Thursday, August 20, 2009

Problem with opening past wax: sealed pack syndrome

I love to buy boxes of sport cards from the past trying to put a set a together or the fact I didn't have it in my collection. Then there's the problem I often run into when I open past packs: sealed pack syndrome. It's when you open the pack and the cards are stuck together like glue. When you peel the cards off each other bits of the card photo is stripped off. Recently I encountered a problem with 2001 Topps baseball. Here's the pic I took holding on the cards.

After unsuccessfully try to peel each card here what I wound up with.

As you can see the "stripping" reveals the white on the card with remains left on a card packed next to it. 90% of the cards end up like this. I have another box 2001 Topps baseball but I don't feel like opening it. 1994 Topps baseball and basketball also the same problems with cards sticking to each other. I wish I can find a way to reduce the "stripping" because a box of sport cards don't come cheap.

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