Monday, June 13, 2011

Mavericks took their talents to South Beach and won the NBA championship

NBA Championship decided at South Beach. No it wasn't hometown Miami Heat. It was Dallas Mavericks who rained and snuffed out the Heat on the road to win the championship. A much deserving title for entire team who dealt with first round disappointments in 3 of 4 seasons since their last finals appearance in 2006. No one gave Mavericks a chance to make it far in the playoffs. Trail Blazers wanted them in the first round thinking they could breeze through. Instead Mavericks eliminated Trail Blazers in 6 games. They proceeds shockingly sweep the Lakers and get past young Thunder team in 5 to make it to the finals. In the finals Heat didn't take likely to the Mavericks mockingly disrespect the team with the media eating up their pre-game actions. Mavericks used the disrespect as motivation and showed the Heat it takes an entire team, not three players, to win the championship. Lead by leader and captain Dirk Nowitzki went on a shooting spree even battling with a fever in game 4. Even having a down game he still kept at it not giving up. Jason Kidd, who been to the finals twice both in losing fashion, didn't let this one slip away being a playmaker making shots and passing the ball to open teammates. They were backed with role players who came through. Jason Terry with his marksmanship of three pointers. Tyson Chandler, many thought damaged goods, handled opponents with his defense. J.J. Barea gritty play picking up for Caron Butler when he went down with season ending injury. Shawn Marion, who had many disappointments as member of the Suns and being trade bait for past few years, provided points and boards. Among with them are DeShawn Stevenson (feuded with LeBron while a member of the Wizards), journeyman Brian Cardinals, Peja Stojakovic (2001 Western Conference Finals disappointment), and Brendan Haywood. At end of game 6 Dallas Mavericks showed why they are champions playing hard and not giving up. Their championship victory a popular one after many NBA fans felt disgusted the way three-ring circus of LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh was formed and claimed they will win many championships. Turns out it wasn't three ring circus celebrating at the end. It was team of Mavericks, which had no champions on the team and few gave a chance except themselves, that celebrated. In a very classy gesture owner Mark Cuban let former owner and team founder Donald Carter to raise the NBA Championship trophy. After long hard 31 years including sublime decade of the 90s, Dallas Mavericks finally won the NBA title. Hard work well done Mavericks!

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