Friday, September 2, 2011

Latest addition to the bobblehead collection - Kyle Blanks

The latest addition to my bobblehead collection: Kyle Blanks. I obtained this through a seller on Ebay. I have always like Kyle Blanks when I saw him coming up the Padres ranks. Those who remember his 2007 Bowman autograph card where has this intimidating "I'm dead serious" nonsense look on his face that what he really looks like when I first saw and met him when he was playing for Padres AA club San Antonio Missions. He has this aura on intensity around him. That what drew me being a fan of him. His approach is no words, swing the bat, hit balls, and take names. After spending this most of the season in the minors I'm glad he's back up in the majors. I see lots of potential in him and be one of key players of Padres from now and the future.

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