Friday, June 17, 2011

Canucks choke; Where was Roberto Luongo?

Leading 3-2 in the series Canucks needed one victory to win the Stanley Cup. They blew it in game 6 and 7 and lost the series 4-3. While the offense sputtered scoring total of 7 goals in the series (3 the most they scored in a game) shocking surprise was performance of goalie Roberto Luongo. In first three Cup home games he shined earning victories with two shutouts allowing two goals. On the road it was a different story as the Bruins shot past him allowing 15 goals in those three road games all losses. Then came game 7 at home where he shined. He went from shining to goat allowing three goals and getting pulled again. Bruins took game 7 with score of 4-0 and won the Stanley Cup. Canucks now have questions to answer on why didn't they perform especially Roberto Luongo. Why is his Stanley Cup performance shockingly surprising? He's currently one of top goalies in the league. A Stanley Cup win would have cemented him to elite status to go along with his Olympic gold medal performance after taking over and leading Team Canada when they were at crossroads. You thought he would do a good job behind the net under pressure like he did during the Olympics. Instead being gold in the Stanley Cup finals he end laying a big giant piece of turd nugget. Luongo choked when it mattered the most. Where was Luongo head on the road and game 7? Did Luongo ran out of gas? How come the coach didn't start backup Cory Schneider for the road games? Where was the Canucks offense? Too many questions for Canucks to answer on this choke job.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mavericks took their talents to South Beach and won the NBA championship

NBA Championship decided at South Beach. No it wasn't hometown Miami Heat. It was Dallas Mavericks who rained and snuffed out the Heat on the road to win the championship. A much deserving title for entire team who dealt with first round disappointments in 3 of 4 seasons since their last finals appearance in 2006. No one gave Mavericks a chance to make it far in the playoffs. Trail Blazers wanted them in the first round thinking they could breeze through. Instead Mavericks eliminated Trail Blazers in 6 games. They proceeds shockingly sweep the Lakers and get past young Thunder team in 5 to make it to the finals. In the finals Heat didn't take likely to the Mavericks mockingly disrespect the team with the media eating up their pre-game actions. Mavericks used the disrespect as motivation and showed the Heat it takes an entire team, not three players, to win the championship. Lead by leader and captain Dirk Nowitzki went on a shooting spree even battling with a fever in game 4. Even having a down game he still kept at it not giving up. Jason Kidd, who been to the finals twice both in losing fashion, didn't let this one slip away being a playmaker making shots and passing the ball to open teammates. They were backed with role players who came through. Jason Terry with his marksmanship of three pointers. Tyson Chandler, many thought damaged goods, handled opponents with his defense. J.J. Barea gritty play picking up for Caron Butler when he went down with season ending injury. Shawn Marion, who had many disappointments as member of the Suns and being trade bait for past few years, provided points and boards. Among with them are DeShawn Stevenson (feuded with LeBron while a member of the Wizards), journeyman Brian Cardinals, Peja Stojakovic (2001 Western Conference Finals disappointment), and Brendan Haywood. At end of game 6 Dallas Mavericks showed why they are champions playing hard and not giving up. Their championship victory a popular one after many NBA fans felt disgusted the way three-ring circus of LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh was formed and claimed they will win many championships. Turns out it wasn't three ring circus celebrating at the end. It was team of Mavericks, which had no champions on the team and few gave a chance except themselves, that celebrated. In a very classy gesture owner Mark Cuban let former owner and team founder Donald Carter to raise the NBA Championship trophy. After long hard 31 years including sublime decade of the 90s, Dallas Mavericks finally won the NBA title. Hard work well done Mavericks!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LeBron James: 0-2 IN NBA FINALS; Heat Super Team loses in NBA Finals!

