Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vikings' players lingering QB doubts

It didn't take long for the team divided on quarterback situation. You have a group thinking Tavaris Jackson as the player to lead the team to a win while another group think its Sage Rosenfels while Brett Fraud..err...Favre has little support. This was drama from the start when Vikings persued Fraud. It didn't help when he said no only to change his mind to return immediately becomes the starter without working out with anyone on the team when Jackson and Rosenfels was doing the work at camp. To see the full effect of the drama I have wait out the next four months on how well the Vikings play and where are they on NFC North standings. For Brad Childress the pressure is on him because if and when the Vikings fail to make the playoffs this year he better have his resumé handy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NHL gets egg on its face as Reinsdorf pulls out

After trying to get a group led by White Sox and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf to buy the money-losing, cash strapped Phoenix Coyotes, Reinsdorf group pulls out of the sale. This has NHL and a group, Ice Edge, as potentials buyers and hopes to keep the team in Glendale.

First of all would it be best for NHL to swallow their pride and sell it to Blackberry CEO, Jim Ballsillie, and have him move it to Hamilton, Ontario? Second, they should drop the "southwest" expansion idea because it failed bad as the team never made a profit since they moved to Phoenix/Glendale. Third, what sounds like a better deal? Moving to a location where they have immediate fanbase and likely earn revenue or stay put and lose money each and every year?

Gary Bettman is out of his mind for continue to save Phoenix Coyotes from moving while he didn't do squat when Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets, and Hartford Whalers relocated.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michael Beasley falls off the wagon and checks in to rehab

Sources have Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley checked himself rehabilitation facility in Houston. This come after couple of disturbing Twitter texts along photo of plastic bags.

This is sad and I'm glad he's getting help, but can help himself out of the gutter? He's is very talented player that is about to throw it all away. His lack of maturity been a problem and was busted during rookie symposium for possible marijuana use. During the AP interview he echoed, "Me vs. the World" sentiment just like one of his tweets before going to rehab. Whether its drug use or depression hope rehab sobers him up and act like a grown man.

Here's a player I was so impressed with his play in college I joined his bandwagon. I even rated him higher than Derrick Rose in the draft. Hope Beasley learns from this. Only he can help himself and learn from his mistakes. He needs to look at the past players that made similar mistakes and threw it away: Chris Washburn, Michael Ray Richardson, Stanley Roberts, and Len Bias.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Problem with opening past wax: sealed pack syndrome

I love to buy boxes of sport cards from the past trying to put a set a together or the fact I didn't have it in my collection. Then there's the problem I often run into when I open past packs: sealed pack syndrome. It's when you open the pack and the cards are stuck together like glue. When you peel the cards off each other bits of the card photo is stripped off. Recently I encountered a problem with 2001 Topps baseball. Here's the pic I took holding on the cards.

After unsuccessfully try to peel each card here what I wound up with.

As you can see the "stripping" reveals the white on the card with remains left on a card packed next to it. 90% of the cards end up like this. I have another box 2001 Topps baseball but I don't feel like opening it. 1994 Topps baseball and basketball also the same problems with cards sticking to each other. I wish I can find a way to reduce the "stripping" because a box of sport cards don't come cheap.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Al Davis might have found his right coach reported Raiders coach Tom Cable got into altercation with defensive assistant Randy Hanson punching and fracturing his jaw on August 5th at training camp. When asked Tom Cable said nothing happened. NFL are investigating the alleged fight.

Of the five coaches Al Davis hired and replaced within few short years look like he found the right guy to lead the Raiders. The alleged fight is just a normal day in Raider-nation.

Brett Fraud returns to the Vikings

Here comes the Brett Favre egotistical circus once again. Three weeks after to stay retire, he un-retired for millionth time signing one year deal with the Vikings for $10-12 million. What pisses me off Sage Rosenfelds and Tavaris Jackson busted their ass in the training camp for starting quarterback spot only to get taken away for overrated egotistical fraud of a quarterback seeking revenge on his former team Green Bay Packers. Both Sage and Tavaris working hard with the players in camp for over a month while a legend destroying his own legacy comes in, get the starting spot WITHOUT working with anyone on the Vikings. Vikings management are pathetic as well thinking they hit the lotto while keeping Sage and Tavaris in the dark over this. Also why trade for a possible starting quarterback when they are NOT going to start him at all? I wish this entire thing blows up in both Brett and Vikings faces. Bret Fraud is all for one thing and its himself, not the team. Vikings going to learn the hard way and I would not be surprise if entire staff is swept clean during or after the season.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cubs fan throws beer at Shane Victorino

The ugly Cubs fans rear its head at Wrigley Field on Wednesday night. In the 5th inning Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino was making a catch on a pop fly when unruly Cubs fan threw cup of beer at him. Despite getting doused he still made the catch. The fan got ejected but security got the wrong fan. Shane Victorino, in return, filed a police report on this jackass. The idiot fan is charged with one count of battery and one count of illegal conduct within a sports facility.

Any fan who throw items at players is NOT a fan at all and should be prosecuted. It's embarrassment to entire team from management to players to fans. It ruins the enjoyment of being at attendance of the game.