Friday, June 3, 2011

Giants whine and continue paint Scott Cousins the bad guy after their Golden Boy Posey gets injured

I lost all respects for San Francisco Giants especially their GM Brian Sabean for continue to pile on their disgusting bile of hate toward Marlins player Scott Cousins. For all baseball fans, unless you been living under a rock, Scott Cousins bowled into Buster Posey scoring a run for his team Florida Marlins. Posey gets hurt and is out for the season. Immediately a huge outcry of it because Golden Boy Posey got busted despite Cousins showing concern for him. Where was this outcry since this happened before. How about when Pete Rose bowled Ray Fosse in the All-Star game injuring him? Or the numerous times this happened til Golden Boy Posey got hurt. It's been a week and this continues to be brought up. Whiny Sabean continue to cry out how Cousins trying be a hero. Yes every player trying be a hero. The game was tied before Cousins won the game for the Marlins. Sebean being a crying bitch because his Golden Boy Posey got hurt and couldn't find a catching "rare" prospect after him. Has anyone every told him you play to win the game? Let former NFL coach Herm Edwards tell you that.

It's bad Scott Cousins name continue gets dragged to the mud and making it much worse bringing it up despite he's feeling bad about the situation. It's far stupid Cousins been receiving death threats because of the play.

If I was a GM I would glad to have Scott Cousins on my team. That hard-nose play shows you are willing put your body for the team to win. That to me is dedication to the game.

Baseball is a game and sport. The play is legal and been done for years. It's part of the game. Deal with it.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! It's about time somebody got it right!