the goal post pic of the east end of Wrigley Field I thought how are they going to get this off. Turns there was no way as it was decided to use west end of the goal for offense. Yes only one end zone will be used for offense during the game. Consider the fact the stadium used to hold football games from early 1920s to 1970. Talk about good idea on paper, but gone bad when executed. I feel sorry for the fans that paid good money at the east end only to find out they are not going to see any offense coming to their way. Not a good way to bring back a classic or it was really bad idea in the first place.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

ESPN hypes the next big thing and fails

ESPN hyped up their Breeder's Cup Classic coverage on a horse name Zenyatta who was going into the race 19-0 with a potential of winning and going undefeated. ESPN hyped it up on their programming especially Sportscenter with numerous clips and segments on Zenyatta. Then came the Breeder's Cup race featuring Zenyatta. Zenyatta finished the race...BUT IT WASN'T IN FIRST PLACE. Zenyatta finished in 2nd place behind Blame who took the victory denying the Zenyatta undefeated record. After all the hype its falls flat on ESPN face. Great hype job ESPN! Maybe you should hype up the Yankees winning the World Series next year already.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The hits continue for the Cowboys (and down a long slippery slope)

The run of bad luck continues for Dallas Cowboys. Needing a must-need moral lifting win they end up sinking lower than six feet the team dug below the ground to bury their playoffs shot. Not only they lost to drop 1-5 they happen to lost team leader Tony Romo to a broken clavicle and is likely to be out for the season. Unlike the first five games, the team played terribly putting up no fight til the final five minutes of the game. The only player that shined on the team was rookie Dez Bryant who gave the team much needed points with his three touchdowns. So far the Cowboys is most disappointing team this season. They have a good receiving core and three capable running backs yet they have no idea how to use any players of the system especially the running game. The defense been decent, but non-efficient as it couldn't make stops when it must-needed. The fault lies all above from the players for being careless, the coaches for lack of faith on the players and the plays especially the running game, and all the way up to the front office for not making transaction moves going with unproven players on the line and defense. After so much promise before the season turns out to be a nightmare as their season continues to sink down in despair.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Padding milestone stats doesn't mean anything unless you WIN

Brett Favre padded more to his stats being first quarterback to throw 500 touchdown passes and 70,000 yards on Monday. But all those didn't matter when a very familiar moment happened.

Brett Favre threw an interception to New York Jets cornerback Dwight Lowery who returns it 26 yards for a touchdown clinching a Jets win over the Vikings 29-20. Brett Favre can pile more to his stats but at the end the game he has to look at the scoreboard to see which team won the game. So far four games in the season Brett and the Vikings just won once and that isn't something to brag about at this time of the season.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another 2007 QB draft pick cast aside

The 2007 draft of quarterbacks has to be one of the worst ever QB class in the league. With the failures of JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn (lucky to be on a team), John Beck (where is he now?), add Trent Edwards to the list. On Monday, Bills released Edwards the day after Ryan Fitzpatrick took his starting spot and kept up with New England Patriots in a 38-30 loss. A big fall for Edwards after showing promise in his rookie season which he started nine games. The next two seasons he regressed with him missing half the season in his third year due to injury. Despite winning the starting job in training camp, he played poorly in the first two games causing the team to make moves last week and to finally cut him after the third game of the season. While Jaguars snapped him up he will likely be backup QB. This leaves Kevin Kolb as the last hope to be regular QB starter from that year draft, but its been put in the backburner when Michael Vick took over his spot when he was KO'd in the first game of the season. None of the QBs drafted in that year have done anything special from Drew Stanton (6 games), Jeff Rowe (0 games, 0 passes), Troy Smith (14 games, mostly used for Wildcat plays), Jordan Palmer (3 games), and Tyler Thigpen (started 11 games in 2008; now a backup in Miami). With Edwards cut it puts the exclamation mark on the 2007 QB draft class as the most disappointing, horrendous, and quickest flame out from a position ever.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bobby Cramer made it

Here's another player that finally made it to the big leagues: Bobby Cramer. The picture on the left taken when he was at Double-A A's affiliate Midland Rockhounds in 2007. For Cramer he came in the hard way. Originally drafted by Seattle Mariners in 2001 he didn't play til 2003 when he signed with Tampa Bay Rays. After two seasons in their minor league system they released him. He was out of baseball for two years working jobs as a substitute teacher and pipeline maintenance. Oakland brought him back to baseball in 2007 which pitched the season through their A and AA club. A's released him in 2008 and he spent the year playing in the independent Golden Baseball League. In 2009 A's signed him back playing through all through all levels of their minor league system with various success including battling a fatigue arm. This year he played through the club's Mexican and Pacific league putting up impressive resumé for the A's to give him a September call-up. Cramer got the call at age 30 (and soon to be 31) and the start in his first major league game. He pitched 5 1/3 inning giving up 4 hits and a run in a win against the Royals. Cramer long way to the majors showed you can never give up if you have the mentality to play the game. Great job well done Bobby Cramer on making it to the majors and getting your first win.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Matt Leinart lays a rotten egg

When Matt Leinart landed at no. 10 in 2006 draft Arizona Cardinals thought they got a steal. Turns out being a bust after four seasons with the team becoming the first player chosen from the top 10 of that year's "heralded" draft released from a team. What's strange that the 2004 Heisman Trophy winner was projected as first player chosen in 2005 if he left USC early. Alex Smith got chosen first overall of 2005 draft by the 49ers and is STILL with the team. For Leinart he lasted four mediocre seasons with the Cardinals. What was his downfall? His relax carefree attitude questioning his dedication? Was it the timing of his broken collarbone allowing Kurt Warner to take over as starter and never relinquish it? Did Warner set the bar too high with the team that Leinart couldn't able to leap over it? It's possibly be all three happenings. When Warner retired it was Leinart turn to take the starting role. Turns out Leinart looked average on the field struggling at times as starter during preseason despite a somewhat high completion rate, but with low passing yards. His play caused a concern for coach Ken Wisenhunt look into Derek Anderson as possible starter. After final two preseason games which Anderson played fairly well as starter while Leinart play was up and down coming off the bench, Anderson manage to squeak in as starter. It was enough for Cardinals to cut Matt Leinart blowing his chance as a starting quarterback. What thought to be laying a golden egg turns out to be a rotten one four seasons later.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rich Harden was the Real Deal on Monday

In 2002 I remember when I first heard the player name Rich Harden. He was part of Oakland A's Double-A affiliate, Midland Rockhounds for half the season. In 2003 he started the season back in Midland and in two games, both on the road, he pitched 13 perfect innings. I never get a chance to saw him because the A's quickly sent him up to AAA. His pitching dominance continued in AAA that saw him get a late season call up to Oakland. I took notice becoming a fan of him dubbing him "Real Deal" Harden. I bought and collected his cards and ordered his jersey. I knew he was All-Star in the making. In his time in Oakland he was wheeling and dealing on the mound. Despite having one of best young arms he has one problem: being healthy. Each year he spent time on the DL with an arm injury. After three half seasons with the A's and being a risk he was shipped off to Chicago Cubs, a team I loathe, in 2008. While he shined in the second half with the Cubs, in 2009 it was different story he was had up and down season finishing with 9-9 record with 4.09 ERA. Signed an one year contract with Texas Rangers hoping to live up the billing as the "Real Deal." Instead he struggled on and off getting pulled out of the games five times after pitching less than 5 innings. Also five times he pitched past the 5th inning and this was after 15 starts. He also dealt with the arm injury issue putting him on the DL for six weeks. Looks like his shining star was fading fast and so was his "Real Deal" moniker. Then came Monday pitching against the Twins in his 16th start. He became the "Real Deal" tossing 6 2/3 innings of no-hit ball with 6 strikeouts before getting pulled. The no-hitter kept on til bottom on the 9th when Joe Mauer broke it up. While it was heartbreaking for him to lose a no-no yet it was great moment. On that night "Real Deal" Harden was the one I heard, read, and watched: a dominating pitcher on the mound. Job well done Real Deal.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

