Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why do I have to view too many commercials on ESPN.com before getting a clip

What's the difference between viewing the clip of Derek Anderson rant on NFL.com and ESPN.com? On ESPN.com you go through 5-20 commercials and they are mostly 20-30 second long to get the clip. NFL.com has one commercial which is around 6-10 seconds before showing the clip. Is ESPN that monster desperate for commercial money that they stacked on multiple commercials to get to that clip? ESPN have gone downhill for years and this takes the cake.

Media Hacks - Part 1

I swear there are bunch of media "journalists" that should have their media credentials card revoked. This is one of them.

A player had a bad game along with the team. A "journalist" finds an odd 3-10 second "Ooh this is news!" clip of and make a big deal out of it. As you can see he's not going to discuss it. Instead moron hack "journalist" keeps on pressing the issue resulting in a now-infamous blow up. When a player said no and not going to discuss it he is not going to discuss it. End of discussion. These days the word "NO" doesn't mean anything and that goes to the "journalist" hacks.

I applaud Derek Anderson for walking out on the press conference. The douche "journalist" should have his media pass stripped for rest of the season.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wrigley Field football configuration - SERIOUSLY?

Welcome to configuration gone wrong. When I first saw the goal post pic of the east end of Wrigley Field I thought how are they going to get this off. Turns there was no way as it was decided to use west end of the goal for offense. Yes only one end zone will be used for offense during the game. Consider the fact the stadium used to hold football games from early 1920s to 1970. Talk about good idea on paper, but gone bad when executed. I feel sorry for the fans that paid good money at the east end only to find out they are not going to see any offense coming to their way. Not a good way to bring back a classic or it was really bad idea in the first place.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

ESPN hypes the next big thing and fails

ESPN hyped up their Breeder's Cup Classic coverage on a horse name Zenyatta who was going into the race 19-0 with a potential of winning and going undefeated. ESPN hyped it up on their programming especially Sportscenter with numerous clips and segments on Zenyatta. Then came the Breeder's Cup race featuring Zenyatta. Zenyatta finished the race...BUT IT WASN'T IN FIRST PLACE. Zenyatta finished in 2nd place behind Blame who took the victory denying the Zenyatta undefeated record. After all the hype its falls flat on ESPN face. Great hype job ESPN! Maybe you should hype up the Yankees winning the World Series next year already.