Saturday, November 5, 2011

NASCAR finally has the balls to park Kyle Busch

NASCAR finally stepped up and has the balls to park Kyle Busch from entire Texas race weekend after this stupid bonehead incident from last night:

Not only he retaliated and wrecked Ron Hornaday, a truck championship contender, over a racing incident but turned his truck head-on to the wall. If this happened 10-15 years ago Hornaday would have a been gravely injured. This wreck coming from heels of two freak accidents in auto racing resulting deaths of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simontelli in their series. Kyle Busch did a scumbag move as he not only wrecked a driver running for truck series championship, but nearly killed him. NASCAR couldn't ignore the crash the idiot golden boy did and decided to park him for the weekend.

Brad Keselowski said it best on Kyle Busch:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Breakdown in Boston

Theo Epstein leaving the Red Sox for the Cubs marks end of era in Boston and drama that started in September. With 9 1/2 lead heading into September Red Sox blew it and missed the playoffs. Fitting their final game of the season with a collapse losing 2-0 lead and the game 3-2 to Baltimore Orioles. Lots of finger pointing and blame went around with Terry Francona, pitching staff that got worn out and tired, and batters forgetting how to swing the bat. It ended with Francona and Epstein leaving the team. Between the season ending to now drama spilled out of the ball club with Boston Globe leading the way and the media eating it up. Boston Globe blamed the collapse on starting pitchers Jon Lester, John Lackey, and Josh Beckett playing video games, eating fast food, and drinking beer in the clubhouse during games. Francona got the blamed for losing control of the team along his personal life aired out.

To me Red Sox played strong throughout the season, but started off poorly in the first month and ran out of gas in the final month. Pitching was so bad that reports Red Sox tried to pick up any fringe 5th starter in a trade for a player to be named later with no avail. The result of the drama have the Red Sox to look for a new manager and GM and the league looking into drinking allegations. The team is in search for any dignity they have whatsoever.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dan Wheldon 1978-2011

One of worst moments in this auto racing season happened. Two-time Indy 500 winner and 2005 Indycar champion Dan Wheldon lost his life in a 15-car wreck at Las Vegas. Hearing the news I shed tears. Lost is a gutsy determined driver along a father and a family man. His performances netted him 16 career Indycar wins including his memorable final victory at this year's Indy 500.

RIP Dan Wheldon. You are racing on a race track up in the heavens along the likes of Greg Moore, Jim Clark, and Dale Earnhardt. You will be missed from race fans all over the world.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Al Davis

Raiders owner Al Davis passed away today at 82. Fans can just remember now and past decade of Raiders futility. But look back when he arrived in the 60s making the success through the 70s and 80s. His visionary ideas brought not only championships to the team but contributions to the league itself. He's George Steinbrenner before Steinbrenner took over the Yankees. He would do anything to win at all costs. He battled and fought against the league that would benefit his along bucking the trends and do it his own way. His rebel attitude and leadership took every officials, owners, players, and fans by storm that some have embraced. Call him crazy but the man bleed black and sliver all the way and is true face of Raiders. Whether its his dealings of AFL/NFL merger to Super Bowl victories to crazy draft moments to battling the coaches and players his rule with an iron fist making sure its his way to win or the highway. When I hear Frank Sinatra "I Did It My Way" one people I would think of is him. Rest in peace Al.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bret Favre please go away

Brett Favre proves once more to be a hypocrite and attention seeking whore. His recent comments on Aaron Rodgers:

What a jealous selfish shell of once "great" player. Is Bret Favre ego so fragile he rather continue put down Aaron Rodgers at all costs. How many titles do you expect him lead right away? In his first year as starter? It hurts Bret Favre so bad that it took Aaron Rodgers three years to lead the Packers to Super Bowl as starter while it took him five years. The fact Rodgers did it with a team hobbled with injuries having rely on 3rd and 4th string receivers and backups running backs and tight ends. Bret did it with a healthy supporting cast of Antonio Freeman, Reggie White and Desmond Howard. It also hurts Favre ego that its Aaron Rodgers in the limelight of Packers and NFL fans, not him. Fans these days remember Bret Favre for having over dramatic offseasons of can't deciding to play or retire for multiple years along a texting pictures of his penis to Jenn Sterger.

When Aaron Rodgers asked about the comments what did he do? Aaron Rodgers just deadpanned and commented about his teammates and how well team played. That is how to be a leader and a team player, something Bret Favre forgot in his final seasons of his career.

Brett Favre just go away. Quit being a whore of your own self. Let someone else have the fame instead your bitter tired ass.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ozzie leaves Windy City for South Beach

Era of Ozzie is over in Chicago. Outspoken never lost for words manager Ozzie Guillen received his release from White Sox and signs to manage Florida Marlins for 2012. Marlins sent two players to White Sox for compensation. For 8 seasons Ozzie successfully led White Sox to multiple playoff runs, division titles, and World Series championship ending White Sox 88 year champion drought. He brought more attention to himself than the team for his "shoot hard" rants and comments. The last few seasons been filled disappointment and his relationships with front office strained. Ozzie gets a fresh new start in Miami with inept run team. Marlins organization would favor one player and demotes those that disagree with front management. This could go get wild especially Ozzie gives ownership favorite boy Hanley Ramirez a much needed butt kicking. It looks to be explosive next year in Miami.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tony Romo Redeems Himself Playing Tough

After last week debacle which his fumble and ill-timed interception caused New York Jets to comeback and beat the Cowboys Tony Romo felt the heat from fans and the media. Despite performing well the label "choke" hung over his head questioning can he produce under pressure and be clutch when needed in the 4th quarter near the end of the game. On Sunday he redeemed himself. Playing against 49ers he gets taken out of the game when he got hit hard suffering rib injury. He came back in 4th quarter delivering a comeback from 10 points down to tie the game going into overtime. In overtime he made a clutch 77-yard throw to receiver Jesse Holley who took it to 49ers one yard line. It resulted game winning field goal giving the Cowboys a win 27-24. The next day it was revealed he played with a broken rib and punctured lung. Now that big balls. You hear that Jay Cutler? After a week of taking stinging criticisms an injured Tony Romo bounced back with a gutsy performance.

