Sunday, February 28, 2010

Team Canada Comeback

After last week 3-2 survival win against Switzerland and 5-3 loss to Team USA in the preliminaries Team Canada was at a crossroads. The giant Olympic gold medal favorites was struggling in their own sport in their own country. Having placed 8th in the bracket they must win three games to reach to the gold medal game while Team USA have to win two. They immediately corrected a problem in goal replacing aging legend Martin Brodeur who struggled against Switzerland and USA with Robert Luongo who was in goal when the team shutout Norway 8-0. It became the team's game changing move. They quickly dispatched Germany 8-2 to face a tough Russia team who were seeded no. 4 in the quarterfinals. In shocking fashion Canada sent Russia out of the medal round with a 7-3 win. They faced a challenge against Slovakia holding them 3-2 in the semifinals to reach the gold medal game facing off against USA in a rematch. The game became important for Canada as they seek redemption, glory, and gold medal in their home country. In the game Canada quickly got 2-0 lead before USA scored to put it 2-1 going into third period. With 25 seconds to go, USA tied the game when Zach Parise shot past Luongo thus going into overtime. Could this be heartbreak for Canada? Not this time as Sidney Crosby shoots the game winner past goalie Ryan Miller, who was unstoppable and USA game saver the entire Olympic games, four minutes and twenty seconds into overtime to win it. Comeback complete for Team Canada as entire country rejoiced for a gold medal celebration. On that day legends and heroes are born and etched into minds of every Canadian as the gold medals wrapped around the necks of Canada hockey team. The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics ends with a bang with Canada hockey team coming back from struggles to put on a performance on the medal brackets to win the gold medal.

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  1. There is so much to say about the gold medal men’s ice hockey game at the 2010 Winter Olympics. First, as an American, I am disappointed with the outcome. However, I was impressed that the USA was able to force overtime. The game-tying goal was exciting to see, and I honestly didn’t expect the USA to score it. Luongo played very well in goal for Canada, but I am shocked Miller got the Olympic MVP Award. Giving the award to a player who lost the gold medal game is unusual, but he did keep the USA in the game and had a stellar tournament overall.

    Congratulations to Canada and I am at least glad the men did not celebrate in the same fashion that the Canadian women did when they won the gold medal. I am also happy that this game did not go to a shootout. That would have been an awful way to decide this game and the gold medal winner.