Friday, December 4, 2009

Mangino out at Kansas; parents and kids have taken over college sports

Coach Mark Mangino is out at Kansas after reaching financial settlement. This stems from some current and past players over his verbal treatment. Let me say it's official the parents and student athletes are taking over college sports. Most of these athletes are getting a free ride on scholarships and are lucky to be school in the first place. Instead using it to better themselves they get their parents involved demanding forms of "special" treatment. Mangino did what any coach do: yell and scream to get the players motivated. Instead some of the players went crying to their parents and the media what a horrible man he is. It's pathetic that student athletes rather be babied instead becoming a real man/woman. Bob Knight used this approach and so did the late Bear Bryant did. The current crop of student athletes wouldn't last in the 50s, 60s, and 70s where coaches demean and fault over every mistakes. I'm glad former and current Jayhawks players stuck up for Mangino and credited him for making them a better player and person. Here's a coach that took a football program from the toilet and built it up to have the best season in the program. Now I hope Jayhawks football program goes down the drain along with the new stadium upgrades because they deserve to after siding with the crybaby athletes and parents. What happened in Kansas football will likely happen to any college sports as parents taking over their kids' roles in college sports than coaches despite getting a free education.

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