Legend of Mariano Rivera

On Monday Mariano Rivera earned career save 602 breaking Trevor Hoffman record in career saves and looks to continue to add more in the record books. Ever since he broke in the league and became full time closer in 1997 he been nearly unstoppable. His signature pitch cutter have baffled batters and closed out games for the Yankees. In era where closers are effective for 5-7 seasons he continue to come through for 15 seasons. His importance to the Yankees allow the team to win multiple divisions, pennants, and World Series. Combined with his record of 42 saves in the postseason and 4 from All-Star game he has total of 648 saves. There are times he looked human on the mound, but continue to persevere under intense pressure. Looks like he's not stopping anytime soon as he continue pile more onto the record books.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The end of Kerry Wood?

Kerry Wood season ends with a torn meniscus and possibly his final season of his career if Cubs doesn't bring him back for next season. It all based on Cubs decision to re-sign him for next season. If Cubs choose not to re-sign him its end of Wood's career. The fireballer rose as one top pitchers of the league for few years only to have his career derailed with numerous arm/shoulder injuries. Despite his numerous setbacks he continued to bounce back to pitch as a closer and relief pitcher. Coming back to the Cubs this season he performed well on a very disappointing team shows he can still go. His career have so many "what ifs" but he continue on to the mound and pitched. With another injury and contract uncertainty its likely he played his last game.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Latest addition to the bobblehead collection - Kyle Blanks

The latest addition to my bobblehead collection: Kyle Blanks. I obtained this through a seller on Ebay. I have always like Kyle Blanks when I saw him coming up the Padres ranks. Those who remember his 2007 Bowman autograph card where has this intimidating "I'm dead serious" nonsense look on his face that what he really looks like when I first saw and met him when he was playing for Padres AA club San Antonio Missions. He has this aura on intensity around him. That what drew me being a fan of him. His approach is no words, swing the bat, hit balls, and take names. After spending this most of the season in the minors I'm glad he's back up in the majors. I see lots of potential in him and be one of key players of Padres from now and the future.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Views of a game - Round Rock Express and New Orlean Zephyrs - August 21

My second visit at Dell Diamond Field in Round Rock, TX for Express/Zephyrs game felt different. Last I been was two years ago when it was Astros affiliate club. Now its Rangers affiliate club. More on that later on.

For the game its a wild affair with Zephyrs scoring total of 7 runs in first three innings. Express tries to make a comeback but fell short as Zephyrs won 7-5.

Rangers top prospect Martin Perez was out of control getting roughed in 2 innings with 6 runs all earned and 8 hits.

Zephyrs starting pitcher Darin Downs do no better as he dinged in 4 innings with 5 runs all earned and 10 hits. Reliever Garrett Parcell perform well in 2.2 innings to get the win.

Leonys Martin and Val Majewski are bright spots of Express offense.

Mike Cevernak is offensive player of the game for Zephyrs.

The game has appearance of Chris Coghlin and Logan Morrison.
As for the ballpark its a different feel. When I looked around it was all decked of Rangers with the banners, the logos, and the program. What it didn't mention is its past. Everything when they moved to Round Rock at 2000 to 2010 wiped out. Not one mention of it on game program. They just mention about 2011 acting like its a brand new team when its not. It disappoints me they refuse have anything do with the past.

When I used to live in Midland and go to the games the Midland organization acknowledge their past from the teams they used to be affiliated with along former team names, and the players that was on the roster. The past is shown on with the team logos on top of visiting club dugout and the programs.

I wish Round Rock Express, at least, show who they were in the past like Midland Rockhounds did. They choose to ignore like it never happened.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Views and shots of a game - Astros vs Giants - August 19

Drove to Houston on Friday for Astros game as they took of Giants. It was umbrella night so I got my souvenir giveaway. Starting pitchers of the game are Wandy Rodriguez and All-Star pitcher Ryan Vogelsong. My seat is from 3rd level of the stadium.

Murial of Jeff Bagwell 449 homeruns and Craig Biggio 3000 hits.

Retired numbers of Astros players.

Wandy Rodriguez pitching on the mound. He went 8 innings with 8 strikeouts, 5 hits, and no runs along going 1-2 with 2 RBIs.

Clint Barmes moving out of the way from inside pitch. He went 1-2 with 2 runs.

Carlos Lee swinging and missing being unproductive as usual. 0-4 for the big useless lug.

Made my way down at 7th inning to get these shots:

Guillermo Mota catching the ball during his warm on the mound

Jimmy Paredes at bat. Tries hard but swinging for strikes instead of hits. He went 0-4 with 3 striekouts. He will get better.

Brian Bogusevic big swing in the 9th which netted this:

Jeff Fulchino pitches a scoreless 9th with 2 strikeouts to end the game. After the game he gets sent down to AAA.

Astros beat the Giants 6-0. This includes fine performance from catcher Carlos Corporon, who was batting .176, went 3-3, RBI, and 2 runs against All-Star pitcher Vogelsong. J.B. Shuck went 1-3 driving in team's first 2 runs of the game. Brian Bogusevic throw at home plate nailed Aubrey Huff who end up throwing a huff afterwards.

