Wednesday, June 2, 2010

D-Train derailed in Detroit; gets chugging to Arizona

It's been a rough 2 and half years in Detroit for Dontrelle Willis. After getting traded from the Florida Marlins and signing three year, $29 million extension he became one of biggest disappointments. Tigers designated him on Saturday and traded him to Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday. A big fall from his phenomenal All-Star rookie season in 2003 to struggling with possibly his pitching career going off the rails. In two half-seasons with the Tigers he played in 24 games, started in 22 of them with a combined 2-10 record with a 7.29 ERA (9.38, 7.49, and 4.99). He battled from control issues resulting him being sent down to the minors, injury, and anxiety disorder which he didn't agree with. In three of his first five starts he slowly showed he was returning back to winning form. Then in his final four starts with the team he went off the rails with mediocre results. It cause the team to cut their loses ending a disaster run. Why did he struggle in Detroit? Was it misfortune or having adjust from NL to AL strike zone having an effect on him? Is it possible his disappointing last season with the Marlins carried on which posted 10-15 record with ERA of 5.17 after three successful seasons in his first four years? Now he's back in the NL with a fresh start in Arizona can he regain control of his pitches along reducing number of hits given as well ability return to winning form? This could be last chance for Dontrelle to pitch on the mound. If it doesn't work out switching from pitching to offense isn't a bad option for him.

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