Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jimmy Clausen: Panthers future star or just another Notre Dame quarterback?

It was a long wait for quarterback Jimmy Clausen who fell from projected first round pick all the way down to second round when Carolina Panthers selected him with the 48th overall pick. He was one of few highly touted quarterbacks in the draft with Sam Bradford (no. 1) and Tim Tebow (no. 25) selected ahead of him. Is Clausen really that good or just another long line of quarterbacks from Notre Dame that isn't named Joe? History hasn't been kind to Notre Dame QBs especially the last 20 years of the draft. Rick Mirer drafted no. 2 overall in 1993 and had average NFL career. Brady Quinn drafted 22nd overall in 2007 struggled with the Browns and was sent to Broncos earlier this year. Jarious Jackson drafted in the 7th round in 2000 is a CFL backup. Kent Graham drafted in 8th round in 1989 was given occasional chances at starter, but was mostly backup. Caryle Holiday and Rob Powlus went undrafted. Drafting a Notre Dame quarterback is like drafting Penn State running backs. Big risks with little or no rewards.

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