I enjoyed the game cheering my guts out for the Astros. In season where there's hardly to cheer about call this one of bright highlights of the season. I saw a young team while raw played very hard on the field. To win one over All-Star pitcher and defending champs with 1/3 of Giants fans in attendance is a great feeling to Astros fan. It gave fans a glimmer of hope for next year improvement. Here's to Astros play and hope they play spoiler for rest of the season.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thunder Thome enters the 600 Club

Jim "Thunder" Thome became 8th member of 600 Homerun Club as hit homeruns number 599 and 600 on Monday. I'm glad he reached no. 600 and been one of my favorites. The guy just goes on the diamond, practice, works, and play hard at his best. Even through and after the "steroid era" he continues to hit homeruns. He's a team player who never put himself above the team. Any team and player would love to have a teammate like him. No frills, no flash, no flamboyance, just hit, take names, and get ready for the next at-bat. A very classic hard worker of his craft. If Thome didn't make it to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot something is seriously wrong with the voting system. Congratulations to Jim "Thunder" Thome for history reaching achievement.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Houston Astros you got a major problems

Admission: I am Houston Astros fan. Another admission: there's nothing to cheer about the Astros this season or the next or the one following next year. Final admission: feeling like what the Pittsburgh Pirates fans went through over almost two decades.

In a weekend Houston Astros completely imploded the entire team, I mean the entire team, for a long reconstruction that last for few seasons or better yet over a decade and I'm being generous on it. On Friday July 29 Astros traded face of the franchise Hunter Pence to Phillies for three unproven minor league prospects and a player to be named later. On Sunday, July 31 Astros traded the team's second best player Michael Bourn to Atlanta Braves for Jordan Schafer and three unproven minor league prospects. Yep Astros got hosed on both deals thanks to dealings of GM Ed Wade. It wasn't over as they shockingly sent starting 3B Chris Johnson and 1B Brett Wallace to Triple A. Along with it the team have called up and purchased contracts from both of their Triple-A and Double-A teams.

I'm heavily disappointed with the moves. I knew both Pence and Bourn going be sent but to get little in return was a major slap in the face. Jordan Schafer, while at one time top Braves prospect, is pretty much AAAA player. Those five players? Four are pitchers when the team needed to most is offense not more pitching. Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Singleton said to be have upside but I have heard that used so many times and half of the time never pan out. IMO, the only bright spot is Brett Oberholtzer who looks to be on track of making Astros roster in 2013. The rest are too much risk or lifetime minor league players.

Those moves ushered in a giant painstaking rebuilding process for the team. The moves involved calling players up from their Triple-A and Double-A teams trying figure out team potential roster for next seaon. Hopefully the moves of Jose Altuve, Jimmy Paredes, and J.D. Martinez from Double-A to majors is worth the risk. The move will make or break the players confidence within few years. Also along the way possibly Brian Bogusevic and rejuvenated Chris Johnson and Brett Wallace may finally jump start a much needed stagnant offense.

This season the Astros are a mess from ownership to GM Ed Wade to team's lack of play. I'm hoping the rebuilding period goes through smoothly. Wish they can able find a way get rid of immobile Carlos Lee and piece of shit Brandon Lyon.

I will still cheer Houston Astros because they are my team.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How could the umpire miss this call?

From last night's marathon between Braves and Pirates.

Seriously how could this idiot umpire Jerry Meals blew this? Julio Lugo is out big time not even nowhere at the plate. MLB really needs to expand replay after this bullshit and last year when a blown call cost Armando Gallaraga perfect game. This major blown call may cost Pirates the NL Central at end of the season if Pirates miss winning it by one game.

Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 MLB All-Star Snubs

Let me introduce you my All-Star snubs of this year. It trim it down to 4 players each from both leagues. To me they are:


Michael Morse (.301; 15 HR; 47 RBI) - comeback player of the first half has produced offensively for the Nationals, more than $126 million man Jayson Werth. At least he was consider part of final roster vote.

Danny Espinosa (16 HR; 50 RBIs) - in his first full season he provided the Nationals a 1-2 offensive punch. His 16 HRs currently tied 10th in the NL.

Anibal Sanchez (6-2; 3.58 ERA; 117 strikeouts) - back to form after battling injuries for past few years. His 117 strikeouts is tied 9th in the league.

Tommy Hanson (10-4; 2.44 ERA; 1.02 WHIP) - one of 13 players to have 10 or more wins with a low ERA and still no appearance.


Dan Haren (10-5; 2.61 ERA; 134.1 IP; .95 WHIP) - like Hanson, one of 13 players with 10 or more wins, a low ERA, and effective starter stretching out innings and walking fewer batters.

Alex Gordon (.299; 106 hits; 11 HR; 50 RBI) - finally has his breakout season with showing off his offensive bat. At least he was part of the final vote.

Nelson Cruz (20 HR; 55 RBI in 73 games) - despite missing 1/5 of the season he bounced back with his offensive pop that netted him 20 homeruns in 73 games. Those 20 homeruns currently ranked 9th in the league.

Adam Lind (.300; 78 hits; 16 HR; 52 RBI in 67 games) - like Cruz who missed part of the season he manage make it up with his offensive with his homers and driving in runs including a healthy .300 average.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Fix the All-Star game

With mid-summer baseball exhibition coming up fans gripe about players who deserves to be there got snub and who should not be in. At same time you have game where it lost it luster throughout the decade and half. How about fixing the mistakes of the All-Star game that just got to a point its a lousy exhibition with a lousy win-all incentive? Here are my suggestions on fixing the MLB All-Star game.

1. Get rid of winner gets World Series home field advantage - its a lousy incentive to play for. Despite getting home field in the playoffs its still a 50/50 chance the team will get eliminated. Ever since the incentive was placed not once a World Series headed to game 7. Look into sports outside MLB home field advantage doesn't mean much. The recent examples happened in NHL and NBA Finals. In the NHL Vancouver Canucks had home ice and series went to a game 7. They lost game 7 and the series. In the NBA Miami Heat had home court. Series went to a 6 games which Dallas Mavericks beat them right at their home court. Team having home advantage in the playoffs doesn't mean anything in anymore.

