Friday, January 29, 2010

Kurt Warner call it a career

NFL quarterback Kurt Warner called it a career after 12 seasons on the gridiron. If there was real life movie script it was him. Warner long road to the NFL took him from Arena Football League to NFL Europe along with a grocery stocker job to earn a spot on a NFL team with St. Louis Rams. It was one ACL tear of newly signed Trent Green and vote of confidence from then-coach Dick Vermeil to put him in starting QB spot. Kurt did not disappoint. He showed off his God given talent of throwing for long yardage. In stunning fashion, he wowed the entire league with a magical 1999 season which he led the Rams to a Super Bowl win. It did not end there as his time with the Rams was known as "The Greatest Show on Earth" for their freewheeling offensive juggernaut leading to their second Super Bowl in a losing effort. His "Act 1" curtains closed after six sacks and a concussion in the 2003 season opener. He never returned as Rams starting QB. His "Act 2" started when he signed with New York Giants in 2004 going 5-4 before replaced in midseason for Eli Manning. "Act 2" ended after the season. Then came "Act 3" signing with Arizona Cardinals in 2005. He started on-and-off alongside with Matt Leinart til 2007 when Leinart went out with a broken collarbone. Warner took over reign and, despite going 4-7, he maximized use of the receiving core of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquin Boldin. It became the setup for 2008 season. He beat out Leinart at end off training camp setting off another magical throwing campaign of 4,583 yards and 30 touchdown passes taking NFC West crown with a 9-7 record. He took his team from wild card playoff spot to the NFC champion and all the way to the Super Bowl, a franchise first, before losing out to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This season he lead the Cardinals to another NFC West crown with 10-5 record as starter. In the playoffs his continued his wild passing juggernaut before losing to the New Orleans Saints in his final game of his career. His third and final act ends as the curtains closed on his career ending his real-life movie script. Kurt Warner deserves every accolades given to him. He's not just a two-time NFL MVP. Here's a hard working quarterback that got opportunity to take control and revived two stagnant franchises (Rams and Cardinals) into greater heights of success. Despite going 1-2 in his Super Bowl appearances he threw a total of 1156 total passing yards (average 385 yards). Could any quarterback able produce those numbers on multiple Super Bowl appearances? Away from the field he is known his charitable and generous work along with his wife. Is Kurt Warner a first ballot Hall of Fame? The answer is yes, not for his passing but taking a team's misfortune righting the ship into calm waters. Kurt Warner you will be missed on the field. Good luck!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brett Fraud FAILS

It took me a while to think this through and finish this. Take one big, giant look at the video. A video of selfish quarterback, a video of quarterback tarnishing his legacy one too many times, a video of a quarterback FAILING badly once more. This is another lasting video image of quarterback Brett Favre. Just like his last pass with Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game, his last pass of this season and likely his NFL career is an interception at the NFC Championship once more. Instead running like a little bitch he threw the ball into hands of a player, a defender name Terry Porter. Unfortunately Porter wasn't in a white Vikings uniform. He was in a black and brown uniform, a uniform of New Orleans Saints, the opponent of Brett Favre. Look at the video and look at the space between Favre and the nearest defender ahead of him. A good 8-10 yards on the Saints territory. Favre could have scramble and picked up 5-7 yards. Those yards are likely good enough for a 48-50 yard field goal try in the final seconds. Instead Favre STUPIDLY threw the ball into hands of Saints defender Terry Porter with :19 seconds left of regulation. With the game ended in 28-28 at end of regulation, New Orleans Saints got the ball in overtime and they never relinquished it. The Saints drove down the field to Vikings own 22-yard line. Right there Saints kicker Garrett Hartley kicked a 40-yard field goal to win the game sending the New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl. Going home as losers is Brett Favre and the Vikings. Once again Favre tried to be heroic and failed bad just like his last pass (interception) with the Packers and the incomplete pass against the Broncos at Super Bowl 32. Brett Favre FAILED for again disgracing his legacy which was all luster. When you leave the field again don't let the door hit your ass on the way out Brett Fraud.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Greene rookie takes charge

