Friday, January 8, 2010

It was over when Colt left the game

So that was it? Alabama Crimson Tide put the beating on the Texas Longhorns in the overhyped and lacking BCS championship game 37-21. The game was over when the Tide left a crimson streak on the field of Colt McCoy when he left the game early in the 1st quarter. Tide went on the onslaught with the defense giving more than a branding to the Longhorns. By halftime it was 24-6 and I end up sleeping during game before the second half started and I just woke up now. SEC continue to be THE dominant conference in college football. Congratulations to the Crimson Tide for a perfect season championship. To me, more of co-champions along with the undefeated and the team every NCAA team fears, Boise St. As for the game put this under another long line of underwhelming BCS championship games and there's been way too many of them.

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