2. Get rid of all 30 teams must be represented rule - before the expansions (before 1993) I wouldn't mind. Now with 30 teams the rule gotta be scrapped. Sometime the lone player representing the team at the All-Star game shouldn't be there. Remember Mike Williams and Derrick Turnbow being named despite with ERA of 4-5 and they were relievers? How about last year picks of Ty Wiggington and Michael Bourn? Despite being "best" pick of the team the player is not worthy of being on the All-Star team taking away a spot for much deserved player. See Michael Young exclusion last year. I rather have the "best" players of the league playing in the game, not one per team.

3. 2 closers and 1 reliever to the team - Instead five relievers how about trim it to three? Let it be 2 closers and 1 reliever. Give two extra players to starters that deserve it. Would you have Tommy Hanson over Johnny Venters or last year, Jaime Garcia over Evan Meek to pitch an inning?

4. Get rid of fan voting - fan voting is just a popularity contest. See this year when Derek Jeter was named starter based on votes despite missing part of first half when Astrubal Cabrera deserved it more than him. Fans just stuff ballots and small market teams like Royals and Pirates have hard time trying garner extra votes outside their market.

5. Pay per incentive/bonus - reason why NASCAR All-Star race is popular and matters is the $1 million dollars prize to the winner. How about MLB pony up the money and give it to the players in some form? Give them a bonus for being in the game or toss in extra money for homeruns, strikeouts, stolen base, or runs driven in. Call it greed, but it worth watching of players going full force for the extra money. With the money bonus incentives it make players play and try harder to earn the extra bucks. It make him and the fans feel he deserves to be part of the All-Star game. It worked for NASCAR.

6. Move the game after the regular season ends - move it to the fall and have it right before the playoffs start or better yet, before the World Series. Instead half a season, players have entire season to show they belong in the All-Star exhibition game.

7. Get rid of winner gets World Series home field advantage - oh wait I just mention that.

The All-Star game need serious changes if it want to make relevant to watching.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Canucks choke; Where was Roberto Luongo?

Leading 3-2 in the series Canucks needed one victory to win the Stanley Cup. They blew it in game 6 and 7 and lost the series 4-3. While the offense sputtered scoring total of 7 goals in the series (3 the most they scored in a game) shocking surprise was performance of goalie Roberto Luongo. In first three Cup home games he shined earning victories with two shutouts allowing two goals. On the road it was a different story as the Bruins shot past him allowing 15 goals in those three road games all losses. Then came game 7 at home where he shined. He went from shining to goat allowing three goals and getting pulled again. Bruins took game 7 with score of 4-0 and won the Stanley Cup. Canucks now have questions to answer on why didn't they perform especially Roberto Luongo. Why is his Stanley Cup performance shockingly surprising? He's currently one of top goalies in the league. A Stanley Cup win would have cemented him to elite status to go along with his Olympic gold medal performance after taking over and leading Team Canada when they were at crossroads. You thought he would do a good job behind the net under pressure like he did during the Olympics. Instead being gold in the Stanley Cup finals he end laying a big giant piece of turd nugget. Luongo choked when it mattered the most. Where was Luongo head on the road and game 7? Did Luongo ran out of gas? How come the coach didn't start backup Cory Schneider for the road games? Where was the Canucks offense? Too many questions for Canucks to answer on this choke job.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mavericks took their talents to South Beach and won the NBA championship

NBA Championship decided at South Beach. No it wasn't hometown Miami Heat. It was Dallas Mavericks who rained and snuffed out the Heat on the road to win the championship. A much deserving title for entire team who dealt with first round disappointments in 3 of 4 seasons since their last finals appearance in 2006. No one gave Mavericks a chance to make it far in the playoffs. Trail Blazers wanted them in the first round thinking they could breeze through. Instead Mavericks eliminated Trail Blazers in 6 games. They proceeds shockingly sweep the Lakers and get past young Thunder team in 5 to make it to the finals. In the finals Heat didn't take likely to the Mavericks mockingly disrespect the team with the media eating up their pre-game actions. Mavericks used the disrespect as motivation and showed the Heat it takes an entire team, not three players, to win the championship. Lead by leader and captain Dirk Nowitzki went on a shooting spree even battling with a fever in game 4. Even having a down game he still kept at it not giving up. Jason Kidd, who been to the finals twice both in losing fashion, didn't let this one slip away being a playmaker making shots and passing the ball to open teammates. They were backed with role players who came through. Jason Terry with his marksmanship of three pointers. Tyson Chandler, many thought damaged goods, handled opponents with his defense. J.J. Barea gritty play picking up for Caron Butler when he went down with season ending injury. Shawn Marion, who had many disappointments as member of the Suns and being trade bait for past few years, provided points and boards. Among with them are DeShawn Stevenson (feuded with LeBron while a member of the Wizards), journeyman Brian Cardinals, Peja Stojakovic (2001 Western Conference Finals disappointment), and Brendan Haywood. At end of game 6 Dallas Mavericks showed why they are champions playing hard and not giving up. Their championship victory a popular one after many NBA fans felt disgusted the way three-ring circus of LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh was formed and claimed they will win many championships. Turns out it wasn't three ring circus celebrating at the end. It was team of Mavericks, which had no champions on the team and few gave a chance except themselves, that celebrated. In a very classy gesture owner Mark Cuban let former owner and team founder Donald Carter to raise the NBA Championship trophy. After long hard 31 years including sublime decade of the 90s, Dallas Mavericks finally won the NBA title. Hard work well done Mavericks!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LeBron James: 0-2 IN NBA FINALS; Heat Super Team loses in NBA Finals!