NASCAR screws Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski got screwed by NASCAR. Kyle Busch got loose in the turn and Brad Keselowski force to bump him and take the lead. Busch retaliated bumping Keselowski into a spin. You expected a penalty out of this but NO! Busch wasn't given a penalty and ends up winning the race. Busch admitted to spinning him out. Likely next week NASCAR will fine and might put Busch on probation but its too little too late. What Brad Keselowski did was a racing incident. What Busch did was blatant. This is second potential win Brad Keselowski lost in Nationwide series adding along top 10 finishes lost in Sprint Cup because a driver spun or wrecked him. Ever since NASCAR slapped the handcuffs on Brad Keselowski drivers have taken advantage of Brad Keselowski wrecking and spinning him on the track with no consequences til days after the race. It's complete joke NASCAR kept screwing Brad Keselowski just to "teach him a lesson." Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch are current NASCAR poster boys while Brad Keselowski is more of an old-school driving style and a rebel against the current NASCAR system. Hey I know that style! It's the style Dale Earnhardt and Tim Richmond drove. The Intimidator became a legend in NASCAR and a 7-time champ. Richmond would have won a championship if it wasn't for his untimely death. Is no one in NASCAR to "emulate" them? NASCAR should be ashamed for continual screwing of Brad Keselowski.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Jim Gray is a douche

This hack of a sports reporter known for douchebaggery in the media with his interviews and claims. He known for bombing Pete Rose with did he bet on baseball question during live TV raining on his special moment:

Players took notice and gave him a payback when Chad Curtis dismissed him on live TV.

He never fails with more of his douchebaggery riding on anyone coattails from LeBron James to Barry Bonds. Last week his idiot self got himself in the news for every wrong reason again. He claimed golfer Corey Pavin has guaranteed Tiger Woods a spot in the Ryder Cup. This led to Pavin denying there was a guarantee during a press conference.

There's more to the story as off camera Gray got in the face on Pavin. Reports that Pavin's wife recorded the entire thing. Hope that video gets release showing Gray being a douchebag. It may get all his media credentials revoked and will no longer allowed to work in sports ever.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy endeavors Roy Oswalt

Roy Oswalt is no longer an Astro. He's now a Phillie as he approves the trade to Philadelphia. I seen "Big O'" pitched twice in my trips to Houston catching an Astros game. Both games he was impressive and victorious. He's impressive pitcher that deserves better than the garbage Astros signed and put on the field currently right now. Going to miss "Big O" in Houston. Good luck in Philly!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chone Figgins is a lazy bum

Here's another player underachieving his worth than the money he's being paid for: Chone Figgins. In the offseason he signed four-year, $36 million contract. So far he's hitting a lousy .229 with 22 RBIs. Not worth the money paid for and has ripped off the Mariners with his laziness. He took laziness to the extreme when he let a throw go when it was within reach allowing Mike Cameron running with a sports hernia to stretch a double to a triple. Manager Don Wakamatsu had enough and benched him. It resulted in a dugout fight between the two. The player that replaced him, Josh Wilson, proceed to hit a double. Wilson making the minimum and proceeds to get the job done. How about taking money from Figgins from that game check and give it to Wilson for doing his job? Mariners should not only bench him but trade his lazy ass to any team that will use him as a salary dump.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

George Steinbrenner dies

George Steinbrenner died at age 80 of a massive heart attack. You gotta give the devil his due. He was a hands on owner that did anything to have his team win the World Series from signing players to big money contracts and hiring/firing any manager that did/didn't get the job done. George gets to enjoy one last World Series win last year in the first year of their brand new ballpark. He's a character and an owner that loves his team to win. He will be missed.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Can Beasley breakthrough or be busted?

While talk continue to surrounded of a newly formed superteam in Miami the Heat made a small transaction to clear up cap room. The transaction? Trading Michael Beasley to the Timberwolves for a 2011 second round pick. That is how much this guy is worth now after two years in the NBA. From 2nd overall pick in 2008 to being salary cap trade bait being worth a 2nd round pick.

He was highly touted being "NBA ready" coming out of Kansas St. Instead becoming a budding star like Derrick Rose his attitude and lazy work ethic showed up with a trip to a drug rehab. While he improved his points per average by almost a point from his rookie season Derrick Rose, the player taken ahead of him, became an All-Star and the face of the Bulls. Not a good way to start off NBA career with Rose off to a hot start and the players picked after him such as O.J. Mayo and Russell Westbrook becoming a nucleus pieces of their team.

With a new change of scenery from Miami to Minneapolis he gets a "re-start" to his short NBA career. Hopefully he becomes the monster scoring machine like he was at Kansas St. and not fall into his old habits. It's make or break time for Beasley to show off potential and become a team/league star player or becoming a journeyman with the word "bust" hanging over his head.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who got snubbed from the All-Star team bad?

These days there's many players that doesn't deserve to be there at all. This year there was plenty that didn't make it all despite the good numbers they put up. My big time snubs:

Matt Latos (San Diego Padres) - 9-4; 2.62 ERA - he's almost unhittable with batters hitting .193 against him and has .96 WHIP. That's impressive consider he's a rookie.

Jaime Garcia (St. Louis Cardinals) - 8-4; 2.17 ERA - has successfully came back from Tommy John surgery to pitch very well as he's currently second in league ERA. Held batters to .229 with 1.25 WHIP.

Jared Weaver (Anaheim Angels) - 8-4; 2.92 ERA; 130 strikeouts; 115 IP - a strikeout behind Tim Lincecum for the MLB strikeout lead. Big mystery on why he's not chosen to play in it especially in front of his hometown fans. His WHIP is at 1.07 holding hitters to .209

Paul Konerko (Chicago White Sox) - 20 HR; 61 RBIs; .298 AVG - how come his play fell on deaf ears? He's been key to ChiSox offense this year currently standing 5th in MLB HRs.

Jose Guillen (Kansas City Royals) - 14 HRs; 52 RBIs - he's one of two Royals' offensive players that deserves it mainly they were key players to the team's offense. He done well to be on the All-Star team. Problem he has to climb the big mountain to get there from fan voting and roster picks.

Billy Butler (Kansas City Royals) - 104 hits; .327 AVG - Guillen's partner in crime is this under-appreciated fellow name Billy Butler. He's one of the league's top young hitters as he's currently 10th in the league in hits and 9th in batting average. Like Guillen he faced an uphill battle from fan voting and roster picks. I rather have him on the team than Ty Wiggington who only got there because Orioles needed a player to represent and that was the best they could able to come up with.

Michael Young (Texas Rangers) - 12 HR; 54 RBIs; 107 hits; .306 AVG - even put on the final roster ballot and didn't made it when he should. Compare his numbers to Nick Swisher who won the popularity final roster vote Young far exceeds him. Fans picked the wrong guy to the All-Star game when it should be Michael Young.

