Monday, January 11, 2010

Mark McGwire admits using steroids

After years of silence Mark McGwire admits using steroids during the 1998 homerun chase. I'm glad he admits it but at same time I don't care if he used during this time. Steroids was still legal in baseball during this time and shouldn't be punished when it wasn't in the rulebook. I still like Mark and will cheer him on. If it wasn't for him and Sammy Sosa homerun chase baseball wouldn't be where it is right now. Baseball was dying thanks to 1994 strike. Cal Ripken, Jr. breaking the consecutive games streak got some of the fans back. The homerun chase pulled fans in capturing the nation's imagination of the homerun record being broken. Did the fans cared it was clean or not? A few did, but still followed the chase. Remember the commercial "Chicks Dig the Long Ball?" That became absolute true during and after the chase. Why crucify a baseball player for his past steroid use when it was NOT part of the Major League Baseball drug-testing rulebook along having a commissioner letting it all happen til the league was outed? Hope the idiot Hall of Fame voters will finally let him in the Hall. They may claim voting for him will taint the Hall, but there already list of players that cheated when it was legal during their time in the Hall.

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