Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 3 comments

Is it over for Chad Pennington? He torn a capsule in his throwing shoulder putting him out for the season. It marks the third time he suffered a shoulder injury in few years. As much I like him he got to consider on calling it quits. His finest moment when he beat Brett Favre led New York Jets, his original team he started for, to give Miami Dolphins at 11-5 record, AFC East crown, and trip to the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys, in two possessions, made it to the one yard line only to get two field goals out of it. It was their second trip on the yard line their play-calling were questionable. Instead going for established run they threw both times and didn't score a touchdown. They need to work goalline red zone.

Can the Browns ever score a touchdown? Even the Lions can score more than one in their losing streak.

Dear ESPN, quit glorifying Vikings winning pass TD like its the greatest thing since slice bread! There were better plays like a fake field goal touchdown that actually worked this time.

It's a miracle! Lions win!

Take one good look at the picture. It shows joy of victory after losing 19 straight games dating back to late December 2007. Lions have achieved their season expectation getting a victory over Washington Redskins 19-14. To those almost 40,800 fans estimate watching at Ford Stadium saw themselves not only a great game but sunlight coming out through the dark clouds after last year perfect futility. Rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford, having throw total of two touchdown passes and five interceptions in his first two games, didn't get throw an interception and threw for a score to Calvin Johnson. It's a long time coming. Great job to the Lions for finally winning in what has to be their "Super Bowl" win after going winless for 19 straight. Maybe the beginning of something special for the Lions. Can they get to competitiveness?

Thumbs down to Washington Redskins for not only losing to the Detroit Lions but scoring 14 or less points in 8 out of their last 12 games including this game. For a team with an owner trying be like Jerry Jones they are failing terribly at it.

Congratulations to the Detroit Lions! Go for win no. 2 and they are overachievers.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Great One steps down as Coyotes coach

A week before the season a coaching change been made in the NHL. Wayne Gretzky steps down as Phoenix Coyotes coach citing he wasn't in the plans from the bidders of the team. This been a tumultuous offseason for the Coyotes from ownership issues to possible relocation. Dave Tippett been named as new coach. Gretzky ends his coaching tenure with a record of 143 win, 161 loses, and 24 overtime losses without making a trip to the playoffs.

Cowboys' Legends: Romo isn't Cowboys material

Another Dallas Cowboys legend isn't impressed with quarterback Tony Romo. Tony Dorsett mention on FOX Sports Radio he has no idea how Romo was anointed as NFL superstar. Mark that this is a third Cowboy legends to criticize him. Emmitt Smith doesn't think Romo has the leadership while Troy Aikman questioned him on what it takes to be a quarterback.

Comparing from what Romo has from the past few years to Cowboys dynasty its hard to believe they still haven't won a playoff game under Romo. Consider he been given Terrell Owens to throw to or giving the ball from Julius Jones to Marion Barber and several various choices now. It's either make or break for Romo. While he does have Jerry Jones support soon not only the legends but the Cowboys fans sees him as a guy that been given good lineup and failed to delivered.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Oakland A's Double-A and my minor league team, Midland Rockhounds, defeated Northwest Arkansas 4-2 in 12 innings to clinch the championship series for their third league title.

On a verge going to a deciding game 5 Corey Brown hits a two-run homerun to send the game into extra innings.

On the top of the 12th the last player on the bench Raul Padron hits two-run homerun to put the Rockhounds on top for good as Jason Fernandez manage to shut down the Naturals for the victory.

Just when the team was gutted with call ups of Adrian Cardinas, Tommy Everidge, Sam Demel, Mike Benacka, and Chris Carter in the middle and late of the season they manage to deal and trudge through winning the second half crown, beating San Antonio Missions in the South division championship (3-1 series) then beating Northwest Arkansas (3-1) to win the Texas League title.

Graham Godfrey was gold on the mound along side with Travis Banwart, late-season call-ups and signees of Tyson Ross and Kyle Middleton. Despite losing three key offensive players to call-ups Corey Brown who wasn't 100% throughout the season led the way alongside with supporting cast of Josh Horton, Matt Spencer, and Shane Peterson (one of the players picked up in the Matt Holliday trade) with last year first round pick Jemile Weeks coming through at the right time.