Who really shouldn't be there at all: Ty Wiggington, Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn (even Astros fans willing to admit that), and Omar Infante (current generation of Alfredo Griffin pick)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Max Heat in Miami

Dwayne Wade to re-sign with the Miami Heat but also bringing along a friend with him. A friend as in the name of soon-to-be former Raptors player Chris Bosh. Well done job for the Heat for netting in a big name to go alongside with D-Wade. The last two years been hard for the team and getting a player like Bosh is worth the price paid. The hottest free agent market in NBA history gotten a little bit cooler with D-Wade and Platinum Bosh joining forces in Miami and Amare Stoudemire going to New York. That just leaves where will LeBron go. Will he stay in Cleveland or go elsewhere? Could LeBron join the both in Miami forming the "super team?"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Didn't take long for JaMarcus to get arrested

NFL draft bust JaMarcus Russell was arrested for possession of Codeine syrup without a prescription. The arrest was enough for the Jets not to sign him at all. He got Ryan Leaf beat from being a draft bust and getting in trouble with the law. It took Leaf a decade before finding trouble with the law. JaMarcus Russell is officially the face of a NFL draft bust and the reason why there should be NFL rookie salary cap.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

France Surrenders in the World Cup

France stigma of surrendering appears again this time in the World Cup, the world's biggest sporting stage. The national team was marred into a complete trainwreck disaster of the drama, embarrassment, and more drama that wrecked the entire team. It was so bad their OWN country and sponsors turned on the entire team as well as the president of France and French soccer legend tearing the team a new asshole. France surrendered playing during middle of the World Cup when they were lucky to be in it the first place. The soap opera started when Nicolas Anelka dismissed from the national team after the second game of match play. Anelka was replaced midway through the game after getting into argument with the coach. It led a team mutiny as the players refuse to train with a complete image of fitness coach tossing the stopwatch away. It also led to France team-director quitting on the spot because of the drama. What made it more stupid the entire thing was caught on media cameras. Another bonehead moment was a sheet of paper from team captain Patrice Evra and the team being read in front of the media on why they are not training in support of Anelka. In a few hours of work the players showed their prima donnas solidarity ways completely embarrassing the national team. The media have fun with the drama with commentary poking fun at the team and how they shouldn't be in the World Cup in the first place. Sponsors departed in exodus, French soccer legend Zinedine Zidane and French president Nicolas Sarkozy calling entire situation a disgrace with the French sport minister reducing the team to tears. Many of the citizens decide cheer for South Africa, the opponent they play against in match play. Going against South Africa they need a miracle win and mathematics doing their part to advance to the World Cup. Instead, in fitting fashion the team lost 2-1 to host South Africa leaving their match play record at 0-2-1 with 1 point thus eliminating them from the World Cup. In those three games they only scored total of 1 goal. The drama marked with France coach refusing shake hands with South Africa coach after the end of the game. It ended the dramatic farce the french national team put up in the World Cup as they pretty much surrendered. Sadly the loss and elimination happened on same day Germany forced France to sign armistice deal during World War II. Not a good day for France. It been better if Ireland was in other than France handballing their way in. Instead we got a suppose powerhouse falling from grace to laughing embarrassment.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Red River war spills on to the pros

Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners football rivalry spills on to the pros. Vince Young (product of Texas Longhorn) was cited for misdemeanor assault after punching man at a strip club when he flashed him upside down "Hook Em Horns" sign. College sports rivalry is serious business.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blackhawks rise to the Stanley Cup

Chicago Blackhawks finally won the Stanley Cup breaking the current longest championship drought of the NHL. It was impressive rise to the Cup for a team that was left to rot around a decade ago. Best word to describe the Blackhawks in the late 90s and early 2000 seasons was mediocrity. After making the playoffs in 28 straight years they missed the playoffs in 9 out of 10 seasons starting with 97-98 season. They suffered in free agency market with frugality of late team president Bill Wirtz. The Blackhawks dark period was so bad that AHL team Chicago Wolves, playing at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, would outdrew them at games often. Team drafted very poorly between 1998 and 2004 as Brent Seabrook (1st round; 14th overall; 2003) was one of few picks to remain with the team currently. What turned the team around? You have to look at the post 2004-05 NHL lockout. The first seed was planted in 2006 draft when the Blackhawks drafted Jonathan Toews with third overall pick. Another key person was then-GM Dan Tallon, who was hired at the time, made moves signing and trading players to get a few key players of the current team despite some didn't work out. In 2007 the entire team got a makeover. Bill Wirtz passed away leaving his son, Rocky, taking the reigns as team president. He immediately toss away his father's policies and made partnerships and bringing back team legends that refused to do anything when his late father was still alive and running the team. The second seed planted when Blackhawks, with first overall pick, selected Patrick Kane. Immediately both hit it off as 1-2 combo on ice. Their first season (2007-08) together they finished 40-34-8 with 88 points. More seeds planted as the team signed Brian Campbell and Cristobal Huet along bringing coaching legend Scotty Bowman in the front office with Joel Queeneville as scout. Team started 2008-09 season in a struggle that they replaced Denis Savard with Queeneville as coach. Together they became one of best teams in the league that season making the playoffs for first time since 2001-02 season with a record 46-24-12 with 104 points. They made it all the way to NHL Western Conference finals before losing the series to the Red Wings in 5 games. Before the playoffs and near the end of the regular season they signed another goalie who turn out to be key for this season: Antti Niemi. This season continued with more changes as then GM Dan Tallon was demoted/fired after free agent "glitch" as Stan Bowman was promoted to GM. Despite the drama they continue to impress with Kane taking charged along with Toews, Patrick Sharp, Mariana Hossa (who signed a big 12-year contract before the season), and Kris Versteeg on scoring goals. Defensemen Campbell and Duncan Keith doing their job defending against the opponent's offense and assisting goals. Huet and Niemi both impressive in goal and sharing duty. Team finished on top of central division with 52-22-8 with 112 points and the no. 2 seed in the playoffs. They battled past Nashville Predators (4-2), Vancouver Canucks (4-2), and San Jose Sharks (4-0) to reach to the finals taking on no. 7 yet dangerous Philadelphia Flyers who are continued on their momentum including coming back 0-3 to win the series against Boston Bruins. Blackhawks took the first two games of the series at home winning by a goal (6-5; 2-1), but two straight (4-3; 5-3) on the road tying up the series. Back at home, Blackhawks got through and hit both Flyers goalies hard winning 7-4. Now back on the road to Philly the Flyers are on a hot streak winning 20 straight playoff games at home. Both teams battled passed regulation still tied 3-3 going into overtime. Blackhawks end up taking it with a tricky shot at goal from an angle. Guess who scored the goal? It was Patrick Kane, one key young players that sow the seeds of the Blackhawks future. Blackhawks took the series ending the Flyers home playoff winning streak and most importantly Stanley Cup drought who last won it in 1961. What a great way to end the NHL season. Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for the winning the Cup. They deserved it after 49 long years. Somewhere in the northside of Chicago some are crying on the diamond for their 101 years and counting of futility while a team on the southside and the Blackhawks broke their championship drought during this time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ken Griffey Jr. calls it a career

After 22 seasons in the majors Ken Griffey Jr. calls it a career. He finished his career with fifth all-time in homeruns with 630. He came in the league in a huge bang in 1989 and lead the rising of Seattle Mariners franchise to the top of the AL West division. After 11 seasons with the Mariners he was traded to Cincinnati Reds spending 7 1/2 injury plagued seasons before spending half the season with Chicago White Sox in 2008. He signed back with Mariners last year to hit .214 with 19 homeruns and 59 RBIs in 117 games. Instead of retiring he went for another season. But its been a disappointing season hitting .184 with no homeruns and 7 RBIs. A report he took a nap in the clubhouse during a game made waves fueling critics from does he has passion of the game to should he retire. A month later KGJ decide to walk away from the diamond as a player. He is a sure first ballot Hall of Fame and if it wasn't for the injuries with the Reds he could have hit 700 career homeruns. He brought Mariners from the dead to contender in the mid and late 90s as well helping to jump start the rise of Upper Deck company with the most well-known popular rookie card in UD first baseball card set. His likeness was placed on several Nintendo video games on the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. Ken Griffey, Jr. will be missed on the field.