LeBron James wanted a title. A title to go along with his legacy. His first shot at it the veteran San Antonio Spurs swept him and the Cavaliers in 2007. After that disappointing finals loss he wanted a group of players forming a "super team" to go for it all. When Cavaliers couldn't do it he, in front of national cameras, said he will go to Miami Heat to do it alongside of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. After spending first few months of the season struggling and crying they found the right balance marched their way into the playoffs and the finals. All the Heat need is a win against Dallas Mavericks to win the title. Sounds easy for them right? Wrong. LeBron and the Heat ran out of gas as Dallas Mavericks beat them in six games to win the championship. Another huge disappointment for LeBron James giving him a dubious record of 0-2 in the NBA Finals with both loses against Texas teams. LeBron play when it needed and counted was brutally lacking especially in the fourth quarter. After super team of LeBron, DWade, and Bosh talking to become legendary winning multiple championship they couldn't win it in their first try. Instead Dallas Mavericks with a leadership of Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd alongside with veterans Jason Terry and Tyson Chandler and young J.J. Barea paved the way to NBA title. Despite with a core of young superstars LeBron James disappoints again in NBA Finals

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hypocrisy of Crybaby Sabean

Article of Giants catcher collisions that have happened before Golden Boy Posey.

Not even 24 hours after his comment Crybaby Brian Sabean already proven to be a total hypocrite.

Giants whine and continue paint Scott Cousins the bad guy after their Golden Boy Posey gets injured

I lost all respects for San Francisco Giants especially their GM Brian Sabean for continue to pile on their disgusting bile of hate toward Marlins player Scott Cousins. For all baseball fans, unless you been living under a rock, Scott Cousins bowled into Buster Posey scoring a run for his team Florida Marlins. Posey gets hurt and is out for the season. Immediately a huge outcry of it because Golden Boy Posey got busted despite Cousins showing concern for him. Where was this outcry since this happened before. How about when Pete Rose bowled Ray Fosse in the All-Star game injuring him? Or the numerous times this happened til Golden Boy Posey got hurt. It's been a week and this continues to be brought up. Whiny Sabean continue to cry out how Cousins trying be a hero. Yes every player trying be a hero. The game was tied before Cousins won the game for the Marlins. Sebean being a crying bitch because his Golden Boy Posey got hurt and couldn't find a catching "rare" prospect after him. Has anyone every told him you play to win the game? Let former NFL coach Herm Edwards tell you that.

It's bad Scott Cousins name continue gets dragged to the mud and making it much worse bringing it up despite he's feeling bad about the situation. It's far stupid Cousins been receiving death threats because of the play.

If I was a GM I would glad to have Scott Cousins on my team. That hard-nose play shows you are willing put your body for the team to win. That to me is dedication to the game.

Baseball is a game and sport. The play is legal and been done for years. It's part of the game. Deal with it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fall of Jim Tressel

Fall from grace of now former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel. The incriminating reports of tattoo parlor scandal now revealed stretched back to 2002 along mounting pressure lead him to resign. I say good riddance. Tressel thought he was bigger than the university. While he knew infractions was going on all he did was trying to cover up for the players mistakes instead reporting to the school and NCAA about it. The jerseys and memorabilia for tattoos and cash scandal put Ohio State football under a huge microscope. When addressed about the scandal Tressel lied to Ohio State AND NCAA when he had knowledge of it. When admitted he lied Tressel gave himself a five game suspension which is a slap on a wrist. As more allegations came revealing more damning evidence such as arranging cars for players there was no choice for Tressel, but to resign sealing his guilt of his infractions cover up. Jim Tressel gave Buckeye football a big black eye and huge embarrassment. He left Ohio State to clean up the mess along with NCAA breathing down the school's neck with most likely to give sanctions to Ohio State football. Despite his wins and chokes in bowl games Jim Tressel ego and ignorance of player's wrongdoing and rule breaking led to his fall.

To the fans giving hell and making death threats on a journalist for uncovering the story the guy is doing his job. He DID NOT ruin Ohio State football. Ohio State football screwed themselves when some players decide to trade jerseys and memorabilia for tattoos and cash and Jim Tressel let them get away with it when he knew all along.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

This is what Indy 500 meant to me

The final lap of the Indy 500

Drama at its finest pulling at your heartstrings with emotions of excitement, shock, and disappointments. I'm still shocked at the finish of the race. J.R. Hildebrand feels like sickest man of face of the earth. So close to the finish line only to crash. Dan Wheldon pulled off a shocker with his 2nd Indy 500 win. Congrats to Dan Wheldon along with Bryan Herta, Sam Schmidt, and Curb Records for pulling off this win.

Why I watch Indy 500

As Indianapolis Motor Speedway marks it 100th year this will be my 22nd year watching the Indy 500 in front of my TV. When I got into auto racing Indy 500 have always appealed to me. Even with open wheel split I still watched it. It's always something magical or heartbreaking with the cars, speed, and drama. It's cheering on one of the drivers from favorites to underdog to witness in dismay a fine performance ruined by a crash or mechanical failure. There's too many moments during the race that made it worthwhile.

The 1989 race finish where Emerson Fittipaldi and Al Unser, Jr. battled out touching with Lil' Al in the wall while Emerson takes the checkered flag. In 1991 Rick Mears beat out Michael Andretti for his fourth Indy 500 win. In 1992 started with a very bad crash-filled race to domination of heartbreak of Michael Andretti whose engine expired with 12 to the duel between Al Unser, Jr. and Scott Goodyear which Lil' Al won. In 1994 Penske Racing with Mercedes-power dominated the field. In 1999 Kenny Brack takes victory giving A.J. Foyt, who won 4 Indy 500, his first as car owner. I will never forget 2006 of the final 4 laps which Sam Hornish picked off cars and battled Marco Andretti for the lead only to pass him on the last lap to win, the only time a race won by a last lap pass.

