Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michael Beasley falls off the wagon and checks in to rehab

Sources have Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley checked himself rehabilitation facility in Houston. This come after couple of disturbing Twitter texts along photo of plastic bags.

This is sad and I'm glad he's getting help, but can help himself out of the gutter? He's is very talented player that is about to throw it all away. His lack of maturity been a problem and was busted during rookie symposium for possible marijuana use. During the AP interview he echoed, "Me vs. the World" sentiment just like one of his tweets before going to rehab. Whether its drug use or depression hope rehab sobers him up and act like a grown man.

Here's a player I was so impressed with his play in college I joined his bandwagon. I even rated him higher than Derrick Rose in the draft. Hope Beasley learns from this. Only he can help himself and learn from his mistakes. He needs to look at the past players that made similar mistakes and threw it away: Chris Washburn, Michael Ray Richardson, Stanley Roberts, and Len Bias.

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