Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hits Keep Getting Bigger for Upper Deck

Four months into the year things have spiraled out of control for Upper Deck. Konami (counterfeit Yugi-Oh cards) and MLB (trademark infringement) have sued the company which they settled for millions of dollars. They are no longer exclusive producer of NHL cards as Panini given a right to print in 2011 alongside with them. On Thursday they dealt with another big blow as Upper Deck announced it could not come to terms with NFL Properties therefore will not make football card sets in 2011. While Upper Deck set the trend on producing and designing cards the management still continue to be morons acting they are bigger than the world. It ended up biting them in the ass resulting from loss of sport's league license and lawsuits. Due to their mismanagement sport card collectors are the ones that are affected. Despite having a license with NCAA and NHL to produce cards will it be enough for Upper Deck or is the end coming soon?

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