I spent last week watching past Indy 500s on ESPN Classic. Still get chills and excitement before, during, and after watching the past races. Indy 500, there will always be a story of triumph, success, heartbreak, and agony of defeat.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lakers embarrassing fall

Picture on the right described the embarrassment of Lakers final game of the season. Lakers, not only got swept, but they flat out didn't want to play in the series. With only Kobe showing heart the rest didn't have the drive to make it past the second round. Hardly anyone guarded the perimeter as Mavericks especially Jason Terry making rainbow shots outside and inside the 3-point arc. Dirk Nowitski outpowered Pau Gasol throughout the series. Lakers couldn't defend against Mavericks shooting spree. Coach Phil Jackson, no matter how hard he tried, lost control of the team. Ron Artest decide to thug it up in game 2 against Barea and paid for it getting suspended for game 3. Lakers could have won game 1 and 3 when they had the lead going into 4th quarter, but blew it. It all came unravel in game 4 as Maverick outclassed the Lakers throughout the game. Losing by a wide margain few Lakers players decide to ruin Mavericks glory and make the focus and stories on themselves. Lamar Odom got himself ejected with flagrant on Dirk Nowitski. Not long after Odom's ejection, Andrew Bynum with a very stupid dangerous flagrant foul on J.J. Barea getting himself. Well Odom and Bynum you got your glory. The glory of being the bad guys, the glory of bunch of sore losers and thugs. At same time it got shared with Dallas Mavericks winning glory on sweeping Lakers out of the playoffs. It also marked the first time in Phil Jackson coaching career he got swept out of the playoffs. After two straight NBA championships Los Angeles Lakers fell hard in embarrassing fashion to Dallas Mavericks. With Jackson most likely retiring the state of Lakers is in questionable shambles. Team in need of a complete overhaul if they want to compete. It took one bad series where they were outclassed and outplayed to realize how much they fallen.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Retro NFL Draft: 2006 1-15

With the NFL draft tonight let's take a look at the draft five years ago of first 15 players taken along with notable mentions. Like many 2006 draft was heralded with Heisman winners, championship-leading QBs, and speedy playmaking offensive and defensive players such as Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, A.J. Hawk, and Mario Williams to name a few on the board. Just when media and NFL fans immediately chose a player as the no. 1 pick the team stunned the league with their pick. Along came the critics and how it turned 180 degrees five years later. Starting with Houston Texans who possess the no. 1 pick of the draft.

1. Mario Williams (Texans) - the sports media had Reggie Bush projected going to Texans. The team pulled a surprised on the day before the draft when it was announced they selected Williams instead of Bush with their first overall pick. The critics widely criticizing the pick, in some cases immediately called Williams a draft bust. Williams proved his critics wrong. He became anchor of now much improved Texans defense becoming All-Pro player. Meanwhile for the player that "should have been" no. 1 pick...

2. Reggie Bush (Saints) - landed no. 2 with the Saints. Expected immediately produced and become a star it became the opposite. Still explosive but fought injures and has NOT rushed over 1000 yards in a season like all predicted. What thought to be a league star turned into a bust. Looking back its funny how the critics got it all wrong.

3. Vince Young (Titans) - shined in his rookie season many expected to rise even higher. Then came a series of bizarre moments throughout his five seasons with the team questioning his leadership, work ethic, and maturity. While a winner as a starter and leading Titans to the playoffs and played in the Pro Bowl his career been scrutinized for running away to quitting on then-coach Jeff Fisher, whom I believe ran him out of town. He hasn't been a fit with the team playing in a dysfunctional environment despite being a favorite of owner Bud Adams. On his way out hope a change of scenery will do him good. Is he a bust? Honestly I say no because he did win games are a starter and lead the team to the playoffs despite the drama. I have him barely above the borderline of bust.

4. D'Brickashaw Ferguson (Jets) - the pick that helped the Jets build their offensive line. One first of two OL Jets took in the first round, he started all 16 games in his rookie season and still has to this day not missing a single game in his five years in the league. He made two trips to the Pro Bowl since.

5. A.J. Hawk (Packers) - decent defensive player for the team that has yet made it to the Pro Bowl. Despite being one of many players that help the Packers to their Super Bowl victory he was released but re-signed with the team. Packers won with this pick.

6. Vernon Davis (49ers) - struggle in his first three seasons mainly due to injury before breaking out in his fourth season becoming a second/third option receiver throw to. On his way upward and 49ers likely got a winner.

7. Michael Huff (Raiders) - chosen for Al Davis love of speed he was above average player making a swap from defensive back to safety in his third season. While a starter he got picked way too high making him unfairly bust (like Aundrey Bruce).

8. Donte Whitner (Bills) - stellar rookie season which he was named All-Rookie. His production declined along missing games due to injury. Step it back up leading the team in tackles. Above the bust line.

9. Ernie Sims (Lions) - despite playing for a very poor Lions team he lead the team in tackles in his first two years then his production tailed off. He got shipped to Eagles after lackluster forth season where he had average production with the team. Above borderline bust line.

10. Matt Leinart (Cardinals) - Cardinals laid a rotten egg on this one. Heisman winner and led USC to a championship you expected him to be a future star. Started 11 games showing promise. Then came his second year where he got injured. Kurt Warner took over and never let go his starting position. Once Warner retired he became the no. 1 QB on the depth chart but struggled in preseason that Cardinals cut him. Signed with Texans being 3rd in the depth chart without playing a game. A big time bust.

11. Jay Cutler (Broncos) - polarizing figure for his strong arm but, like Vince Young, his leadership, work ethic and maturity questioned. Show he can throw the ball in air in Denver, but cried foul on his way out when he found he was getting shopped around. Went to Chicago Bears where he threw balls to the other team more than touchdowns to the teammates in his first season with them. Then came NFC Championship the following year where players outside the team criticized him for not returning to the game after suffering an injury questioning his toughness. Make or break time as will Bears fans forgive him after believing he wimped out on the team at NFC Championship. He's barely above borderline of NFL draft bust status. Strange how two of out first three QBs taken of the draft been surrounded by drama.

12. Haloti Ngata (Ravens) - as usual Ravens know defense with another winning defensive pick in the first round. Like rest of Ravens defense, he became a defensive force with two All-Pro selections when it should have three or four. Ravens, again, a big time winner.

