Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NHL gets egg on its face as Reinsdorf pulls out

After trying to get a group led by White Sox and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf to buy the money-losing, cash strapped Phoenix Coyotes, Reinsdorf group pulls out of the sale. This has NHL and a group, Ice Edge, as potentials buyers and hopes to keep the team in Glendale.

First of all would it be best for NHL to swallow their pride and sell it to Blackberry CEO, Jim Ballsillie, and have him move it to Hamilton, Ontario? Second, they should drop the "southwest" expansion idea because it failed bad as the team never made a profit since they moved to Phoenix/Glendale. Third, what sounds like a better deal? Moving to a location where they have immediate fanbase and likely earn revenue or stay put and lose money each and every year?

Gary Bettman is out of his mind for continue to save Phoenix Coyotes from moving while he didn't do squat when Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets, and Hartford Whalers relocated.

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