Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obama cursed the Kansas Jayhawks basketball

Last week Sportscenter dedicated 5 minutes of air time to Barack Obama filling out his NCAA basketball tournament bracket. Obama picked no. 1 seed Kansas Jayhawks to win it. For Jayhawks they easily won the first round game, but laid an egg losing to Northern Illinois, a school known to produce NFL legend Kurt Warner, in the second round. This sparked interest in the political groups now claiming its a sign on what will happen if health care bill gets passed. How about next time never let Obama picked a team to win especially on TV? You know anything he does its going to spark interests outside of sports.

Busy busy busy

Sorry for lack of updates. I been terribly busy lately. I have small time for now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is it the end for AI?

Is Allen Iverson career over? 76ers announced AI will not be returning to the team for rest of the season taking care of his 4-year old daughter. This season has been a disappointment for him. He signed with Memphis Grizzlies before the season and missed the first three games with a tweak hamstring. He played three games with the team before getting released as he clashed with coach and management over playing time. He returned with 76ers, his original team that drafted him first overall in 1997. In 24 games he showed his ability, but lost a step in his game before taking a personal leave to care for his daughter ending his season and likely his career. It not a way you want to see a star player to leave the game. AI resurrected a struggling 76ers team to playoff contenders with a trip to the final in 2000-01 season. But his brash cockiness and often selfish "me" attitude rubbed off coaches including his infamous practice rant. Still he became a fan favorite for his dedication to the game busting his ass all over the court and playing hurt as every game was important to him. In 2004 Athens Summer Olympics he was the only player on Team USA roster that wanted to be there. His selfish "me" attitude reared its ugly head. Shipped to Denver Nuggets it was thought to be missing piece for a chance making to the NBA finals. Instead he, Carmelo Anthony, and Kenyon Martin didn't have good chemistry. When he was shipped to Detroit Pistons he complained about coming off the bench. As I mentioned earlier, he complained about minutes with the Grizzlies and they dropped him. Despite being a machine on the court his ego gets in a way. After 12 years of it teams are starting say no to his needs as management see him being a team disruptor. Not the best way for a star end his career. Does he have a heart to play the game? As of right now, his first priority is his family and I don't blame him for leaving the game for it. Do I wish he has at least one last hurrah? Honestly, I wish he did.