Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why NASCAR All-Star race is the only All-Star exhibition that matters

- one winner out of 50-60 potential qualifiers

- big prize: million dollars

- always at Lowes Motor Speedway

- intensity of the drivers wanting to win a million

- driven to win or crash trying

- despite the ever-changing format it will always be 90 laps

- only the winners from season before starting after All-Star race and before this year All-Star race and former race winners are automatically in the All-Star race.

- The winner of the All-Star Open will get final spot in the All-Star race field.

Forget about MLB All-Star and their "home-field" advantage. That doesn't matter any more. NBA All-Star? More of a big show off contest. NFL Pro Bowl? It's a Hawaiian vacation for the players. Also player voting is a giant popularity contest.

In the NASCAR All-Star race every driver and team busted their ass hard to preparing the cars to race. They do anything from finding and exploiting loopholes hoping to get a race advantage. It's wreckers or checkers. Out of all sports NASCAR got their All-Star exhibition right.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manny Ramirez busted for performance enhancing drugs

Another big name gets caught for performance enhancing drugs and its Manny Ramirez. His agent Scott Boras said it was a drug prescribed by a doctor that triggered the positive test. Once again Jose Canseco is right.

Coyotes: Broke and possibly migrating to north of the border

Phoenix Coyotes, despite getting getting money loans from the NHL, have filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection against NHL wishes. The NHL stripped Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes of any authority. Guess who came to pounce with a price tag?

It's Blackberry co-CEO Jim Balsillie, who failed attempt to buy Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators, quickly jump on Coyotes with a price tag of $212.15 million with a possibility of moving the team north of the border to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. But its long fight before it happens.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman doubted the sale of the Coyotes gain approval from NHL owners. Also he reiterated the league on keeping the team in Glendale. Meanwhile, the city of Glendale trying to block the sale of the team from moving the Canada.

Up in Hamilton excitement is high for possible Coyotes relocation with support from Ontario premier and Canada prime minister.

It's going be a huge showdown and a mess in the offseason. Will Jim Balsillie finally get his NHL team and move to Hamilton or will Coyotes remain in Glendale?