Sunday, February 28, 2010

Team Canada Comeback

After last week 3-2 survival win against Switzerland and 5-3 loss to Team USA in the preliminaries Team Canada was at a crossroads. The giant Olympic gold medal favorites was struggling in their own sport in their own country. Having placed 8th in the bracket they must win three games to reach to the gold medal game while Team USA have to win two. They immediately corrected a problem in goal replacing aging legend Martin Brodeur who struggled against Switzerland and USA with Robert Luongo who was in goal when the team shutout Norway 8-0. It became the team's game changing move. They quickly dispatched Germany 8-2 to face a tough Russia team who were seeded no. 4 in the quarterfinals. In shocking fashion Canada sent Russia out of the medal round with a 7-3 win. They faced a challenge against Slovakia holding them 3-2 in the semifinals to reach the gold medal game facing off against USA in a rematch. The game became important for Canada as they seek redemption, glory, and gold medal in their home country. In the game Canada quickly got 2-0 lead before USA scored to put it 2-1 going into third period. With 25 seconds to go, USA tied the game when Zach Parise shot past Luongo thus going into overtime. Could this be heartbreak for Canada? Not this time as Sidney Crosby shoots the game winner past goalie Ryan Miller, who was unstoppable and USA game saver the entire Olympic games, four minutes and twenty seconds into overtime to win it. Comeback complete for Team Canada as entire country rejoiced for a gold medal celebration. On that day legends and heroes are born and etched into minds of every Canadian as the gold medals wrapped around the necks of Canada hockey team. The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics ends with a bang with Canada hockey team coming back from struggles to put on a performance on the medal brackets to win the gold medal.

Monday, February 22, 2010

LT is no longer a Charger

This just in. Chargers released RB LaDainian Tomlinson as he suspected. Chargers looking for a RB in the draft while LT searching for a new home.

Redemption for Bode Miller

After disastrous performance at the Torin Winter Olympics Bode Miller has redeemed himself. After two silver medal performances at Salt Lake City Winter Games he was favored at the Torin games to medal. He end up making an ass of himself with uninspiring performances going 0-for-5 in the events. His ego trip didn't stop him as he would leave U.S. team the following year to run as independent. After a successful 2008 he would crash back down to earth in 2009 going winless for first time in eight years. With his ego bruised he re-joined U.S. team and made it on the Olympic squad. He reassert himself as a force in the games winning bronze at the downhill and silver at the Super-G. Yesterday at the Super Combined he finished the downhill with the 7th best time. At the slalom he finished with 3rd best time behind his fellow countrymen Ted Ligety and Will Brandenburg. It was enough combined time for Miller to take the gold from Croatia' Ivica Kostelic by :04 seconds. Finally Bode Miller gets his first ever gold after three silvers and a bronze in four Olympic games. Sweet redemption for Bode who was thinking of calling it quits before rejoining the U.S. team last year. Enjoy and savor the moment Bode. Thank you for winning a medal for Team U.S.A.

Friday, February 19, 2010

My opinion on Tiger Woods conference

I didn't give a rat's ass about the conference or anything about Tiger Woods relating to his affairs, sex addiction, or anything related to it. It did produced communications within your relatives to your friends/neighbors to anyone you meet in public. The paparazzi and media have a complete field day with it. Did he screwed up bad? Yes he did. But do I care about it? Not at all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Saints Come Marching In

New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XLIV defeating Indianapolis Colts 31-17. Sean Payton gutsy onside kick call to start the second half turned the tide for the Saints. It led to a Drew Brees 16-yard screen pass to Pierre Thomas as the Saints get the lead for the first time of the game. For Brees he put on a deserving MVP performance completing 32 out of 39 passes with two touchdowns. Another player shining through is Tracy Porter who comes up clutch once again picking off Peyton Manning pass and running 74 yards for a touchdown to put the game away. Another shining player is kicker Garrett Hartley providing the needed field goals for the Saints to keep up with the Colts. All three goals were over 40+ yards. Congratulations to New Orleans Saints being Super Bowl champions.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Upper Deck got a death wish

Last week after settling a lawsuit with Konami for counterfeiting 600,000 Yugi-oh cards they will face another big lawsuit this time with Major League Baseball. MLB gave Topps exclusive licensing rights to produced MLB cards last year leaving Upper Deck out in the cold. It didn't stop Upper Deck to produce baseball cards as they focus on "pro baseball players." They released 2009 Ultimate Collections stating its not MLB licensed and will not show team names and logos on back of the cards. Re-read that because they didn't mention front of the cards. Guess what? They defied MLB licensing as Ultimate Collections cards shown to have teams logos, full and partially, on front of the cards. I didn't take long for MLB to go after Upper Deck with a lawsuit and the move will cost the company big. After recently settled with Konami they are going be hurting financially bad when the lawsuit with MLB over. MLB do take licensing rights seriosuly. They went after Donruss in 2008 which they won and settled. Whatever the practices going at Upper Deck they are completely stupid in a seek of revenge. They done this with a printing of "Michael Buysner" (reference to Michael Einser buying Topps over them) and asterisk (reference to Barry Bonds which Topps has rights to) cards. In their plot of revenge over losing MLB licensng rights to Topps they put out Ultimate Collections with potential tread-lining the logos and names which they failed bad at it. Upper Deck, despite putting out good products, are going to put themselves out of the business of their own management and pratices stupidity. At the end the only ones going to hurt are the collectors. While some wish Upper Deck to go away their product you have admit they set the standard when they came out 21 years ago. The slick photography and the glossy printed cards. Game-used cards? They were the first to do so. What Upper Deck did was evolved the sport card hobby and forcing companies around them to change. When the day Upper Deck closed it doors it will hit the collectors. Soon companies will get lazy putting out garbage from designs to player selection because they are the only ones in town. That laziness will likely get collectors to leave the hobby for good. Remember those wonderful Topps redemption cards? It's utter crap having to wait for close to over a year to get it with a possible chance of getting a replacement you never want. Upper Deck tries to turn it around with attempt to send the cards within 45 days. How about this year's Topps baseball design? They went terribly 1989 retro and I love the 1989 set. Without Upper Deck things could get worse. Thanks to Upper Deck moronic practices they are close to signing themselves their own death warrant. Collectors will rejoice but will later mourn of a potential loss in the future.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wax Heaven is back!

One of the best sport card hobby blog Wax Heaven is back. Late last year Mario took a sabbatical from blogging. He's back along side with Todd Uncommon as contributor. Let me welcome Mario and Wax Heaven back and say hello to Todd Uncommon. It's a blog every sports card collector must visit.