Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mike Leach fired; kids taken over college sports part 2

Another great injustice in college sports as Texas Tech fired football coach Mike Leach over claim "mistreatment" of a player with a concussion. The player, Adam James, claimed Leach confined him to a "dark room" twice. The claim disputable as this is a report about the "dark room"

If its the room Texas Tech made the wrong move and supporting the wrong person. Players, both former and current, have came out in support of Leach and mention James is pretty lazy on the field. Another theory why Texas Tech quickly fired Leach because Adam James father worked for ESPN. Fearing backlash and/or lack of publicity from a "big time" sports conglomerate they quickly unfairly fired Mike Leach. What James did is lie and have his daddy work company do hatchet job putting Mike Leach on a negative light. Shame on Texas Tech, ESPN, and most importantly the shitty James family. First Mark Mangino, now Mike Leach. Kids have taken over college sports once again.

Boycott Texas Tech til Gerald Myers is no longer athletic director. In fact, hope entire football team throw the bowl game. The most exciting pass happy college football team has be destroyed thanks to one spoiled hack college player.

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