Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thunder Thome enters the 600 Club

Jim "Thunder" Thome became 8th member of 600 Homerun Club as hit homeruns number 599 and 600 on Monday. I'm glad he reached no. 600 and been one of my favorites. The guy just goes on the diamond, practice, works, and play hard at his best. Even through and after the "steroid era" he continues to hit homeruns. He's a team player who never put himself above the team. Any team and player would love to have a teammate like him. No frills, no flash, no flamboyance, just hit, take names, and get ready for the next at-bat. A very classic hard worker of his craft. If Thome didn't make it to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot something is seriously wrong with the voting system. Congratulations to Jim "Thunder" Thome for history reaching achievement.

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