Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How not to sell tickets: Promote a famous name and have a look-a-like instead

Owner of NBDL team Utah Flash pulls a fast one in selling tickets. For the Flash home opener they promote Michael Jordan vs Byron Russell in a 15 minute one-on-one charity game at halftime. To promote it the owner sent a Jordan look-a-like all over the Orem (home of the Flash) on the day of the game with "late breaking news" of Jordan "sightings" to even put up a video on YouTube of "him" eating at a restaurant as you can see below:

It resulted of 7,500 fans showing up at the home opener hoping to see him. Byron Russell showed up, but when the Jordan look-a-like showed up the fans booed with free t-shirts tossed on to the court.

The owner was apologetic and offered fans with tickets of that Monday's game free tickets to a future game. Advice to any owners never make claims of a big name player to show up to sell more tickets and bring out a fake.

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