Tuesday, June 22, 2010

France Surrenders in the World Cup

France stigma of surrendering appears again this time in the World Cup, the world's biggest sporting stage. The national team was marred into a complete trainwreck disaster of the drama, embarrassment, and more drama that wrecked the entire team. It was so bad their OWN country and sponsors turned on the entire team as well as the president of France and French soccer legend tearing the team a new asshole. France surrendered playing during middle of the World Cup when they were lucky to be in it the first place. The soap opera started when Nicolas Anelka dismissed from the national team after the second game of match play. Anelka was replaced midway through the game after getting into argument with the coach. It led a team mutiny as the players refuse to train with a complete image of fitness coach tossing the stopwatch away. It also led to France team-director quitting on the spot because of the drama. What made it more stupid the entire thing was caught on media cameras. Another bonehead moment was a sheet of paper from team captain Patrice Evra and the team being read in front of the media on why they are not training in support of Anelka. In a few hours of work the players showed their prima donnas solidarity ways completely embarrassing the national team. The media have fun with the drama with commentary poking fun at the team and how they shouldn't be in the World Cup in the first place. Sponsors departed in exodus, French soccer legend Zinedine Zidane and French president Nicolas Sarkozy calling entire situation a disgrace with the French sport minister reducing the team to tears. Many of the citizens decide cheer for South Africa, the opponent they play against in match play. Going against South Africa they need a miracle win and mathematics doing their part to advance to the World Cup. Instead, in fitting fashion the team lost 2-1 to host South Africa leaving their match play record at 0-2-1 with 1 point thus eliminating them from the World Cup. In those three games they only scored total of 1 goal. The drama marked with France coach refusing shake hands with South Africa coach after the end of the game. It ended the dramatic farce the french national team put up in the World Cup as they pretty much surrendered. Sadly the loss and elimination happened on same day Germany forced France to sign armistice deal during World War II. Not a good day for France. It been better if Ireland was in other than France handballing their way in. Instead we got a suppose powerhouse falling from grace to laughing embarrassment.

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