Monday, August 16, 2010

Jim Gray is a douche

This hack of a sports reporter known for douchebaggery in the media with his interviews and claims. He known for bombing Pete Rose with did he bet on baseball question during live TV raining on his special moment:

Players took notice and gave him a payback when Chad Curtis dismissed him on live TV.

He never fails with more of his douchebaggery riding on anyone coattails from LeBron James to Barry Bonds. Last week his idiot self got himself in the news for every wrong reason again. He claimed golfer Corey Pavin has guaranteed Tiger Woods a spot in the Ryder Cup. This led to Pavin denying there was a guarantee during a press conference.

There's more to the story as off camera Gray got in the face on Pavin. Reports that Pavin's wife recorded the entire thing. Hope that video gets release showing Gray being a douchebag. It may get all his media credentials revoked and will no longer allowed to work in sports ever.

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