Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Jersey Devils = most disappointing team midway of the season

I watched Red Wings vs Devils game earlier and it ended with 3-1 Red Wings win. The lost left Devils with a 16-30-3 record last in the eastern conference going into All-Star weekend. Midway through the season they are a big disappointment. When the team finally signed Kolvachuk to a big 15-year, $100 million contract it was thought to be the missing puzzle for a long playoff run. Instead team went backwards with them likely being out of playoff contention. The amount of money paid to players such as Ilya Kolvachuk, Patrick Elias, and Zach Parise they haven't gotten much in return. Kolvachuk, while currently leading the team in goals, haven't stepped up in scoring. Only three players have scored double digits in goals so far (Kolvachuk, Elias, and Jason Arnott). Parise and Travis Zajac are having a down year. Brian Rolston been a signing disappointment as he hasn't reach the numbers when was playing for the Bruins and Wild. The team already fired long-time Devils player turned coach John McLean with Jacques Lemaire going back behind the bench. It hasn't helped much as the offense has been the weakness this year. Goalie Martin Brodeur is the only bright spot as he can still go, but haven't gotten goal support. He is not going to save the team all by himself. Another note he is getting there with age and on pace to likely finish the season with under .500 win-loss record. One of problems the team have gotten older while its needed to younger. Only 10 of the players on the roster are 25 or under while they have 9 players that are 30 or over. For the team to contend for the playoffs in the future they need to get younger rebuilding through drafts and trades. Slowly phase out the veterans in few years and dump off bad contracts. What their disappointing season showed how bad they regressed and a must need to rebuild not for next season but the future. Devils are rolling down the slope to their "Mickey Mouse" seasons.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jay Cutler...a crybaby and a coward

Is Jay Cutler that much of a coward to at least get back on field or even attempt to cheer on his team after leaving the game on MCL sprain? After spending the first half of the game getting bulldozed by the Packers and having a mediocre throwing game he caught a lucky break on getting injured on MCL sprain. Once out of the game he stood there on the sidelines still watching a 3rd stringer trying to make a comeback. After the game you walked around on the injured knee to congratulate the Packers on the win. Does Cutler knew the game was for a trip to the Super Bowl? In middle of the game Cutler gave up on his team as if he doesn't want be part responsible why the Bears lost when he's one of the reasons why the Bears lost. Does this guy even have guts to play the game of football? I don't blame football players in the league ripping on him while quickly wearing out his welcome in Chicago. For Jay Crapper...errr...Cutler if you are not cut out to play then leave and take up another sport. I heard curling is less violent they involves sweeping a rock down the ice unless you are afraid of the rock sliding down the ice.

EDIT: Few hours after posting this I found out Tim Duncan hurt his knee and left the game in the 2nd quarter. He return back to the game in the 3rd quarter. Yep a basketball player is more tougher than Jay Coward Cutler.