Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brett Fraud returns to the Vikings

Here comes the Brett Favre egotistical circus once again. Three weeks after to stay retire, he un-retired for millionth time signing one year deal with the Vikings for $10-12 million. What pisses me off Sage Rosenfelds and Tavaris Jackson busted their ass in the training camp for starting quarterback spot only to get taken away for overrated egotistical fraud of a quarterback seeking revenge on his former team Green Bay Packers. Both Sage and Tavaris working hard with the players in camp for over a month while a legend destroying his own legacy comes in, get the starting spot WITHOUT working with anyone on the Vikings. Vikings management are pathetic as well thinking they hit the lotto while keeping Sage and Tavaris in the dark over this. Also why trade for a possible starting quarterback when they are NOT going to start him at all? I wish this entire thing blows up in both Brett and Vikings faces. Bret Fraud is all for one thing and its himself, not the team. Vikings going to learn the hard way and I would not be surprise if entire staff is swept clean during or after the season.

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