Jets rookie taking charge of their playoff run and its not QB Mark Sanchez; it's RB Shonn Greene. While Sanchez is the team highly touted rookie, Greene was the "hidden" rookie find. The third rounder from Iowa has been very vital during the Jets playoff wins. He has rushed over hundred yards and scored a touchdown in both playoff games. Also note the fact he did not started in both games. He thank his offensive line of Nick Mangold, D'Brickenshaw Ferguson, Alan Feneca, and Brandon Moore opening holes for him. Timing was on Greene side. He would not be inserted in the game if Leon Washington didn't suffer a season ending broken leg. With the Jets making improbable run to the Super Bowl it was perfect timing for Shon Greene to show off his talent. The 2009 Jets draft class could potentially the building future of the team. First with Sanchez, now with Greene.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Real Reggie Bush showed up

A magical moment happened on the field in a playoff game between Saints and Cardinals. It was return of the "real" Reggie Bush, the RB with explosive speed, the razzle-dazzle moves, and gaining yardage at all costs in every attempt. It moves and maneuvers that made him the most exciting player and highly touted player of 2006 NFL draft. He was so highly regarded the Houston Texans vs San Francisco 49ers in the final week of 2005 NFL season was dubbed, "The Bush Bowl" as the loser of the game gets the no. 1 overall pick of 2006 draft. Texans lost and earned no. 1 overall. Instead Texans shocked everyone in NFL from GMs to fans selecting Mario Williams with their pick. With Bush falling on the laps of the Saints they selected him with their second overall pick. Just as the analysts and critics immediately dubbed Williams a bust and Bush a future star, it was other way around. Williams became All-Pro while Bush been a disappointment in the short four seasons. While he still show his razzle-dazzle he hasn't perform like All-Pro with his rushing yardage half of thousand yards. He has been banged up and battled knee related injuries including having microfracture surgery. This season he played 14 games gaining 725 yards of total yardage and 8 touchdowns. On Saturday his old USC self return bouncing off and breaking through the hole out-running defenders. In a mere 5 attempts he rushed for 84 yards and touchdown in a playoff win against the Cardinals. Bush showed he still have juice left in his legs and knees. Could this be the breakthrough game Bush needed to jumpstart his potential All-Pro career for next season? Is Bush really back?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jose Offerman goes crazy mad on the field again

Former Major Leaguer Jose Offerman punched (or grazed) an umpire (even though it look like he took a dive) after heated argument during Dominican winter league game as seen on this video.

This is not his first brush of attacking personnel on the field. Two years ago, he was charged with second-degree assault after attacking pitcher Matt Beech and catcher John Nathans with a bat during Atlantic League game. Nathans would later sue Offerman for "career-threatening" injuries suffered during the attack.

With his recent attack on an umpire this could likely be the last straw for Offerman to be anywhere near a baseball field. While he's passionate about the game his explosive temperament lead to two physical on-field incidents involving three baseball personnel. His has anger issues brought out the worse of him and it reared its head in the Dominican. Even he gets anger management help (ask Milton Bradley how much it did for him) its likely too late to salvage a coaching/managerial job of a baseball team. His latest incident is going to blackball him from the game.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blake Griffin out for the season

Mark this the second time in three years first overall pick to miss entire season without playing a single regular season game. Clippers' Blake Griffin
to have surgery on his injured kneecap and is out for the season.
Here's another bad luck situation for the Clippers. Despite being lottery regulars drafting haven't been kind to them. With long lists of draft busts to freak injuries you thought choosing Blake Griffin will help temporary right the sail of the Clippers going along side with Baron Davis. Wrong. He ends up having a freak injury and is gone for the season. Clippers luck in lottery drafting is at nil.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mark McGwire admits using steroids

After years of silence Mark McGwire admits using steroids during the 1998 homerun chase. I'm glad he admits it but at same time I don't care if he used during this time. Steroids was still legal in baseball during this time and shouldn't be punished when it wasn't in the rulebook. I still like Mark and will cheer him on. If it wasn't for him and Sammy Sosa homerun chase baseball wouldn't be where it is right now. Baseball was dying thanks to 1994 strike. Cal Ripken, Jr. breaking the consecutive games streak got some of the fans back. The homerun chase pulled fans in capturing the nation's imagination of the homerun record being broken. Did the fans cared it was clean or not? A few did, but still followed the chase. Remember the commercial "Chicks Dig the Long Ball?" That became absolute true during and after the chase. Why crucify a baseball player for his past steroid use when it was NOT part of the Major League Baseball drug-testing rulebook along having a commissioner letting it all happen til the league was outed? Hope the idiot Hall of Fame voters will finally let him in the Hall. They may claim voting for him will taint the Hall, but there already list of players that cheated when it was legal during their time in the Hall.

