Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ozzie leaves Windy City for South Beach

Era of Ozzie is over in Chicago. Outspoken never lost for words manager Ozzie Guillen received his release from White Sox and signs to manage Florida Marlins for 2012. Marlins sent two players to White Sox for compensation. For 8 seasons Ozzie successfully led White Sox to multiple playoff runs, division titles, and World Series championship ending White Sox 88 year champion drought. He brought more attention to himself than the team for his "shoot hard" rants and comments. The last few seasons been filled disappointment and his relationships with front office strained. Ozzie gets a fresh new start in Miami with inept run team. Marlins organization would favor one player and demotes those that disagree with front management. This could go get wild especially Ozzie gives ownership favorite boy Hanley Ramirez a much needed butt kicking. It looks to be explosive next year in Miami.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tony Romo Redeems Himself Playing Tough

After last week debacle which his fumble and ill-timed interception caused New York Jets to comeback and beat the Cowboys Tony Romo felt the heat from fans and the media. Despite performing well the label "choke" hung over his head questioning can he produce under pressure and be clutch when needed in the 4th quarter near the end of the game. On Sunday he redeemed himself. Playing against 49ers he gets taken out of the game when he got hit hard suffering rib injury. He came back in 4th quarter delivering a comeback from 10 points down to tie the game going into overtime. In overtime he made a clutch 77-yard throw to receiver Jesse Holley who took it to 49ers one yard line. It resulted game winning field goal giving the Cowboys a win 27-24. The next day it was revealed he played with a broken rib and punctured lung. Now that big balls. You hear that Jay Cutler? After a week of taking stinging criticisms an injured Tony Romo bounced back with a gutsy performance.

Legend of Mariano Rivera

On Monday Mariano Rivera earned career save 602 breaking Trevor Hoffman record in career saves and looks to continue to add more in the record books. Ever since he broke in the league and became full time closer in 1997 he been nearly unstoppable. His signature pitch cutter have baffled batters and closed out games for the Yankees. In era where closers are effective for 5-7 seasons he continue to come through for 15 seasons. His importance to the Yankees allow the team to win multiple divisions, pennants, and World Series. Combined with his record of 42 saves in the postseason and 4 from All-Star game he has total of 648 saves. There are times he looked human on the mound, but continue to persevere under intense pressure. Looks like he's not stopping anytime soon as he continue pile more onto the record books.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The end of Kerry Wood?

Kerry Wood season ends with a torn meniscus and possibly his final season of his career if Cubs doesn't bring him back for next season. It all based on Cubs decision to re-sign him for next season. If Cubs choose not to re-sign him its end of Wood's career. The fireballer rose as one top pitchers of the league for few years only to have his career derailed with numerous arm/shoulder injuries. Despite his numerous setbacks he continued to bounce back to pitch as a closer and relief pitcher. Coming back to the Cubs this season he performed well on a very disappointing team shows he can still go. His career have so many "what ifs" but he continue on to the mound and pitched. With another injury and contract uncertainty its likely he played his last game.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Latest addition to the bobblehead collection - Kyle Blanks

The latest addition to my bobblehead collection: Kyle Blanks. I obtained this through a seller on Ebay. I have always like Kyle Blanks when I saw him coming up the Padres ranks. Those who remember his 2007 Bowman autograph card where has this intimidating "I'm dead serious" nonsense look on his face that what he really looks like when I first saw and met him when he was playing for Padres AA club San Antonio Missions. He has this aura on intensity around him. That what drew me being a fan of him. His approach is no words, swing the bat, hit balls, and take names. After spending this most of the season in the minors I'm glad he's back up in the majors. I see lots of potential in him and be one of key players of Padres from now and the future.