D-Train derailed in Detroit; gets chugging to Arizona

It's been a rough 2 and half years in Detroit for Dontrelle Willis. After getting traded from the Florida Marlins and signing three year, $29 million extension he became one of biggest disappointments. Tigers designated him on Saturday and traded him to Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday. A big fall from his phenomenal All-Star rookie season in 2003 to struggling with possibly his pitching career going off the rails. In two half-seasons with the Tigers he played in 24 games, started in 22 of them with a combined 2-10 record with a 7.29 ERA (9.38, 7.49, and 4.99). He battled from control issues resulting him being sent down to the minors, injury, and anxiety disorder which he didn't agree with. In three of his first five starts he slowly showed he was returning back to winning form. Then in his final four starts with the team he went off the rails with mediocre results. It cause the team to cut their loses ending a disaster run. Why did he struggle in Detroit? Was it misfortune or having adjust from NL to AL strike zone having an effect on him? Is it possible his disappointing last season with the Marlins carried on which posted 10-15 record with ERA of 5.17 after three successful seasons in his first four years? Now he's back in the NL with a fresh start in Arizona can he regain control of his pitches along reducing number of hits given as well ability return to winning form? This could be last chance for Dontrelle to pitch on the mound. If it doesn't work out switching from pitching to offense isn't a bad option for him.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Halladay and the Phillies are perfect

Phillies big trade to get pitcher Roy Halladay in the offseason already paying off with quality starts, wins, and ERA barely below 2. On Saturday history was made as Halladay pitched the 20th perfect game in league history against Florida Marlins in 1-0 victory with amazing 11 strikeouts. It was first time in 130 years two perfect games tossed in a season. It too happened in the same month. Halladay and Phillies continue to sizzle on the NL East. Will there be another no hitter/perfect game this season? Still got four months left to go in the season.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seahawks casts LenDale White out to sea

Barely a month with the his new team not even his college coach want him around. After giving up 4th and 6th round picks, Seattle Seahawks realize it was a mistake releasing LenDale White. White suspended for four games for violating NFL substance policy. Good player in goal line situation but struggled with weight and attitude issues. Despite coming in best shape he out of a team. Hopefully this wakes him up and get his attitude adjusted.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Raiders wants a refund from Russell

Raiders filed a grievance against former quarterback JaMarcus Russell trying to recoup $9.55 million from him. According to Yahoo Sports, his contract was changed during his stint. Al Davis trying get back his cash from a mistake he made. Actually hope he gets it. Somewhere Lane Kiffin is telling him, "I told you, Al."

Friday, May 21, 2010

Heavy price of divorce

Elin Nordegren Woods demands $750 million and full custody of the couple two kids in the divorce package. Tiger Woods you made your grave sleeping around with 10-15 women. Go lie in it. He should have gotten a prenuptial before getting hitched.

Why now Floyd?

After four years of denial with two years of trying to clear his name getting back his Tour du France win and writing a book Floyd Landis admits to doping. Came along with it were accusations and blasting of Lance Armstrong and US Cycling for doping and turning a blind eye. Why now Floyd? After years trying convince everyone you are not guilty to doping you finally came out you did. This reeks of Pete Rose denying on betting on baseball til he admit it on his book. Floyd admitted of having no backup on the accusations. After missing the limelight and attention from his failed test and stripping of his Tour du France win he decided to make his name relevant opening a can of worms. While this is serious subject this belongs on fail when he should have admitted while caught instead four years later.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dallas Braden is perfect

Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden enter in the history books pitching Major League Baseball 19th perfect game of all-time against Tampa Bay Rays. What made it special it happened at the team's home stadium on Mother's Day. I saw Dallas Braden played when he was at A's Double A club Midland Rockhounds (2005) along the time Texas Tech played at then new stadium (2004). He came a long way to make it on A's roster being the team ace and putting his name on the history books. Congratulations to Dallas Braden for pitching a special moment on Mother's Day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Raiders release JaMarcus Russell

Ryan Leaf has competition as the worst NFL draft pick ever. JaMarcus Russell could and is likely surpassed him as the biggest NFL draft bust. Oakland Raiders cut him after three erratic lazy seasons with the team. The former no. 1 overall pick quickly made himself unwelcoming holding out til after first game of the 2007 season for more money. Instead of showing he deserved the money paid to him he showed lack of dedication on the field and was lazy and aloof that the Raiders' fans quickly turned on him. Last year his play was so poor even Russell no. 1 supporter owner Al Davis gave the okay for coach Tom Cable to bench Russell and start Brad Gradkowski. To show his dedication he skipped a game to be in Las Vegas. It was the end when Raiders traded for Jason Campbell and gave him a contract extension. He showed up to camp out of shape along with his continual sloppy practice owner Al Davis finally had enough. During his three seasons with the team:

- lead the team to 7 wins in 25 starts

- threw for 18 touchdowns, 23 interceptions, 4,083 yards completing 52% of his passes with a QB rating of 62.5.

- in 12 games last season along starting in 9 completed less than half of his passes with a whopping 3 touchdown passes, 11 interception, and 1,287 yards.

- paid $36 million during this time along with $3 million owed from the team.

If there's a reason for a need of rookie salary cap you have to take a look at JaMarcus Russell. Gets rich quick and doesn't do shit.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alex and Billy: A tale of two Royals separate paths to the majors

On the Kansas City Royals roster there are two young players. Their names is Alex Gordon and Billy Butler. Both were highly touted prospects going through the system, but have taken different paths to get to the majors. For Billy, he was drafted 14th overall in 2004 draft out of high school and gone through every Royals minor league clubs. Alex was drafted 2nd overall in 2005 draft out of college and immediately played for Royal AA team. Both were teammates in Arizona league in 2005 as well the Royals AA club in 2006. In 2007 their paths changed. Alex jumped straight to the majors from AA immediately hailed as the face of the Royals franchise. Billy stayed in the minor league system playing for the AAA club and didn't reach to the majors til halfway of 2007 season. Alex was put under pressure to produce immediately for the Royals. Billy took his time to develop as a player before getting the called to the Royals. In their debut season together in the majors they did respectably well.

Alex Gordon: 151 games/134 hits/36 doubles/4 triple/15 homeruns/60 RBIs/41 BB/137 strikeouts/.247 batting average

Billy Butler: 92 games/96 hits/23 doubles/2 triples/8 homeruns/52 RBIs/27 BB/55 strikeouts/.292 batting average

In 2008 both dealt with "sophomore" pains. Billy started the season in a slump and was sent down to AAA for more seasoning. After 26 games he was called back and return to major league form. Alex Gordon making small improvements til he suffered a hip flexor in August forcing him to miss a month. Despite suffering setbacks both produced respectable season numbers again.

