Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bret Favre please go away

Brett Favre proves once more to be a hypocrite and attention seeking whore. His recent comments on Aaron Rodgers:

What a jealous selfish shell of once "great" player. Is Bret Favre ego so fragile he rather continue put down Aaron Rodgers at all costs. How many titles do you expect him lead right away? In his first year as starter? It hurts Bret Favre so bad that it took Aaron Rodgers three years to lead the Packers to Super Bowl as starter while it took him five years. The fact Rodgers did it with a team hobbled with injuries having rely on 3rd and 4th string receivers and backups running backs and tight ends. Bret did it with a healthy supporting cast of Antonio Freeman, Reggie White and Desmond Howard. It also hurts Favre ego that its Aaron Rodgers in the limelight of Packers and NFL fans, not him. Fans these days remember Bret Favre for having over dramatic offseasons of can't deciding to play or retire for multiple years along a texting pictures of his penis to Jenn Sterger.

When Aaron Rodgers asked about the comments what did he do? Aaron Rodgers just deadpanned and commented about his teammates and how well team played. That is how to be a leader and a team player, something Bret Favre forgot in his final seasons of his career.

Brett Favre just go away. Quit being a whore of your own self. Let someone else have the fame instead your bitter tired ass.

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