Friday, January 8, 2010

It was over when Colt left the game

So that was it? Alabama Crimson Tide put the beating on the Texas Longhorns in the overhyped and lacking BCS championship game 37-21. The game was over when the Tide left a crimson streak on the field of Colt McCoy when he left the game early in the 1st quarter. Tide went on the onslaught with the defense giving more than a branding to the Longhorns. By halftime it was 24-6 and I end up sleeping during game before the second half started and I just woke up now. SEC continue to be THE dominant conference in college football. Congratulations to the Crimson Tide for a perfect season championship. To me, more of co-champions along with the undefeated and the team every NCAA team fears, Boise St. As for the game put this under another long line of underwhelming BCS championship games and there's been way too many of them.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Agent 0 suspended indefinitely

NBA suspends Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas indefinitely without pay for conduct related to his locker room gun incident. He reportedly pulled a gun on teammate Jarvis Crittenton in a joke gone bad after both had argument over a card game few days prior to it. While he admitted to the guns it drew ire of the league and law enforcement as they both continue to investigate. Arenas proceed to joke, "rant" and defend himself on Twitter over the perception of him. The final straw came yesterday during the pregame in a picture perfect moment he jokingly used his fingers pretending to shoot his teammates. The joke end up with egg on his face as NBA commissioner David Stern had enough and suspended him. I agreed with the NBA on the suspension. Arenas continue to be a douche making a mockery of the incident he caused and stepped it up further each day. Hopefully the suspension will smarten his ass up. David Stern done a good job on handling of this situation.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big Unit retires

The Big Unit Randy Johnson call it a career after 22 year journey through the majors with six teams. He became one the league's most feared pitcher dominating on the mound being unhittable and striking out batters with hard throwing 95-100 MPH fastball and dangerous slider. The future Hall of Famer finished his career with 303 wins, 3.29 ERA, 4,135 innings pitched, 100 complete games, 4,875 strikeouts (the second most in the league), 2 no-hitters, 5 Cy Young awards, 10 All-Star appearances, and a World Series ring with Arizona Diamondbacks sharing World Series MVP award with Curt Schilling.

Belichick lame blames the Texans field

Patriots coach Bill Belichick blames Texans field for Wes Welker injury. If you blame the field how come only four Texans players are on the IR? Can you explain Texans All-Pro tight end Owen Daniels injury when he got hurt in Buffalo? How come there isn't long list of Texans players hurt from the field they played on 8 times a year? Any more excuses why Wes Welker got hurt? It's a freak injury on the field that can happen at any game, something he should know about. He just want something to blame why the Pats couldn't perform to their best next week.

Boise State turns the BCS into a joke (again)

Boise State Broncos put on another BCS game performance against then-undefeated TCU beating them 17-10 in the Fiesta Bowl finishing with perfect 14-0 record. It marks the second time in four years Boise St. "crash" and beat a team on one of BCS "big bowl games." What prevents them from being in the BCS championship game that the Mountain West Conference isn't part on the BCS. Their only way for Boise State to crash the BCS is to be part of the top 8 teams in the BCS calculated computing system. The calculated numbers BCS crunched do not favor Boise St. unless teams in front them in the BCS standings, mostly from Big 12, SEC, Big 10, and Pac 10, fall by the wayside with a loss or two. It takes a shocking miracle for it to happen to allow Boise St to go to the championship game. Boise St. already have hard time scheduling games outside the conference against "top" teams. They even offer open challenge to top teams to play them during the regular season, and guess what, no takers. It's a shame the BCS continue to look down at Boise St. when they already proved they can battle it out on the field. A likely theory the BCS conference teams are just too embarrassed to lose a game to a non-BCS conference team. Twice Boise St. been to the BCS game, twice they came out as winners along with highlights of a lifetime. They showed how much a big fraud the BCS is hanging with Oklahoma and defensively dominating a tough TCU offense winning with well-executed plays. Boise St. deserve to battle in the BCS championship game. Problem they are not part of BCS "clique" and are given nearly impossible odds to get there.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bobby Bowden leaves the gridiron as a winner

Florida St. defeated West Virginia 33-21 in Gator Bowl giving Bobby Bowden his 389th and final win as head coach. After being unceremoniously forced to resign he leaves the gridiron as a winner. The legendary coach spent 44-years on the sidelines as head coach lead Florida St. to two football championships and 13 ACC titles along with having two Heisman trophy winners and hundreds of players drafted in NFL. Bobby Bowden will be missed.