Alex Gordon: 134 games/128 hits/35 doubles/1 triple/16 homeruns/59 RBIs/66 BB/120 strikeouts/.260 batting average

Billy Butler: 124 games/122 hits/22 doubles/11 homeruns/55 RBIs/33 BB/57 strikeouts/.275 batting average

In 2009 their paths split into different areas once again with one moving upward while the other going downward. Alex path headed downward battling injuries from first game of the season resulting of him struggling at the plate. For first time in his career he was sent down to AAA to refine his batting for a month before getting called back up with few weeks left in the season. He played 49 games just hitting 6 homeruns with 22 RBIs, 6 doubles and .232 batting average. Heading upward is Billy. He had a breakout season playing with his timely hitting and ability to drive in runs. In 159 games with 183 hits, 51 doubles (second in the league to Orioles' Brian Roberts), 21 homeruns, 93 RBIs, and .302 batting average.

Enter this season it was evident who's rising and who's sliding. A month into a season and its the same thing from last year. Billy continues to make strides with his hitting. Alex broke his thumb during spring training and barely getting on the field. With Albert Callapso doing well in his spot at 3B, he gets sent down to AAA to learn to play left field. Royals has not given up hope on Alex and still hoping he will produce sooner.

Two high prospects, one quickly breezed to the majors becoming face of the franchise, but bitten with bad luck and timing. The other quietly worked his way through and should have become the face of the franchise. Turns out it was Billy Butler that developed as a better player, not Alex Gordon as of this moment. While Alex still has time can he able to match his counterpart Billy and become 1-2 hitting combo for the Royals?

Idiot fan ruins Cole Hamels moment

After a Phillies fan deservingly got tasered for running on the field during play another fan did the same thing. Except it was top of the 9th with no outs and the Phillies winning 1-0 at the time with Cole Hamels on the mound trying to get his first win in three tries. After that idiot fan got dragged out Hamels concentration unraveled as he gave up two doubles on next two batters with one scoring tying the game up 1-1. Hamels was replaced by Brad Lidge who got the Phillies surprisingly out of a jam putting the game into extra innings. Thank goodness for Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz hitting walk-off game-winning homerun at bottom at the 10th to end it with 2-1 Phillies win. Imagine if the Phillies lost after the idiot came on the field. To the idiot fan thank you stupid fuck for ruining Cole Hamels possible win along millions of fantasy baseball owners who needed that win from him.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Mavericks in a familiar place: first round exit

Dallas Mavericks, one of top teams in the NBA, entered the season in mid-April and found themselves in a familiar place at end of April/first week of May: a first round playoff exit. Ever since NBA Finals trip in 2006 Mavericks had been eliminated from first round of the playoffs in 3 out of 4 years. Seeded no. 2 in the playoffs they end up losing to 7th seeded San Antonio Spurs in six games, a team they beat last year to move to the second round. Despite a team of stars and 50+ wins in the regular season they exit the playoff in another major disappointment. Mavericks facing uncertainty with a possibility of Dirk Nowitski opting out his contract. What does Dallas have to do to get in the second round?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Canadiens burn down the Capitals

It's a series Washington Capitals want to forget. Four games ago, Washington Capitals was leading 3-1 in the playoff series against Montreal Canadiens and needing a win to finish off the series. Three games later the Capitals collapse as Canadiens took the series 4-3 moving on second round of the playoffs. Capitals now sit at home to watch the games on TV. This was thought to be an "easy" series for the Capitals. Where did it go wrong? Start at goal with unproductive play of Jose Theodore who gave up five goals including two in two shots in game 2 before getting pulled for Seymon Varlamov. No matter how much offensive power on the team make sure you have a goalie that can regularly stop shots. For the Canadiens they continue on their momentum from the regular season when they battled and got the final playoff spot. It carried on to the playoffs playing good defense and protecting around the goal with goalie Jaroslav Halak being clutch after given another chance to start for game 5. It paid off as Canadiens held the Capitals to a goal in games 5, 6, and 7 with Capitals running out of gas with uneven play. A 2-1 Canadiens win in game 7 completes the comeback moving to second round of the playoffs. It marked first time no. 8 seed knocked off no. 1 seed while down 3-1 in the first round. Capitals have rest of the offseason to wonder why did they go down in flames and questions at Alexander Ovechkin if he's playoff material.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jimmy Clausen: Panthers future star or just another Notre Dame quarterback?

It was a long wait for quarterback Jimmy Clausen who fell from projected first round pick all the way down to second round when Carolina Panthers selected him with the 48th overall pick. He was one of few highly touted quarterbacks in the draft with Sam Bradford (no. 1) and Tim Tebow (no. 25) selected ahead of him. Is Clausen really that good or just another long line of quarterbacks from Notre Dame that isn't named Joe? History hasn't been kind to Notre Dame QBs especially the last 20 years of the draft. Rick Mirer drafted no. 2 overall in 1993 and had average NFL career. Brady Quinn drafted 22nd overall in 2007 struggled with the Browns and was sent to Broncos earlier this year. Jarious Jackson drafted in the 7th round in 2000 is a CFL backup. Kent Graham drafted in 8th round in 1989 was given occasional chances at starter, but was mostly backup. Caryle Holiday and Rob Powlus went undrafted. Drafting a Notre Dame quarterback is like drafting Penn State running backs. Big risks with little or no rewards.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

When Super Bowl heros become stupid

At first, it was going be about Ben Roethlisberger, but the more I thought about it it becomes about key players on a winning Super Bowl teams making poor judgment. NFL suspended Ben Roethlisberger for six games without pay and will not re-join the Steelers at any form til he completes "comprehensive behavioral evaluation" for violating Personal Conduct Policy. This stemming from sexual assault allegation last month in Georgia despite no charges. It marks the second time in three years he been accused of sexual misconduct. In 2006, he had a motorcycle accident with head and facial injuries as a result for not wearing a helmet. He had expired temporary motorcycle permit as well. Roethlisberger led the Steelers to two Super Bowl wins including MVP of Super Bowl XL. His suspension has Steelers thinking of trading him for this year's first round pick, but rescinded and plan to let him stay with the team. This comes after Steelers cut ties and traded wide receiver Santanio Holmes few weeks ago after series of run-ins. The last straw came after getting handed with a four-game suspension for violating NFL Substance Policy along with getting sued by a woman who claimed he threw glass at her and told her not to press charges. Holmes was MVP of Super XLIII. Another key Super Bowl player end up doing hard time. Former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who made the winning catch of Super Bowl XLIII, found himself serving two-years in New York prison for a weapons charge violation after accidentally shoot himself at New York nightclub. Prior to the shooting police responded to two domestic disturbance calls at his household. It happened 10 months after the Super Bowl. Does winning the Super Bowl make a few players think they are held above higher ground and allow do something stupid off-the-field? Hopefully prison, a new change of scenery, and help of evaluation make players crash back to earth.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fins sends draft bust Ted Ginn Jr to the Niners

Ted Ginn Experience is over in Miami as the Dolphins shipped him to the 49ers for a 5th round pick. While he has running speed his problem is his ability to catch the ball and running routes. (Johnny "Lam" Jones anyone?) He's an explosive returner (where speed comes to play) but a team can likely sign guy with a day job at anytime returning kicks at same level as Ginn does. (see Michael Lewis) Ginn was a risky high pick that backfire on the Dolphins. With Brandon Marshall on the team it made Ginn expendable. He has years to shed his draft bust status (see Thomas Jones) but if he couldn't turn it around in San Fran he will be one of worst picks from 2007 draft. Too bad his card on the left looks better than his on-field performance.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hits Keep Getting Bigger for Upper Deck

