Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cowboys' Legends: Romo isn't Cowboys material

Another Dallas Cowboys legend isn't impressed with quarterback Tony Romo. Tony Dorsett mention on FOX Sports Radio he has no idea how Romo was anointed as NFL superstar. Mark that this is a third Cowboy legends to criticize him. Emmitt Smith doesn't think Romo has the leadership while Troy Aikman questioned him on what it takes to be a quarterback.

Comparing from what Romo has from the past few years to Cowboys dynasty its hard to believe they still haven't won a playoff game under Romo. Consider he been given Terrell Owens to throw to or giving the ball from Julius Jones to Marion Barber and several various choices now. It's either make or break for Romo. While he does have Jerry Jones support soon not only the legends but the Cowboys fans sees him as a guy that been given good lineup and failed to delivered.

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