Monday, October 25, 2010

The hits continue for the Cowboys (and down a long slippery slope)

The run of bad luck continues for Dallas Cowboys. Needing a must-need moral lifting win they end up sinking lower than six feet the team dug below the ground to bury their playoffs shot. Not only they lost to drop 1-5 they happen to lost team leader Tony Romo to a broken clavicle and is likely to be out for the season. Unlike the first five games, the team played terribly putting up no fight til the final five minutes of the game. The only player that shined on the team was rookie Dez Bryant who gave the team much needed points with his three touchdowns. So far the Cowboys is most disappointing team this season. They have a good receiving core and three capable running backs yet they have no idea how to use any players of the system especially the running game. The defense been decent, but non-efficient as it couldn't make stops when it must-needed. The fault lies all above from the players for being careless, the coaches for lack of faith on the players and the plays especially the running game, and all the way up to the front office for not making transaction moves going with unproven players on the line and defense. After so much promise before the season turns out to be a nightmare as their season continues to sink down in despair.

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