Four months into the year things have spiraled out of control for Upper Deck. Konami (counterfeit Yugi-Oh cards) and MLB (trademark infringement) have sued the company which they settled for millions of dollars. They are no longer exclusive producer of NHL cards as Panini given a right to print in 2011 alongside with them. On Thursday they dealt with another big blow as Upper Deck announced it could not come to terms with NFL Properties therefore will not make football card sets in 2011. While Upper Deck set the trend on producing and designing cards the management still continue to be morons acting they are bigger than the world. It ended up biting them in the ass resulting from loss of sport's league license and lawsuits. Due to their mismanagement sport card collectors are the ones that are affected. Despite having a license with NCAA and NHL to produce cards will it be enough for Upper Deck or is the end coming soon?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obama cursed the Kansas Jayhawks basketball

Last week Sportscenter dedicated 5 minutes of air time to Barack Obama filling out his NCAA basketball tournament bracket. Obama picked no. 1 seed Kansas Jayhawks to win it. For Jayhawks they easily won the first round game, but laid an egg losing to Northern Illinois, a school known to produce NFL legend Kurt Warner, in the second round. This sparked interest in the political groups now claiming its a sign on what will happen if health care bill gets passed. How about next time never let Obama picked a team to win especially on TV? You know anything he does its going to spark interests outside of sports.

Busy busy busy

Sorry for lack of updates. I been terribly busy lately. I have small time for now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is it the end for AI?

Is Allen Iverson career over? 76ers announced AI will not be returning to the team for rest of the season taking care of his 4-year old daughter. This season has been a disappointment for him. He signed with Memphis Grizzlies before the season and missed the first three games with a tweak hamstring. He played three games with the team before getting released as he clashed with coach and management over playing time. He returned with 76ers, his original team that drafted him first overall in 1997. In 24 games he showed his ability, but lost a step in his game before taking a personal leave to care for his daughter ending his season and likely his career. It not a way you want to see a star player to leave the game. AI resurrected a struggling 76ers team to playoff contenders with a trip to the final in 2000-01 season. But his brash cockiness and often selfish "me" attitude rubbed off coaches including his infamous practice rant. Still he became a fan favorite for his dedication to the game busting his ass all over the court and playing hurt as every game was important to him. In 2004 Athens Summer Olympics he was the only player on Team USA roster that wanted to be there. His selfish "me" attitude reared its ugly head. Shipped to Denver Nuggets it was thought to be missing piece for a chance making to the NBA finals. Instead he, Carmelo Anthony, and Kenyon Martin didn't have good chemistry. When he was shipped to Detroit Pistons he complained about coming off the bench. As I mentioned earlier, he complained about minutes with the Grizzlies and they dropped him. Despite being a machine on the court his ego gets in a way. After 12 years of it teams are starting say no to his needs as management see him being a team disruptor. Not the best way for a star end his career. Does he have a heart to play the game? As of right now, his first priority is his family and I don't blame him for leaving the game for it. Do I wish he has at least one last hurrah? Honestly, I wish he did.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Team Canada Comeback

After last week 3-2 survival win against Switzerland and 5-3 loss to Team USA in the preliminaries Team Canada was at a crossroads. The giant Olympic gold medal favorites was struggling in their own sport in their own country. Having placed 8th in the bracket they must win three games to reach to the gold medal game while Team USA have to win two. They immediately corrected a problem in goal replacing aging legend Martin Brodeur who struggled against Switzerland and USA with Robert Luongo who was in goal when the team shutout Norway 8-0. It became the team's game changing move. They quickly dispatched Germany 8-2 to face a tough Russia team who were seeded no. 4 in the quarterfinals. In shocking fashion Canada sent Russia out of the medal round with a 7-3 win. They faced a challenge against Slovakia holding them 3-2 in the semifinals to reach the gold medal game facing off against USA in a rematch. The game became important for Canada as they seek redemption, glory, and gold medal in their home country. In the game Canada quickly got 2-0 lead before USA scored to put it 2-1 going into third period. With 25 seconds to go, USA tied the game when Zach Parise shot past Luongo thus going into overtime. Could this be heartbreak for Canada? Not this time as Sidney Crosby shoots the game winner past goalie Ryan Miller, who was unstoppable and USA game saver the entire Olympic games, four minutes and twenty seconds into overtime to win it. Comeback complete for Team Canada as entire country rejoiced for a gold medal celebration. On that day legends and heroes are born and etched into minds of every Canadian as the gold medals wrapped around the necks of Canada hockey team. The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics ends with a bang with Canada hockey team coming back from struggles to put on a performance on the medal brackets to win the gold medal.

Monday, February 22, 2010

LT is no longer a Charger

This just in. Chargers released RB LaDainian Tomlinson as he suspected. Chargers looking for a RB in the draft while LT searching for a new home.

Redemption for Bode Miller

After disastrous performance at the Torin Winter Olympics Bode Miller has redeemed himself. After two silver medal performances at Salt Lake City Winter Games he was favored at the Torin games to medal. He end up making an ass of himself with uninspiring performances going 0-for-5 in the events. His ego trip didn't stop him as he would leave U.S. team the following year to run as independent. After a successful 2008 he would crash back down to earth in 2009 going winless for first time in eight years. With his ego bruised he re-joined U.S. team and made it on the Olympic squad. He reassert himself as a force in the games winning bronze at the downhill and silver at the Super-G. Yesterday at the Super Combined he finished the downhill with the 7th best time. At the slalom he finished with 3rd best time behind his fellow countrymen Ted Ligety and Will Brandenburg. It was enough combined time for Miller to take the gold from Croatia' Ivica Kostelic by :04 seconds. Finally Bode Miller gets his first ever gold after three silvers and a bronze in four Olympic games. Sweet redemption for Bode who was thinking of calling it quits before rejoining the U.S. team last year. Enjoy and savor the moment Bode. Thank you for winning a medal for Team U.S.A.

Friday, February 19, 2010

My opinion on Tiger Woods conference

I didn't give a rat's ass about the conference or anything about Tiger Woods relating to his affairs, sex addiction, or anything related to it. It did produced communications within your relatives to your friends/neighbors to anyone you meet in public. The paparazzi and media have a complete field day with it. Did he screwed up bad? Yes he did. But do I care about it? Not at all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Saints Come Marching In

New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XLIV defeating Indianapolis Colts 31-17. Sean Payton gutsy onside kick call to start the second half turned the tide for the Saints. It led to a Drew Brees 16-yard screen pass to Pierre Thomas as the Saints get the lead for the first time of the game. For Brees he put on a deserving MVP performance completing 32 out of 39 passes with two touchdowns. Another player shining through is Tracy Porter who comes up clutch once again picking off Peyton Manning pass and running 74 yards for a touchdown to put the game away. Another shining player is kicker Garrett Hartley providing the needed field goals for the Saints to keep up with the Colts. All three goals were over 40+ yards. Congratulations to New Orleans Saints being Super Bowl champions.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Upper Deck got a death wish

