Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fall of Jim Tressel

Fall from grace of now former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel. The incriminating reports of tattoo parlor scandal now revealed stretched back to 2002 along mounting pressure lead him to resign. I say good riddance. Tressel thought he was bigger than the university. While he knew infractions was going on all he did was trying to cover up for the players mistakes instead reporting to the school and NCAA about it. The jerseys and memorabilia for tattoos and cash scandal put Ohio State football under a huge microscope. When addressed about the scandal Tressel lied to Ohio State AND NCAA when he had knowledge of it. When admitted he lied Tressel gave himself a five game suspension which is a slap on a wrist. As more allegations came revealing more damning evidence such as arranging cars for players there was no choice for Tressel, but to resign sealing his guilt of his infractions cover up. Jim Tressel gave Buckeye football a big black eye and huge embarrassment. He left Ohio State to clean up the mess along with NCAA breathing down the school's neck with most likely to give sanctions to Ohio State football. Despite his wins and chokes in bowl games Jim Tressel ego and ignorance of player's wrongdoing and rule breaking led to his fall.

To the fans giving hell and making death threats on a journalist for uncovering the story the guy is doing his job. He DID NOT ruin Ohio State football. Ohio State football screwed themselves when some players decide to trade jerseys and memorabilia for tattoos and cash and Jim Tressel let them get away with it when he knew all along.

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