Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why I love the NBA Draft

Here why I love the NBA Draft and become must-watch for me.

- Suspense. Drafting a player is stressful for the team GMs and the fans. They bank on the draft to build the team and hope to lead them to prosperity or to downward oblivion. Every fan on the edge of their seat when the words, "With the X picked *insert team* selects *insert player name*" comes up.

- Fine threads. What a way for incoming player introducing himself to the NBA fans with a best dressed, sick-looking suit and bling to celebrate on getting drafted.

- Emotions. The joys and disappointments of getting drafted from happiness, cheering, slapping hands, crying, and pouting. How can anyone not forget Rashard Lewis breaking down in tears when he was picked in the second round or Steve Francis reaction he was going to then-Vancouver Grizzlies?

- Analysis and info. Listening to the draft analysis going on about player talents to which team is a good or bad fit for him. They also ramble on the "best" player still on the board firing off the stats, positives, and negatives to which player should have stayed in school.

- usage of words. The words "intangible", "upside", and "unlimited" gets tossed around so much that you could have a drinking game out of it. Anytime one of the analysis mention those words take a drink.

- watching it 5-10 years later figuring which teams made the right or wrong picks, which players become stars, playmaker, bust, or late round steals, and which analysis made a fool out of himself when his predictions went all wrong.

I love the draft.