Wednesday, December 8, 2010

End of Whines-worth?

Redskins about to finally put the misery out of overpaid loser Albert Haynesworth by suspending him the final four games of the season without pay. The guy been nothing but waste $100 million piece of turd who got lazy, flopped around, and half assed his way on the field whining about playing certain positions and defensive format. He should have gutted it out and learn 3-4 defense but chose to complain and whine. To show his disgust he skipped workouts and got out of shape in quick fashion. When given a chance to be cut or to remain on the team he remained after deciding to pocket $21 million in bonus. Instead following orders and working his way back up he continued to whine about everything from playing with backups to being a non-starter. Mike Shanahan. the coaching staff, and the team tried to whip him into a team player. Instead he continued to become himself alienating his teammates. Very quickly he exposed from "Best defensive tackle in the game" to the most overpaid lazy selfish greedy sack of shit to play on the field. Albert Whines-worth enjoy your four weekend vacation. Once you are cut in the offseason and finally be free teams will think twice before offering up a large contract which you never deserved in the first place you whiny loser.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

That's cold and deplorable!

Few days ago after late Pat Burns funeral scumbags broke in his widow's car stealing possessions such as autograph jerseys for all 30 NHL team, sheets, family photos, and a watch. It's heartbreaking cold and deplorable a scumbag would do such thing while the family continues to grieve. Today police found Burns two stolen suitcases but the jerseys and possessions such as a watch still remain missing. Hope they find the bastards, tie them up to the goals, and gets peppered with flying pucks unprotected because they deserve it!