Let me thanks the entire Rockhounds from players to management for the nights and entertainment I spent at the stadium. What I saw like each and every year I been is a magical moment on the diamond. Thanks to Bob Hards for his radio play-by-play when the Rockhounds were on the road.

Congratulations Midland Rockhounds for winning the 2009 Texas League championship!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Fall of Charles Rogers continues

Former Detroit Lions WR and draft bust (chosen 2nd overall in 2003 draft) was arrested yesterday afternoon on DUI and driving without a license.

This continues his freefall from NFL limelight to being out in after three seasons battling collarbone injuries and marijuana use. After that his substance usage now including pills spiraled to a domestic dispute which led him to sober up.

He appeared ESPN Outside the Lines recently discussing his playing days and marijuana use.

While his playing days are over and admitted to every substance use can Charles Rogers able sober himself up?

What a fall from grace.

NFL Week 1 thoughts

For Jay Crapper...errr...Cutler, there's a difference between arm strength and accuracy. Arm strength is good for throwing long but accuracy is much greater when you are throwing to your receivers wearing the same jersey colors as your, not to the ones in different jersey colors. Also you attitude still needs work. Who does he think he is? Jeff George?

Drew Brees going crazy with six touchdown passes and throwing to eight different receivers. Rest of the teams take notes on how use the passing game. Brees has a tough task going against strong Philadelphia Eagles secondary picking off five passes from Carolina Panthers' quarterbacks. Donovan McNabb continue to be tough but fragile as he suffered a broken rib in the game. His status is unknown at the moment.

Good debut for NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez leading the Jets to 24-7 win against Houston Texans throwing for 272 yards and a touchdown. Now his next test is against New England Patriots whom came from scoring 12 unanswered points against Buffalo Bills to take the victory.

49ers quarterback Sean Hill is now 9-3 as starter beating Arizona Cardinals. He can somehow make it win. Same goes for Kyle Orton as Denver Broncos barely made it by Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals bungled themselves a win when a tip pass off Bengals cornerback Leon Hall hands went right of Broncos receiver Brandon Stokley hands for 87 yards TD. Another reason why they are called Bungles.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Topps first (and only) attempt on video game market

Topps did try to enter the video game market in 1996 licensing their name to a Data East baseball game for original Playstation and Sega Saturn. It never materialized as the project was delayed for over a year then scrapped and sold to Psygnosis. Here's the ad for the Topps MVP Baseball 96 taken from scans of defunct Electronic Game Monthly magazine in 96.

The fact Bluesky Software engine (known for Sega Genesis World Series Baseball games) was along with imagine what could have been.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baseball card advertising

I was reading Mario of Wax Heaven about baseball card advertising (you can read right here). Here's another form of advertisement they used to do in form of TV commercial. This one about 1992 Donruss.

The TV commercial experiment was short-lived. The last baseball card commercial I recall was 1994 Topps baseball. Now the advertising is strictly on magazine publications like Beckett and Tuff Stuff.

Friday, September 4, 2009

NBA Last of Old School Defensive Player call it a career

One of NBA top defenders, Bruce Bowen called it a career after 12 years, mostly with San Antonio Spurs, in the league. Here's a player who's stats doesn't tell a story but watching him play does. He is known for his 80s style defensive play and shooting a three pointer at the corner. His defensive play is one key components of San Antonio Spurs dynasty which netted him three championships. Away from the court he is one of great outstanding citizens helping out with charitable causes especially with school kids around San Antonio area, something the media refuse to touch.

I will miss Bruce Bowen for his hard work ethic on and off the court. I can't wait to the night his number 12 is risen up to the rafters at ATT Center joining David Robinson, George Gervin, Johnny Moore, Sean Elliot, and James Silas as the only numbers retired in San Antonio Spurs history. Thank you Bruce Bowen!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

They are known as the Bungles for a reason

Despite throwing several red flags (check here and there) Cincinnati Bengals drafted offensive tackle Andre Smith as the team top overall pick (6th overall in the NFL). What they got was a lengthy holdout til last week of preseason signing 4-year, $26 million deal, $24 million guaranteed. On his second day of practice he fractured his foot during non-contact drills forcing him out for two weeks. Looks like they bungled on team's top draft pick once again. This is nothing new to suffering Bengals fans who has to deal with it eighteen years and counting.