13. Kamerion Wimbley (Browns) - shined in his rookie season with the Browns but went downhill the following next three seasons. Sent to Raiders where he moved a new position and performed well like his rookie season. See if he keeps it up as he's currently on the borderline.

14. Brodrick Bunkley (Eagles) - became starter in 2nd season and continued til he missed the 2010 season with elbow injury. Barely above the bust line.

15. Tye Hill (Rams) - after his rookie season it was all over for him as he battled injuries throughout his career. Now on his third team, Detroit Lions. Bust.

Other notables:

18. Bobby Carpenter (Cowboys) - a big mistake for the Cowboys as he never panned out. Bust.

19. Antonio Cromartie (Chargers) - dangerous speedy corner capable defending and intercepting passes in spectacular ways despite playing through injuries. Played with the Jets last season. A winning pick.

25. Santonio Holmes (Steelers) - despite very spotty off field record, on the field he's much need 2nd receiver target of Ben Roethlisberger. He became Super Bowl MVP but his off field antics became a big distraction that Steelers cut him after his fourth season. Played for Jets in his fifth season to decent numbers despite sitting out four games. Borderline above bust.

28. Mercedes Lewis (Jaguars) - Despite not being a tight end receiver like he was in college he became a good blocker playing well in his first four seasons. He found his catching touch in his fifth season with 10 touchdowns in a season. Winning pick and don't believe his early season stats as it lies.

29. Nick Mangold (Jets) - the other pick Jets 1st round pick that built their offensive line. The last four of his last name tells the story: he's gold in the trenches opening holes and protecting the QB becoming All-Pro player.

30. Joseph Addai (Colts) - after rushing over 1000 yards without starting a single game in his rookie season he earned high expectations. It didn't last as he struggled the following four seasons.

While teams have seen success with their picks some are no longer with the team they been picked. Few of those have performed decent to well with their current team. Strange how whatever been said 2006 been a 180 from draft winners to bust. Bush and Leinart who were part of 2005 USC championship team didn't pan out. Young who lead Texas to a championship in 2006 might have panned out and likely a star player if he didn't had drama in two of his five seasons. Jets solidify their offensive line with their picks of Ferguson and Mangold. Vernon Davis and Mercedes Lewis took their time to develop. Ravens continue their best of knowing how to choose defense than offense in the first round. Most importantly, Mario Williams and Houston Texans, left for dead by the media calling their pick a mistake and a bust, proved them all wrong working hard becoming All-Pro defensive player.

Teams will scouting around for hundred of hours and have 50/50 chance their pick will pan out. Media personnel will have their picks on who will go where based on need on improvement. Yet all it matters how will the player will do. Then along the contracts hoping to sign the player in time for camp. NFL draft will always have its drama and that what makes it worthwhile especially looking back who's on the right and who's on wrong.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Andrew Miller Upper Deck SP Authentic letterman cards - COMPLETED

Two and half years I pulled Andrew Miller letter "L" card from a pack of 2007 Upper Deck SP Authentic. I made it my mission to track the down cards to spell out his last name. I spent time on Ebay hoping come across the letters and be the winning bidder for it. Despite often missed opportunities, slowly I end up being the winning bidder obtaining the cards starting with E then L, M, and I. Last week I finally got the winning bid for the letter "R" to complete it. Today it came in the mail and here it is. Andrew Miller last name spelled out with his letterman cards. It's a long road and proud of myself in completing it. Now back to trying complete few more sets.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MLB takes over the Dodgers

Major League Baseball taking over business and day-to-day operations of Los Angeles Dodgers. Second time MLB taken over a team. The first time they took over then-Montreal Expos they shopped around Washington DC/northern Virginia area hoping to attract suckers to buy it while gutting the franchise players and prospects. It's not likely its going to happen in Dodger-land but for Dodgers fans be on a look out as MLB might attempt to sell their big money contract players and stars along with top prospects from the farm system. Hopefully they can find anyone to buy the team AND not demand a new stadium or risk moving. A once-proud prestige franchise is now in a sorry state from mismanagement.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fall of Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez career came to unexpected end last Friday. On verge getting suspended second time for violating PEDs policy Manny rather retire than being suspended for 100 games. A sorry sad end for one of best hitters of the game. Ever since getting busted for first time in 2009 he never recovered with disappointing seasons. When you thought Manny was being back after a good spring training he got popped for second time and you know the story by now. Now he ends his career under more scrutiny turning his back to the game and the teams and fans that believed in him.

Is he a Hall of Fame? Yes but will never get in because the idiot two-face media voters made a moronic pact of not electing players under suspicion of steroids/PEDs use when, like the fans and Selig, cheered them on. Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco did it when it wasn't on the rule book. Manny got stupid did it within the rule book.

The bright spot is Sam Fuld doing a decent job replacing him in the lineup.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Houston we got a problem

You know how I feel after blowing a 2 run lead against the Phillies.

Friday, March 25, 2011

California Speedway: Disaster Track in Fontana

No track in the past decade has been widely criticized in motorsports than 2-mile California Speedway at Fontana. What was a dream for NASCAR expansion turned into a giant nightmare. Many NASCAR fans, current and former, point to this track as one of many reasons NASCAR is on a downside. It wasn't used to be that way. When Roger Penske opened this track in 1997 it was welcome arms for open-wheel racing and stock cars. While open wheel cars put on a show at the track it was different for NASCAR as they proceed to bore the audience. Then came the following moves that not only effected the track but entire American auto racing.

