Monday, February 22, 2010

Redemption for Bode Miller

After disastrous performance at the Torin Winter Olympics Bode Miller has redeemed himself. After two silver medal performances at Salt Lake City Winter Games he was favored at the Torin games to medal. He end up making an ass of himself with uninspiring performances going 0-for-5 in the events. His ego trip didn't stop him as he would leave U.S. team the following year to run as independent. After a successful 2008 he would crash back down to earth in 2009 going winless for first time in eight years. With his ego bruised he re-joined U.S. team and made it on the Olympic squad. He reassert himself as a force in the games winning bronze at the downhill and silver at the Super-G. Yesterday at the Super Combined he finished the downhill with the 7th best time. At the slalom he finished with 3rd best time behind his fellow countrymen Ted Ligety and Will Brandenburg. It was enough combined time for Miller to take the gold from Croatia' Ivica Kostelic by :04 seconds. Finally Bode Miller gets his first ever gold after three silvers and a bronze in four Olympic games. Sweet redemption for Bode who was thinking of calling it quits before rejoining the U.S. team last year. Enjoy and savor the moment Bode. Thank you for winning a medal for Team U.S.A.

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