Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jose Offerman goes crazy mad on the field again

Former Major Leaguer Jose Offerman punched (or grazed) an umpire (even though it look like he took a dive) after heated argument during Dominican winter league game as seen on this video.

This is not his first brush of attacking personnel on the field. Two years ago, he was charged with second-degree assault after attacking pitcher Matt Beech and catcher John Nathans with a bat during Atlantic League game. Nathans would later sue Offerman for "career-threatening" injuries suffered during the attack.

With his recent attack on an umpire this could likely be the last straw for Offerman to be anywhere near a baseball field. While he's passionate about the game his explosive temperament lead to two physical on-field incidents involving three baseball personnel. His has anger issues brought out the worse of him and it reared its head in the Dominican. Even he gets anger management help (ask Milton Bradley how much it did for him) its likely too late to salvage a coaching/managerial job of a baseball team. His latest incident is going to blackball him from the game.

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