Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Media Hacks - Part 1

I swear there are bunch of media "journalists" that should have their media credentials card revoked. This is one of them.

A player had a bad game along with the team. A "journalist" finds an odd 3-10 second "Ooh this is news!" clip of and make a big deal out of it. As you can see he's not going to discuss it. Instead moron hack "journalist" keeps on pressing the issue resulting in a now-infamous blow up. When a player said no and not going to discuss it he is not going to discuss it. End of discussion. These days the word "NO" doesn't mean anything and that goes to the "journalist" hacks.

I applaud Derek Anderson for walking out on the press conference. The douche "journalist" should have his media pass stripped for rest of the season.

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