Last week after settling a lawsuit with Konami for counterfeiting 600,000 Yugi-oh cards they will face another big lawsuit this time with Major League Baseball. MLB gave Topps exclusive licensing rights to produced MLB cards last year leaving Upper Deck out in the cold. It didn't stop Upper Deck to produce baseball cards as they focus on "pro baseball players." They released 2009 Ultimate Collections stating its not MLB licensed and will not show team names and logos on back of the cards. Re-read that because they didn't mention front of the cards. Guess what? They defied MLB licensing as Ultimate Collections cards shown to have teams logos, full and partially, on front of the cards. I didn't take long for MLB to go after Upper Deck with a lawsuit and the move will cost the company big. After recently settled with Konami they are going be hurting financially bad when the lawsuit with MLB over. MLB do take licensing rights seriosuly. They went after Donruss in 2008 which they won and settled. Whatever the practices going at Upper Deck they are completely stupid in a seek of revenge. They done this with a printing of "Michael Buysner" (reference to Michael Einser buying Topps over them) and asterisk (reference to Barry Bonds which Topps has rights to) cards. In their plot of revenge over losing MLB licensng rights to Topps they put out Ultimate Collections with potential tread-lining the logos and names which they failed bad at it. Upper Deck, despite putting out good products, are going to put themselves out of the business of their own management and pratices stupidity. At the end the only ones going to hurt are the collectors. While some wish Upper Deck to go away their product you have admit they set the standard when they came out 21 years ago. The slick photography and the glossy printed cards. Game-used cards? They were the first to do so. What Upper Deck did was evolved the sport card hobby and forcing companies around them to change. When the day Upper Deck closed it doors it will hit the collectors. Soon companies will get lazy putting out garbage from designs to player selection because they are the only ones in town. That laziness will likely get collectors to leave the hobby for good. Remember those wonderful Topps redemption cards? It's utter crap having to wait for close to over a year to get it with a possible chance of getting a replacement you never want. Upper Deck tries to turn it around with attempt to send the cards within 45 days. How about this year's Topps baseball design? They went terribly 1989 retro and I love the 1989 set. Without Upper Deck things could get worse. Thanks to Upper Deck moronic practices they are close to signing themselves their own death warrant. Collectors will rejoice but will later mourn of a potential loss in the future.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wax Heaven is back!

One of the best sport card hobby blog Wax Heaven is back. Late last year Mario took a sabbatical from blogging. He's back along side with Todd Uncommon as contributor. Let me welcome Mario and Wax Heaven back and say hello to Todd Uncommon. It's a blog every sports card collector must visit.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kurt Warner call it a career

NFL quarterback Kurt Warner called it a career after 12 seasons on the gridiron. If there was real life movie script it was him. Warner long road to the NFL took him from Arena Football League to NFL Europe along with a grocery stocker job to earn a spot on a NFL team with St. Louis Rams. It was one ACL tear of newly signed Trent Green and vote of confidence from then-coach Dick Vermeil to put him in starting QB spot. Kurt did not disappoint. He showed off his God given talent of throwing for long yardage. In stunning fashion, he wowed the entire league with a magical 1999 season which he led the Rams to a Super Bowl win. It did not end there as his time with the Rams was known as "The Greatest Show on Earth" for their freewheeling offensive juggernaut leading to their second Super Bowl in a losing effort. His "Act 1" curtains closed after six sacks and a concussion in the 2003 season opener. He never returned as Rams starting QB. His "Act 2" started when he signed with New York Giants in 2004 going 5-4 before replaced in midseason for Eli Manning. "Act 2" ended after the season. Then came "Act 3" signing with Arizona Cardinals in 2005. He started on-and-off alongside with Matt Leinart til 2007 when Leinart went out with a broken collarbone. Warner took over reign and, despite going 4-7, he maximized use of the receiving core of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquin Boldin. It became the setup for 2008 season. He beat out Leinart at end off training camp setting off another magical throwing campaign of 4,583 yards and 30 touchdown passes taking NFC West crown with a 9-7 record. He took his team from wild card playoff spot to the NFC champion and all the way to the Super Bowl, a franchise first, before losing out to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This season he lead the Cardinals to another NFC West crown with 10-5 record as starter. In the playoffs his continued his wild passing juggernaut before losing to the New Orleans Saints in his final game of his career. His third and final act ends as the curtains closed on his career ending his real-life movie script. Kurt Warner deserves every accolades given to him. He's not just a two-time NFL MVP. Here's a hard working quarterback that got opportunity to take control and revived two stagnant franchises (Rams and Cardinals) into greater heights of success. Despite going 1-2 in his Super Bowl appearances he threw a total of 1156 total passing yards (average 385 yards). Could any quarterback able produce those numbers on multiple Super Bowl appearances? Away from the field he is known his charitable and generous work along with his wife. Is Kurt Warner a first ballot Hall of Fame? The answer is yes, not for his passing but taking a team's misfortune righting the ship into calm waters. Kurt Warner you will be missed on the field. Good luck!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brett Fraud FAILS

It took me a while to think this through and finish this. Take one big, giant look at the video. A video of selfish quarterback, a video of quarterback tarnishing his legacy one too many times, a video of a quarterback FAILING badly once more. This is another lasting video image of quarterback Brett Favre. Just like his last pass with Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game, his last pass of this season and likely his NFL career is an interception at the NFC Championship once more. Instead running like a little bitch he threw the ball into hands of a player, a defender name Terry Porter. Unfortunately Porter wasn't in a white Vikings uniform. He was in a black and brown uniform, a uniform of New Orleans Saints, the opponent of Brett Favre. Look at the video and look at the space between Favre and the nearest defender ahead of him. A good 8-10 yards on the Saints territory. Favre could have scramble and picked up 5-7 yards. Those yards are likely good enough for a 48-50 yard field goal try in the final seconds. Instead Favre STUPIDLY threw the ball into hands of Saints defender Terry Porter with :19 seconds left of regulation. With the game ended in 28-28 at end of regulation, New Orleans Saints got the ball in overtime and they never relinquished it. The Saints drove down the field to Vikings own 22-yard line. Right there Saints kicker Garrett Hartley kicked a 40-yard field goal to win the game sending the New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl. Going home as losers is Brett Favre and the Vikings. Once again Favre tried to be heroic and failed bad just like his last pass (interception) with the Packers and the incomplete pass against the Broncos at Super Bowl 32. Brett Favre FAILED for again disgracing his legacy which was all luster. When you leave the field again don't let the door hit your ass on the way out Brett Fraud.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Greene rookie takes charge

Jets rookie taking charge of their playoff run and its not QB Mark Sanchez; it's RB Shonn Greene. While Sanchez is the team highly touted rookie, Greene was the "hidden" rookie find. The third rounder from Iowa has been very vital during the Jets playoff wins. He has rushed over hundred yards and scored a touchdown in both playoff games. Also note the fact he did not started in both games. He thank his offensive line of Nick Mangold, D'Brickenshaw Ferguson, Alan Feneca, and Brandon Moore opening holes for him. Timing was on Greene side. He would not be inserted in the game if Leon Washington didn't suffer a season ending broken leg. With the Jets making improbable run to the Super Bowl it was perfect timing for Shon Greene to show off his talent. The 2009 Jets draft class could potentially the building future of the team. First with Sanchez, now with Greene.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Real Reggie Bush showed up

A magical moment happened on the field in a playoff game between Saints and Cardinals. It was return of the "real" Reggie Bush, the RB with explosive speed, the razzle-dazzle moves, and gaining yardage at all costs in every attempt. It moves and maneuvers that made him the most exciting player and highly touted player of 2006 NFL draft. He was so highly regarded the Houston Texans vs San Francisco 49ers in the final week of 2005 NFL season was dubbed, "The Bush Bowl" as the loser of the game gets the no. 1 overall pick of 2006 draft. Texans lost and earned no. 1 overall. Instead Texans shocked everyone in NFL from GMs to fans selecting Mario Williams with their pick. With Bush falling on the laps of the Saints they selected him with their second overall pick. Just as the analysts and critics immediately dubbed Williams a bust and Bush a future star, it was other way around. Williams became All-Pro while Bush been a disappointment in the short four seasons. While he still show his razzle-dazzle he hasn't perform like All-Pro with his rushing yardage half of thousand yards. He has been banged up and battled knee related injuries including having microfracture surgery. This season he played 14 games gaining 725 yards of total yardage and 8 touchdowns. On Saturday his old USC self return bouncing off and breaking through the hole out-running defenders. In a mere 5 attempts he rushed for 84 yards and touchdown in a playoff win against the Cardinals. Bush showed he still have juice left in his legs and knees. Could this be the breakthrough game Bush needed to jumpstart his potential All-Pro career for next season? Is Bush really back?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jose Offerman goes crazy mad on the field again

Former Major Leaguer Jose Offerman punched (or grazed) an umpire (even though it look like he took a dive) after heated argument during Dominican winter league game as seen on this video.

