Friday, February 18, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

National Signing Day goes over the top

It's official. National Signing Day became over the top spectacle. First with a player committing to Texas AM after his mother forged his signature and faxed the letter to Ole Miss. Now we have a player live on camera with help of ESPN decide publicize his commitment to a college as you can see with this video:

Just like LeBron James except this is a high school kid. I remember when it was low-key and only time media talks about high school athletes making college commitments was on local/state news. Now its a nationwide phenomenal with ESPN spearheading thanks to their top 150 high school recruited football players. It turn into a big game of major colleges trying to get a player signed to their school. Now the announcement of college signings have gone over to top with ESPN sticking their cameras live on the player on which college the athlete chooses. It puts more pressure on the high school athlete who already have enough trouble which school to go. One "wrong" choice will get a backlash from a college fanbase and next thing you know a likely attempt to find a paper trail trying claim a college paid money for a player to come. Another thing how many of these top 150 recruited football players did turn out so well to play in the pros few years down the road? For one more over the top signing day moment:

Thanks to ESPN for turning National Signing Day into a crazy spectacle when its not needed to be.