LeBron James wanted a title. A title to go along with his legacy. His first shot at it the veteran San Antonio Spurs swept him and the Cavaliers in 2007. After that disappointing finals loss he wanted a group of players forming a "super team" to go for it all. When Cavaliers couldn't do it he, in front of national cameras, said he will go to Miami Heat to do it alongside of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. After spending first few months of the season struggling and crying they found the right balance marched their way into the playoffs and the finals. All the Heat need is a win against Dallas Mavericks to win the title. Sounds easy for them right? Wrong. LeBron and the Heat ran out of gas as Dallas Mavericks beat them in six games to win the championship. Another huge disappointment for LeBron James giving him a dubious record of 0-2 in the NBA Finals with both loses against Texas teams. LeBron play when it needed and counted was brutally lacking especially in the fourth quarter. After super team of LeBron, DWade, and Bosh talking to become legendary winning multiple championship they couldn't win it in their first try. Instead Dallas Mavericks with a leadership of Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd alongside with veterans Jason Terry and Tyson Chandler and young J.J. Barea paved the way to NBA title. Despite with a core of young superstars LeBron James disappoints again in NBA Finals

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hypocrisy of Crybaby Sabean

Article of Giants catcher collisions that have happened before Golden Boy Posey.

Not even 24 hours after his comment Crybaby Brian Sabean already proven to be a total hypocrite.

Giants whine and continue paint Scott Cousins the bad guy after their Golden Boy Posey gets injured

I lost all respects for San Francisco Giants especially their GM Brian Sabean for continue to pile on their disgusting bile of hate toward Marlins player Scott Cousins. For all baseball fans, unless you been living under a rock, Scott Cousins bowled into Buster Posey scoring a run for his team Florida Marlins. Posey gets hurt and is out for the season. Immediately a huge outcry of it because Golden Boy Posey got busted despite Cousins showing concern for him. Where was this outcry since this happened before. How about when Pete Rose bowled Ray Fosse in the All-Star game injuring him? Or the numerous times this happened til Golden Boy Posey got hurt. It's been a week and this continues to be brought up. Whiny Sabean continue to cry out how Cousins trying be a hero. Yes every player trying be a hero. The game was tied before Cousins won the game for the Marlins. Sebean being a crying bitch because his Golden Boy Posey got hurt and couldn't find a catching "rare" prospect after him. Has anyone every told him you play to win the game? Let former NFL coach Herm Edwards tell you that.

It's bad Scott Cousins name continue gets dragged to the mud and making it much worse bringing it up despite he's feeling bad about the situation. It's far stupid Cousins been receiving death threats because of the play.

If I was a GM I would glad to have Scott Cousins on my team. That hard-nose play shows you are willing put your body for the team to win. That to me is dedication to the game.

Baseball is a game and sport. The play is legal and been done for years. It's part of the game. Deal with it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fall of Jim Tressel

Fall from grace of now former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel. The incriminating reports of tattoo parlor scandal now revealed stretched back to 2002 along mounting pressure lead him to resign. I say good riddance. Tressel thought he was bigger than the university. While he knew infractions was going on all he did was trying to cover up for the players mistakes instead reporting to the school and NCAA about it. The jerseys and memorabilia for tattoos and cash scandal put Ohio State football under a huge microscope. When addressed about the scandal Tressel lied to Ohio State AND NCAA when he had knowledge of it. When admitted he lied Tressel gave himself a five game suspension which is a slap on a wrist. As more allegations came revealing more damning evidence such as arranging cars for players there was no choice for Tressel, but to resign sealing his guilt of his infractions cover up. Jim Tressel gave Buckeye football a big black eye and huge embarrassment. He left Ohio State to clean up the mess along with NCAA breathing down the school's neck with most likely to give sanctions to Ohio State football. Despite his wins and chokes in bowl games Jim Tressel ego and ignorance of player's wrongdoing and rule breaking led to his fall.

To the fans giving hell and making death threats on a journalist for uncovering the story the guy is doing his job. He DID NOT ruin Ohio State football. Ohio State football screwed themselves when some players decide to trade jerseys and memorabilia for tattoos and cash and Jim Tressel let them get away with it when he knew all along.