Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 3 comments

Is it over for Chad Pennington? He torn a capsule in his throwing shoulder putting him out for the season. It marks the third time he suffered a shoulder injury in few years. As much I like him he got to consider on calling it quits. His finest moment when he beat Brett Favre led New York Jets, his original team he started for, to give Miami Dolphins at 11-5 record, AFC East crown, and trip to the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys, in two possessions, made it to the one yard line only to get two field goals out of it. It was their second trip on the yard line their play-calling were questionable. Instead going for established run they threw both times and didn't score a touchdown. They need to work goalline red zone.

Can the Browns ever score a touchdown? Even the Lions can score more than one in their losing streak.

Dear ESPN, quit glorifying Vikings winning pass TD like its the greatest thing since slice bread! There were better plays like a fake field goal touchdown that actually worked this time.

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