Monday, December 21, 2009

Brett Fraud shows his true self

The real Brett Favre showed up during the loss against a struggling Carolina Panthers. Despite having a very slim lead he was getting pounded from all defensive sides. Coach Brad Childress wanting to protect his quarterback wanted to pull him out of the game. He refused leading to a huge disagreement with Childress. The result was Panthers destroying the Vikings 26-7 with 20 of the points coming in the 4th quarterback. Favre was ineffective in his start throwing 224 yards and an interception while Panthers QB backup-turned-starter Matt Moore threw 299 yards and 3 touchdowns. It was later revealed Favre been changing Childress playcalling calling out his own audibles. As it turns out his audibles blew when the Panthers defense put a pounding on him. Despite both claim to resolve their issues, the game against the Panthers revealed Favre true self. Favre is in it for himself than the good of a team. This situation had been played out in Green Bay (commitment issues during the offseason which hindered Packers offseason moves) and New York (a "loner" during final weeks of the season). Now he likely becomes a Viking problem this could affect the team especially with the playoffs coming up in few weeks.

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