Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who got snubbed from the All-Star team bad?

These days there's many players that doesn't deserve to be there at all. This year there was plenty that didn't make it all despite the good numbers they put up. My big time snubs:

Matt Latos (San Diego Padres) - 9-4; 2.62 ERA - he's almost unhittable with batters hitting .193 against him and has .96 WHIP. That's impressive consider he's a rookie.

Jaime Garcia (St. Louis Cardinals) - 8-4; 2.17 ERA - has successfully came back from Tommy John surgery to pitch very well as he's currently second in league ERA. Held batters to .229 with 1.25 WHIP.

Jared Weaver (Anaheim Angels) - 8-4; 2.92 ERA; 130 strikeouts; 115 IP - a strikeout behind Tim Lincecum for the MLB strikeout lead. Big mystery on why he's not chosen to play in it especially in front of his hometown fans. His WHIP is at 1.07 holding hitters to .209

Paul Konerko (Chicago White Sox) - 20 HR; 61 RBIs; .298 AVG - how come his play fell on deaf ears? He's been key to ChiSox offense this year currently standing 5th in MLB HRs.

Jose Guillen (Kansas City Royals) - 14 HRs; 52 RBIs - he's one of two Royals' offensive players that deserves it mainly they were key players to the team's offense. He done well to be on the All-Star team. Problem he has to climb the big mountain to get there from fan voting and roster picks.

Billy Butler (Kansas City Royals) - 104 hits; .327 AVG - Guillen's partner in crime is this under-appreciated fellow name Billy Butler. He's one of the league's top young hitters as he's currently 10th in the league in hits and 9th in batting average. Like Guillen he faced an uphill battle from fan voting and roster picks. I rather have him on the team than Ty Wiggington who only got there because Orioles needed a player to represent and that was the best they could able to come up with.

Michael Young (Texas Rangers) - 12 HR; 54 RBIs; 107 hits; .306 AVG - even put on the final roster ballot and didn't made it when he should. Compare his numbers to Nick Swisher who won the popularity final roster vote Young far exceeds him. Fans picked the wrong guy to the All-Star game when it should be Michael Young.

Who really shouldn't be there at all: Ty Wiggington, Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn (even Astros fans willing to admit that), and Omar Infante (current generation of Alfredo Griffin pick)

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