Monday, August 1, 2011

Houston Astros you got a major problems

Admission: I am Houston Astros fan. Another admission: there's nothing to cheer about the Astros this season or the next or the one following next year. Final admission: feeling like what the Pittsburgh Pirates fans went through over almost two decades.

In a weekend Houston Astros completely imploded the entire team, I mean the entire team, for a long reconstruction that last for few seasons or better yet over a decade and I'm being generous on it. On Friday July 29 Astros traded face of the franchise Hunter Pence to Phillies for three unproven minor league prospects and a player to be named later. On Sunday, July 31 Astros traded the team's second best player Michael Bourn to Atlanta Braves for Jordan Schafer and three unproven minor league prospects. Yep Astros got hosed on both deals thanks to dealings of GM Ed Wade. It wasn't over as they shockingly sent starting 3B Chris Johnson and 1B Brett Wallace to Triple A. Along with it the team have called up and purchased contracts from both of their Triple-A and Double-A teams.

I'm heavily disappointed with the moves. I knew both Pence and Bourn going be sent but to get little in return was a major slap in the face. Jordan Schafer, while at one time top Braves prospect, is pretty much AAAA player. Those five players? Four are pitchers when the team needed to most is offense not more pitching. Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Singleton said to be have upside but I have heard that used so many times and half of the time never pan out. IMO, the only bright spot is Brett Oberholtzer who looks to be on track of making Astros roster in 2013. The rest are too much risk or lifetime minor league players.

Those moves ushered in a giant painstaking rebuilding process for the team. The moves involved calling players up from their Triple-A and Double-A teams trying figure out team potential roster for next seaon. Hopefully the moves of Jose Altuve, Jimmy Paredes, and J.D. Martinez from Double-A to majors is worth the risk. The move will make or break the players confidence within few years. Also along the way possibly Brian Bogusevic and rejuvenated Chris Johnson and Brett Wallace may finally jump start a much needed stagnant offense.

This season the Astros are a mess from ownership to GM Ed Wade to team's lack of play. I'm hoping the rebuilding period goes through smoothly. Wish they can able find a way get rid of immobile Carlos Lee and piece of shit Brandon Lyon.

I will still cheer Houston Astros because they are my team.

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