Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Agent 0 suspended indefinitely

NBA suspends Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas indefinitely without pay for conduct related to his locker room gun incident. He reportedly pulled a gun on teammate Jarvis Crittenton in a joke gone bad after both had argument over a card game few days prior to it. While he admitted to the guns it drew ire of the league and law enforcement as they both continue to investigate. Arenas proceed to joke, "rant" and defend himself on Twitter over the perception of him. The final straw came yesterday during the pregame in a picture perfect moment he jokingly used his fingers pretending to shoot his teammates. The joke end up with egg on his face as NBA commissioner David Stern had enough and suspended him. I agreed with the NBA on the suspension. Arenas continue to be a douche making a mockery of the incident he caused and stepped it up further each day. Hopefully the suspension will smarten his ass up. David Stern done a good job on handling of this situation.

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