Saturday, November 6, 2010

ESPN hypes the next big thing and fails

ESPN hyped up their Breeder's Cup Classic coverage on a horse name Zenyatta who was going into the race 19-0 with a potential of winning and going undefeated. ESPN hyped it up on their programming especially Sportscenter with numerous clips and segments on Zenyatta. Then came the Breeder's Cup race featuring Zenyatta. Zenyatta finished the race...BUT IT WASN'T IN FIRST PLACE. Zenyatta finished in 2nd place behind Blame who took the victory denying the Zenyatta undefeated record. After all the hype its falls flat on ESPN face. Great hype job ESPN! Maybe you should hype up the Yankees winning the World Series next year already.

1 comment:

  1. 1) The hype was worth it -- it was a great race, even if she didn't win. And she had a brilliant career, even if she wasn't undefeated. She earned all that hype.

    2) Hasn't ESPN already hyped the Yankees for next year? I'd be surprised if they haven't.