Monday, September 6, 2010

Matt Leinart lays a rotten egg

When Matt Leinart landed at no. 10 in 2006 draft Arizona Cardinals thought they got a steal. Turns out being a bust after four seasons with the team becoming the first player chosen from the top 10 of that year's "heralded" draft released from a team. What's strange that the 2004 Heisman Trophy winner was projected as first player chosen in 2005 if he left USC early. Alex Smith got chosen first overall of 2005 draft by the 49ers and is STILL with the team. For Leinart he lasted four mediocre seasons with the Cardinals. What was his downfall? His relax carefree attitude questioning his dedication? Was it the timing of his broken collarbone allowing Kurt Warner to take over as starter and never relinquish it? Did Warner set the bar too high with the team that Leinart couldn't able to leap over it? It's possibly be all three happenings. When Warner retired it was Leinart turn to take the starting role. Turns out Leinart looked average on the field struggling at times as starter during preseason despite a somewhat high completion rate, but with low passing yards. His play caused a concern for coach Ken Wisenhunt look into Derek Anderson as possible starter. After final two preseason games which Anderson played fairly well as starter while Leinart play was up and down coming off the bench, Anderson manage to squeak in as starter. It was enough for Cardinals to cut Matt Leinart blowing his chance as a starting quarterback. What thought to be laying a golden egg turns out to be a rotten one four seasons later.

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