International Speedway Corporation, owned by NASCAR France family, bought the track including all of Roger Penske owned tracks in 1999. Later in the year track was rocked with a deadly crash of CART driver Greg Moore. Some of the audience, whom watched in the stands or on TV, got turned off by the track due the death of talented driver. It went downhill as they spent five years trying to force feed NASCAR to the Southern California market while slowly cutting open wheel racing from CART to Indycar who still put on amazing show and drawing a crowd over NASCAR. It was evident when estimate 90,000 still show up on a MONDAY to watch CART race after it was postponed for rain. It finally came when California got their second NASCAR date for 2005 season taking away one of Darlington races, a crown jewel in NASCAR. Not only that it kicked out all of open wheel racing from the track after 2004 season. It was the move that broke the straw of the back. NASCAR fans, especially hardcore ones, got fed up and stop following the sport. It also added another open wound to American open wheel racing who still having trouble drawing fans to the track despite blowing NASCAR away on ISC tracks due to the split. Despite two NASCAR races at the track they have hard time bringing fans in even giving the track a "playoff" race (which also took away one of Atlanta races). The crowd attendance each season in heavily saturated SoCal market declined. Last year spring race they drew 70,000 instead claim 100,000. The year before it was around 80,000.

Another problem they spent the time trying cater "rich Hollywood elite" instead the working class where 95% of the fanbase are. For ISC management they manage to dismiss complaints acting like there are no problems where there are problems from high prices (tickets to food) to souvenir booths moved from outside to inside track requiring to buy a ticket (which is high). ISC management refused to make changes even during California economic crisis which is still going on to this day.

Despite now having one NASCAR date the track is still a black eye to the fans and entire American auto racing landscape. NASCAR races are still boring on a track built for open wheel cars with crowd likely around 80,000 instead what ISC claim. As for American auto racing landscape how bad did it screwed up? Indycar CEO Randy Bernard decide to cut all ISC tracks from 2011 schedule which is a shame since produce far better action than NASCAR. Despite the better action ISC did little or no promoting of Indycar races (in act of jealousy and sabotage business decision) on their tracks thus having few ten thousands attend an Indycar race. Amazing how one ISC move single-handingly made fans turn their back on a series and an open wheel series giving them a big "FU."

There are times I wish Roger Penske never sold his tracks to ISC because most of the tracks were core to open wheel racing instead NASCAR like Fontana and Michigan. Now wish they close and tear Fontana down or move up north to Bakersfield for that short track. Fontana track wasn't a Hollywood dream; it's a Hollywood disaster.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

National Signing Day goes over the top

It's official. National Signing Day became over the top spectacle. First with a player committing to Texas AM after his mother forged his signature and faxed the letter to Ole Miss. Now we have a player live on camera with help of ESPN decide publicize his commitment to a college as you can see with this video:

Just like LeBron James except this is a high school kid. I remember when it was low-key and only time media talks about high school athletes making college commitments was on local/state news. Now its a nationwide phenomenal with ESPN spearheading thanks to their top 150 high school recruited football players. It turn into a big game of major colleges trying to get a player signed to their school. Now the announcement of college signings have gone over to top with ESPN sticking their cameras live on the player on which college the athlete chooses. It puts more pressure on the high school athlete who already have enough trouble which school to go. One "wrong" choice will get a backlash from a college fanbase and next thing you know a likely attempt to find a paper trail trying claim a college paid money for a player to come. Another thing how many of these top 150 recruited football players did turn out so well to play in the pros few years down the road? For one more over the top signing day moment:

Thanks to ESPN for turning National Signing Day into a crazy spectacle when its not needed to be.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Jersey Devils = most disappointing team midway of the season

I watched Red Wings vs Devils game earlier and it ended with 3-1 Red Wings win. The lost left Devils with a 16-30-3 record last in the eastern conference going into All-Star weekend. Midway through the season they are a big disappointment. When the team finally signed Kolvachuk to a big 15-year, $100 million contract it was thought to be the missing puzzle for a long playoff run. Instead team went backwards with them likely being out of playoff contention. The amount of money paid to players such as Ilya Kolvachuk, Patrick Elias, and Zach Parise they haven't gotten much in return. Kolvachuk, while currently leading the team in goals, haven't stepped up in scoring. Only three players have scored double digits in goals so far (Kolvachuk, Elias, and Jason Arnott). Parise and Travis Zajac are having a down year. Brian Rolston been a signing disappointment as he hasn't reach the numbers when was playing for the Bruins and Wild. The team already fired long-time Devils player turned coach John McLean with Jacques Lemaire going back behind the bench. It hasn't helped much as the offense has been the weakness this year. Goalie Martin Brodeur is the only bright spot as he can still go, but haven't gotten goal support. He is not going to save the team all by himself. Another note he is getting there with age and on pace to likely finish the season with under .500 win-loss record. One of problems the team have gotten older while its needed to younger. Only 10 of the players on the roster are 25 or under while they have 9 players that are 30 or over. For the team to contend for the playoffs in the future they need to get younger rebuilding through drafts and trades. Slowly phase out the veterans in few years and dump off bad contracts. What their disappointing season showed how bad they regressed and a must need to rebuild not for next season but the future. Devils are rolling down the slope to their "Mickey Mouse" seasons.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jay Cutler...a crybaby and a coward

Is Jay Cutler that much of a coward to at least get back on field or even attempt to cheer on his team after leaving the game on MCL sprain? After spending the first half of the game getting bulldozed by the Packers and having a mediocre throwing game he caught a lucky break on getting injured on MCL sprain. Once out of the game he stood there on the sidelines still watching a 3rd stringer trying to make a comeback. After the game you walked around on the injured knee to congratulate the Packers on the win. Does Cutler knew the game was for a trip to the Super Bowl? In middle of the game Cutler gave up on his team as if he doesn't want be part responsible why the Bears lost when he's one of the reasons why the Bears lost. Does this guy even have guts to play the game of football? I don't blame football players in the league ripping on him while quickly wearing out his welcome in Chicago. For Jay Crapper...errr...Cutler if you are not cut out to play then leave and take up another sport. I heard curling is less violent they involves sweeping a rock down the ice unless you are afraid of the rock sliding down the ice.

EDIT: Few hours after posting this I found out Tim Duncan hurt his knee and left the game in the 2nd quarter. He return back to the game in the 3rd quarter. Yep a basketball player is more tougher than Jay Coward Cutler.