Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rich Harden was the Real Deal on Monday

In 2002 I remember when I first heard the player name Rich Harden. He was part of Oakland A's Double-A affiliate, Midland Rockhounds for half the season. In 2003 he started the season back in Midland and in two games, both on the road, he pitched 13 perfect innings. I never get a chance to saw him because the A's quickly sent him up to AAA. His pitching dominance continued in AAA that saw him get a late season call up to Oakland. I took notice becoming a fan of him dubbing him "Real Deal" Harden. I bought and collected his cards and ordered his jersey. I knew he was All-Star in the making. In his time in Oakland he was wheeling and dealing on the mound. Despite having one of best young arms he has one problem: being healthy. Each year he spent time on the DL with an arm injury. After three half seasons with the A's and being a risk he was shipped off to Chicago Cubs, a team I loathe, in 2008. While he shined in the second half with the Cubs, in 2009 it was different story he was had up and down season finishing with 9-9 record with 4.09 ERA. Signed an one year contract with Texas Rangers hoping to live up the billing as the "Real Deal." Instead he struggled on and off getting pulled out of the games five times after pitching less than 5 innings. Also five times he pitched past the 5th inning and this was after 15 starts. He also dealt with the arm injury issue putting him on the DL for six weeks. Looks like his shining star was fading fast and so was his "Real Deal" moniker. Then came Monday pitching against the Twins in his 16th start. He became the "Real Deal" tossing 6 2/3 innings of no-hit ball with 6 strikeouts before getting pulled. The no-hitter kept on til bottom on the 9th when Joe Mauer broke it up. While it was heartbreaking for him to lose a no-no yet it was great moment. On that night "Real Deal" Harden was the one I heard, read, and watched: a dominating pitcher on the mound. Job well done Real Deal.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

NASCAR screws Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski got screwed by NASCAR. Kyle Busch got loose in the turn and Brad Keselowski force to bump him and take the lead. Busch retaliated bumping Keselowski into a spin. You expected a penalty out of this but NO! Busch wasn't given a penalty and ends up winning the race. Busch admitted to spinning him out. Likely next week NASCAR will fine and might put Busch on probation but its too little too late. What Brad Keselowski did was a racing incident. What Busch did was blatant. This is second potential win Brad Keselowski lost in Nationwide series adding along top 10 finishes lost in Sprint Cup because a driver spun or wrecked him. Ever since NASCAR slapped the handcuffs on Brad Keselowski drivers have taken advantage of Brad Keselowski wrecking and spinning him on the track with no consequences til days after the race. It's complete joke NASCAR kept screwing Brad Keselowski just to "teach him a lesson." Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch are current NASCAR poster boys while Brad Keselowski is more of an old-school driving style and a rebel against the current NASCAR system. Hey I know that style! It's the style Dale Earnhardt and Tim Richmond drove. The Intimidator became a legend in NASCAR and a 7-time champ. Richmond would have won a championship if it wasn't for his untimely death. Is no one in NASCAR to "emulate" them? NASCAR should be ashamed for continual screwing of Brad Keselowski.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Jim Gray is a douche

This hack of a sports reporter known for douchebaggery in the media with his interviews and claims. He known for bombing Pete Rose with did he bet on baseball question during live TV raining on his special moment:

Players took notice and gave him a payback when Chad Curtis dismissed him on live TV.

He never fails with more of his douchebaggery riding on anyone coattails from LeBron James to Barry Bonds. Last week his idiot self got himself in the news for every wrong reason again. He claimed golfer Corey Pavin has guaranteed Tiger Woods a spot in the Ryder Cup. This led to Pavin denying there was a guarantee during a press conference.

There's more to the story as off camera Gray got in the face on Pavin. Reports that Pavin's wife recorded the entire thing. Hope that video gets release showing Gray being a douchebag. It may get all his media credentials revoked and will no longer allowed to work in sports ever.