This is not his first brush of attacking personnel on the field. Two years ago, he was charged with second-degree assault after attacking pitcher Matt Beech and catcher John Nathans with a bat during Atlantic League game. Nathans would later sue Offerman for "career-threatening" injuries suffered during the attack.

With his recent attack on an umpire this could likely be the last straw for Offerman to be anywhere near a baseball field. While he's passionate about the game his explosive temperament lead to two physical on-field incidents involving three baseball personnel. His has anger issues brought out the worse of him and it reared its head in the Dominican. Even he gets anger management help (ask Milton Bradley how much it did for him) its likely too late to salvage a coaching/managerial job of a baseball team. His latest incident is going to blackball him from the game.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blake Griffin out for the season

Mark this the second time in three years first overall pick to miss entire season without playing a single regular season game. Clippers' Blake Griffin
to have surgery on his injured kneecap and is out for the season.
Here's another bad luck situation for the Clippers. Despite being lottery regulars drafting haven't been kind to them. With long lists of draft busts to freak injuries you thought choosing Blake Griffin will help temporary right the sail of the Clippers going along side with Baron Davis. Wrong. He ends up having a freak injury and is gone for the season. Clippers luck in lottery drafting is at nil.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mark McGwire admits using steroids

After years of silence Mark McGwire admits using steroids during the 1998 homerun chase. I'm glad he admits it but at same time I don't care if he used during this time. Steroids was still legal in baseball during this time and shouldn't be punished when it wasn't in the rulebook. I still like Mark and will cheer him on. If it wasn't for him and Sammy Sosa homerun chase baseball wouldn't be where it is right now. Baseball was dying thanks to 1994 strike. Cal Ripken, Jr. breaking the consecutive games streak got some of the fans back. The homerun chase pulled fans in capturing the nation's imagination of the homerun record being broken. Did the fans cared it was clean or not? A few did, but still followed the chase. Remember the commercial "Chicks Dig the Long Ball?" That became absolute true during and after the chase. Why crucify a baseball player for his past steroid use when it was NOT part of the Major League Baseball drug-testing rulebook along having a commissioner letting it all happen til the league was outed? Hope the idiot Hall of Fame voters will finally let him in the Hall. They may claim voting for him will taint the Hall, but there already list of players that cheated when it was legal during their time in the Hall.

Friday, January 8, 2010

It was over when Colt left the game

So that was it? Alabama Crimson Tide put the beating on the Texas Longhorns in the overhyped and lacking BCS championship game 37-21. The game was over when the Tide left a crimson streak on the field of Colt McCoy when he left the game early in the 1st quarter. Tide went on the onslaught with the defense giving more than a branding to the Longhorns. By halftime it was 24-6 and I end up sleeping during game before the second half started and I just woke up now. SEC continue to be THE dominant conference in college football. Congratulations to the Crimson Tide for a perfect season championship. To me, more of co-champions along with the undefeated and the team every NCAA team fears, Boise St. As for the game put this under another long line of underwhelming BCS championship games and there's been way too many of them.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Agent 0 suspended indefinitely

NBA suspends Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas indefinitely without pay for conduct related to his locker room gun incident. He reportedly pulled a gun on teammate Jarvis Crittenton in a joke gone bad after both had argument over a card game few days prior to it. While he admitted to the guns it drew ire of the league and law enforcement as they both continue to investigate. Arenas proceed to joke, "rant" and defend himself on Twitter over the perception of him. The final straw came yesterday during the pregame in a picture perfect moment he jokingly used his fingers pretending to shoot his teammates. The joke end up with egg on his face as NBA commissioner David Stern had enough and suspended him. I agreed with the NBA on the suspension. Arenas continue to be a douche making a mockery of the incident he caused and stepped it up further each day. Hopefully the suspension will smarten his ass up. David Stern done a good job on handling of this situation.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big Unit retires

The Big Unit Randy Johnson call it a career after 22 year journey through the majors with six teams. He became one the league's most feared pitcher dominating on the mound being unhittable and striking out batters with hard throwing 95-100 MPH fastball and dangerous slider. The future Hall of Famer finished his career with 303 wins, 3.29 ERA, 4,135 innings pitched, 100 complete games, 4,875 strikeouts (the second most in the league), 2 no-hitters, 5 Cy Young awards, 10 All-Star appearances, and a World Series ring with Arizona Diamondbacks sharing World Series MVP award with Curt Schilling.

Belichick lame blames the Texans field

Patriots coach Bill Belichick blames Texans field for Wes Welker injury. If you blame the field how come only four Texans players are on the IR? Can you explain Texans All-Pro tight end Owen Daniels injury when he got hurt in Buffalo? How come there isn't long list of Texans players hurt from the field they played on 8 times a year? Any more excuses why Wes Welker got hurt? It's a freak injury on the field that can happen at any game, something he should know about. He just want something to blame why the Pats couldn't perform to their best next week.

Boise State turns the BCS into a joke (again)

Boise State Broncos put on another BCS game performance against then-undefeated TCU beating them 17-10 in the Fiesta Bowl finishing with perfect 14-0 record. It marks the second time in four years Boise St. "crash" and beat a team on one of BCS "big bowl games." What prevents them from being in the BCS championship game that the Mountain West Conference isn't part on the BCS. Their only way for Boise State to crash the BCS is to be part of the top 8 teams in the BCS calculated computing system. The calculated numbers BCS crunched do not favor Boise St. unless teams in front them in the BCS standings, mostly from Big 12, SEC, Big 10, and Pac 10, fall by the wayside with a loss or two. It takes a shocking miracle for it to happen to allow Boise St to go to the championship game. Boise St. already have hard time scheduling games outside the conference against "top" teams. They even offer open challenge to top teams to play them during the regular season, and guess what, no takers. It's a shame the BCS continue to look down at Boise St. when they already proved they can battle it out on the field. A likely theory the BCS conference teams are just too embarrassed to lose a game to a non-BCS conference team. Twice Boise St. been to the BCS game, twice they came out as winners along with highlights of a lifetime. They showed how much a big fraud the BCS is hanging with Oklahoma and defensively dominating a tough TCU offense winning with well-executed plays. Boise St. deserve to battle in the BCS championship game. Problem they are not part of BCS "clique" and are given nearly impossible odds to get there.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bobby Bowden leaves the gridiron as a winner

Florida St. defeated West Virginia 33-21 in Gator Bowl giving Bobby Bowden his 389th and final win as head coach. After being unceremoniously forced to resign he leaves the gridiron as a winner. The legendary coach spent 44-years on the sidelines as head coach lead Florida St. to two football championships and 13 ACC titles along with having two Heisman trophy winners and hundreds of players drafted in NFL. Bobby Bowden will be missed.