Monday, May 9, 2011

Lakers embarrassing fall

Picture on the right described the embarrassment of Lakers final game of the season. Lakers, not only got swept, but they flat out didn't want to play in the series. With only Kobe showing heart the rest didn't have the drive to make it past the second round. Hardly anyone guarded the perimeter as Mavericks especially Jason Terry making rainbow shots outside and inside the 3-point arc. Dirk Nowitski outpowered Pau Gasol throughout the series. Lakers couldn't defend against Mavericks shooting spree. Coach Phil Jackson, no matter how hard he tried, lost control of the team. Ron Artest decide to thug it up in game 2 against Barea and paid for it getting suspended for game 3. Lakers could have won game 1 and 3 when they had the lead going into 4th quarter, but blew it. It all came unravel in game 4 as Maverick outclassed the Lakers throughout the game. Losing by a wide margain few Lakers players decide to ruin Mavericks glory and make the focus and stories on themselves. Lamar Odom got himself ejected with flagrant on Dirk Nowitski. Not long after Odom's ejection, Andrew Bynum with a very stupid dangerous flagrant foul on J.J. Barea getting himself. Well Odom and Bynum you got your glory. The glory of being the bad guys, the glory of bunch of sore losers and thugs. At same time it got shared with Dallas Mavericks winning glory on sweeping Lakers out of the playoffs. It also marked the first time in Phil Jackson coaching career he got swept out of the playoffs. After two straight NBA championships Los Angeles Lakers fell hard in embarrassing fashion to Dallas Mavericks. With Jackson most likely retiring the state of Lakers is in questionable shambles. Team in need of a complete overhaul if they want to compete. It took one bad series where they were outclassed and outplayed to realize how much they fallen.

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